Saturday, September 23, 2017

After Trump Berates Iran And Mocks The Nuclear Deal It Reached With The US And Six Other Nations Iran Tests It's Most Powerful Missile Ever... Nice Work Donny!

Donald Trump has a big mouth and it's writing checks America can't cash.

For the last week through tweets and his speech at the UN General Assembly Trump has been berating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and mocking the hardships his country is going through due to harsh economic sanctions.

It has not gone well as his petty and childlike outbursts have only served to anger the North Koreans who have now promised that the detonations of missiles somewhere on the US mainland is "inevitable".

So following the great success he had quelling the problems with the crazed dictator of that country Trump has decided to see if he can replicate the same results with another one of our global nemesis... Iran.

So while at his first speech at the UN Global Assembly last week, the same place he went of on North Korea, Trump went on a teleprompter tirade against Iran as well accusing them of building up its missile capability and accused them of exporting violence to Yemen, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

In addition Trump criticized the 2015 pact that the United States and other world powers struck with Iran under which Tehran agreed to restrict its nuclear program in return for relief from economic sanctions as an...

"embarrassment to the United States

This despite the fact that the agreement continues to curb that country’s nuclear ambitions and Iran has, even according to his own administration, been compliment with the rules laid out in the deal.

Now if Trump was hoping that Iran would respond with a whimper under his crushing verbal critique he was sadly mistaken.

Instead, much like North Korea, Iran has claimed that on Saturday it had successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 km (1,200 miles) and promised that it would keep developing its arsenal.

Iran’s defense minister said on Saturday foreign pressures would not affect Iran’s missile program...

On the path to improve our country’s defensive capacity we will certainly not be the least affected by any threats and we won’t ask anyone’s permission,

The United States responded by saying Iran's missile tests violate a U.N. resolution and has called on Tehran not to undertake any further activities related to missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

To this Iran essentially said piss off stating in it's announcement on Saturday that the Khorramshahr missile could carry several warheads.

While the United States says Tehran’s ballistic missile tests violated a U.N. resolution that endorsed the nuclear deal Iran denies its missile development breaches the resolution and says its missiles are not designed to carry nuclear weapons and therefore haven't violated the resolution.

So If Trump wanted to enflame a second arms race while on his watch... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Trump's Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, Rescinds Obama-era Sexual Assault Protections

Trump welcome megadonor Devos to his administration

Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary, billionaire GOP megadonor Betsy DeVos, has scrapped an Obama-era guidance intended to better protect victims of sexual misconduct on college campuses.

The  2011 guidance that DeVos rescinded directed colleges and universities to adhere to their responsibilities to investigate and respond to allegations of sexual misconduct under Title IX In which it states...

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance"

After removing these Title IX Protection DeVos then replaced it with an interim rule she claims is meant to strike a more appropriate balance between those accused of sexual misdeeds and their accusers.

As part of the interim guidance, the department released a Q&A outlining recommendations on how schools should respond.

One of the suggestions found in DeVos's press release is for schools to set up rape adjudication more like a criminal trial, allowing anyone accused of rape to “cross-examine” their accuser.

Another result of DeVos' actions also rescinds the directive that schools may not notify police without survivors’ consent. This would force survivors to be interrogated by law enforcement, or even by their rapist.

The impact of this change could be devastating to survivors of sexual assaut as studies have found that 88 percent of survivors who reported an assault to their schools believed fewer people would have come forward if police reports were made mandatory.

Yet, while victims' rights groups say the Obama administration guidance greatly helped victims come forward, critics of the Title IX Protection have maintained that it created a system that didn't protect the rights of accused sexual assaulters adequately.

FACT CHECK: According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women on college campuses will be victims of sexual assault, and 90 percent of them never report it. Every change outlined in this memo will only serve to make these numbers worse.

Leave it to an appointee of a man who believes if you are rich and famous grabbing women by the pussy is all good to worry more about the accuser's rights than that of the victims.

Friday, September 22, 2017

After Trump Insults Kim Jong Un And Mocks North Korea Over Sanctions N.K. Announces It Will Detonate A Hydrogen Bomb In The Pacific Ocean. Nice Move Donny!

This week after Donald Trump ordered new sanctions on North Korea he took to Twitter not only to mock the country's leader but also on how badly the restrictions were hurting them...

After that he made a point of again insulting Kim Jong Un at his inaugural address at the United Nations where he called him "Rocket man" once more and then threatened to "totally destroy" the country...

"Rocket man is on a suicide mission. The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea."

So how did Trump's strategy of bullying, repeatedly insulting a nuclear armed rival and mocking his struggling country work out?

As it turns out not so good.

Today Kim Jong Un made a rare address aimed directly at Donald Trump's repeated insults and threat to “totally destroy” the North Korea saying...

I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire. Action is the best option in treating the dotard who, hard of hearing, is uttering only what he wanted to say,

Here is that release in full

Click to enlarge

Just hours after the release of Kim's statement South Korean media reported that the North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho threatened to test a hydrogen bomb somewhere in the Pacific saying...

It could be the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific. We have no idea about what actions could be taken as it will be ordered by leader Kim Jong-un,

So if the plan was to make things infinitely worse... Mission Accomplished!

But Trump wasn't finished working his magic.

Only hours after the the North Korean threat to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific he called Kim Jong Un a “madman” who would be “tested like never before” in an early morning tweet storm...

Couldn't make any worse... Right?

Gutless Trump Says He'll Leave The Decision Whether To Scrap The Iran Nuclear Deal In The Hands Of Congress

According to reports Donald Trump is leaning toward decertifying the Iran nuclear deal.

But Trump will not let the decision dirty his tiny hands as he looks to skirt the decision of whether the United States withdraw from the accord by leaving it up to Congress, according to four sources — including a senior administration official — familiar with the White House deliberations.

If Trump decides to slough this off onto the Congress he will have to do it before an Oct. 15 deadline triggering a 60-day window for the lawmakers to determine for Donald whether he is going to reimpose sanctions related to Iran's nuclear program that were lifted as part of the 2015 agreement.

Since Iran has been in compliance with all the rules and regulations laid out in the nuclear deal the only reason Trump would chose to renege on it would be to screw with America's European allies who helped broker the deal and signed off on it.

Despite the reports of Trump passing the decision off to the Congress he told reporters Wednesday that he has already "decided" on a plan of action but demurred on providing any further specifics.

Asked for comment, a White House spokesperson said the president will announce further details when he's ready but said that Trump has resolved not to continue with the "status quo."

To make the situation even more chaotic, according to two officials, Trump is also considering an option that would give European allies 90 days to get on board with renegotiation instead of his initial suggestion of punting the decision to Congress.

Despite all the drama Trump has already recertified the Iran nuclear deal twice since taking office despite having vowed to end it on "day one" when he was on the campaign trail. He even had his campaign register an Internet domain name for the subject (above).

But after calling the agreement Iran nuclear deal an "embarrassment" to the United States in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly earlier in the week apparently Trump has changed his mind.

I guess a nuclear armed North Korea just wasn't enough for Donald.

At this point who knows what to believe concerning what info drools out of this dysfunctional, schizophrenic White House.

President Hassan Rouhani insists that Iran will not renegotiate and stated in an interview with NBC's Lester Holt that if Trump backs out of the agreement,...

"no one will trust America again"

My question is: With Trump in charge who trusts America now?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Watch Trump's Bizarre, Dark, Jingoistic, Hyper-Nationalistic Address To The 72nd Session Of The United Nations General Assembly (VIDEO)

It was pure nationalistic vitriol

It was plan free

It was solution free

It was red meat garbage thrown for his base without any though or care for what ill actions his words might cause.

He started the address by boasting about the stock market and a 700 billion dollar increase in military spending despite the fact that lawmakers still have to pass a separate bill appropriating the money.

Trump said the United States may have to exterminate 25 million people when he threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if the country refuses to back down from its nuclear rhetoric.

He then called the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, "Rocket man" who was "on a suicide mission for himself and his regime,"

In the 41-minute speech he used the word "sovereign" over 20 times.

Trump shouted that “As president of the United States, I will always put America first" a phrase that flies in the face of what the United Nations has stood as a testament to since inception.

He made a point to say the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" and then actually went on to refer to terrorists as "losers".

Trump called the Iranian nuclear deal the U.S. made in conjunction with the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China—plus Germany and the European Union to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon "embarrassing" thereby insulting those that helped to craft the deal... Who were sitting right there in the room!

Trump offered his insight that ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠“Major portions of the world are in conflict and some in fact are going to hell,” without naming names, offering suggestions or explaining why he made the statement in the first place.

Trump also went on to berate and insult Venezuela, and Cuba during the bellicose screed.

And if you think Trump even broached the subject of Russia meddling in the 2016 US election... Well, you know the answer to that would be a big "NEIN!"

It was such an embarrassment that even his Chief Of Staff, John Kelly, facepalmed several times throughout the address.

Here 41 minuets of ugliness... ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

WIRETAPPED! Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Was Under Surveillance And Will Reportedly Be Indicted

As it turns out there was some wiretapping going on in Trump Tower... They just weren't listening in on Donald Trump!

It has been reported that government investigators wiretapped Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort both before and after the election with permission granted by court ordered Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant.

Manafort was first put under surveillance after a secret court order authorized investigators who were looking into work he did on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party. But when that investigation was wrapped Manafort was once again put under surveillance as part of the FBI's investigation into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials to sway the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

This surveillance began during the presidential campaign and lasted well after the election.

Several sources familiar with the surveillance have reported that it was during this period when Trump was allegedly captured talking to Manafort. They did not mention what the two spoke of.

Interestingly Trump had stressed in the past that after Manafort was let go as his campaign manager the two ceased any and all communications.


This news of the surveillance breaks after it was reported last July that FBI agents, after obtaining a "no knock" warrant, raided Manafort’s home in Virginia as part of their investigation. A New York Times story published Monday revealed that Mueller’s prosecutors reportedly told Manafort after the raid that they would be indicting him.

Manafort has been a source of intrigue concerning the Trump-Russia investigation for his real estate deals as well as his ties to Russian oligarchs and after it was discovered that he had been involved in undisclosed lobbying work in Ukraine during the Trump presidential campaign.

Not only is Manafort a “person of interest” in the Mueller special counsel investigation but has also fallen under scrutiny by congressional committees investigating the Trump campaign’s Russia ties as well.

Unfortunately the FBI wasn't listening in June 2016, the sources said, when Donald Trump Jr. took the now infamous meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, that included Manafort, and Jared Kushner, in which they were promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trump's Racist "Crackdown" On Sanctuary Cities Has Been Blocked Nationwide

A federal judge in Chicago has issued a nationwide injunction against the Trump administration's effort to crack down on sanctuary cities by withholding funds for public safety.

District Judge Harry Leinenweber sided with Chicago officials who argued that penalizing cities for protecting undocumented immigrants was unlawful and unconstitutional.

Leinenweber said in his 41-page decision that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lacked authority to impose such conditions on the federal grant program...

"The harm to the city’s relationship with the immigrant community if it should accede to the conditions is irreparable,"

The judge added that he had made his ruling national in scope because there is...

"no reason to think that the legal issues present in this case are restricted to Chicago or that the statutory authority given to the attorney general would differ in another jurisdiction."

The federal restrictions announced in July would have required cities such as Chicago to share information with federal immigration authorities and that cities tell federal officials before undocumented immigrants are released from custody and allow federal access to local jails.

This ruling comes on the heels of a federal judge barring California and Texas from enforcing most of a state law requiring cities to comply with the Trump administration's efforts last month and another federal judge limiting the administration's ability to withhold federal grants to local communities that refused to cooperate with immigration enforcement in April.

Those rulings are being appealed as the latest one most assuredly will be as well.

The outcome of the cases could establish a clear line between federal and state responsibilities on immigration enforcement.

FACT CHECK: "Sanctuary cities" is a general term that describes more than 300 local governments that limits its cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law in order to reduce the fear of deportation and possible family break-up among people who are in the country illegally so that such people will be more willing to report crimes, use health and social services, and enroll their children in school.

Trump had made a point of attacking sanctuary cities during his presidential campaign, arguing that they allowed dangerous undocumented immigrants to "roam free" in their communities causing crime and committing murder.

One of Trump's ads that was run during his divisive campaign

That was a lie.

Sanctuary cities allow immigrants to report such crimes without fear of being deported. Eliminating them would only lead to more crime including robberies, violence and, rapes against immigrants and US citizens that would go unreported and unpunished due to fears of deportation.

Insane Clown Posse Supporters Outnumbered Trump Supporters At Deuling Rallies On The National Mall. SAD!

Insane Clown Posse representing at the National Mall

Thousands of followers of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) held today on the National Mall.

The rally was held to protest the alleging discrimination after the FBI labeled the group a "hybrid gang" in a 2011 report.

The band and the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Juggalos, a term for Insane Clown Posse fans, in 2014, claiming they had been targeted by police. A federal judge tossed the lawsuit later that year, saying the FBI isn't responsible for how the report is used by local law enforcement agencies.

The Juggalo rally began with a series of testimonials from people who said they had their children taken from them or lost their jobs, among other incidents, because they had Juggalo tattoos or attended Juggalo concerts.

A little sparse at the Trump "Mother Of All Rallies" rally

In a separate gathering at the same location, only hundreds of pro-Trump activists rallied in what was advertised as "The Mother Of All Rallies". On their website organizers claimed millions of attendees would gather would be a show of American patriotism and celebration.

The few hundred Trump supporters who did actually show up said their event aimed to boost the president's "America First" agenda, which they say will protect "traditional American culture."

The rally included a handful of Republican candidates also made their way to the stage, rallying the crowd with their Trump-style political pitches.

In an interesting development one the "Mother of All Rallies" organizers told the media that two rallies had been in touch and agreed to be "allies,"but a lawyer for the group, Farris Haddad, adamantly denied that claim.

That's sad when you can't even get clowns to work with you.

Trump Uses London Subway Bombing To Peddle His Muslim Ban. Britain Slaps Him Down

On Friday a terrorist detonated an improvised explosive device on a London Underground train, injuring 29 people during the morning's rush hour.

An hour later, before he had received official word from the UK that this was indeed a terror attack, Donald Trump responded by using the tragedy to shill for his failed Muslim ban...

He later told reporters...

we have to be tougher [on terrorism]. Perhaps we’re not nearly tough enough.

A police spokesperson for Scotland Yard said that Trump’s comments on were “pure speculation” and “unhelpful.

British Prime Minister Theresa May also criticized Trump’s tweets, saying that...

I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation.

As the media reported on Trump's comments many believed that he might have leaked classified intelligence by putting out information that was incomplete or that the UK asked him not to put out when he prematurely called the attack “terrorism” and suggested that the people were known to and "in the sights of Scotland Yard."

And speaking of shooting your mouth off without having all the information...

Wasn't it Donald Trump who, after waiting two entire days to condemn the racist groups behind the violence and murder at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, used this excuse for his delay...

I couldn’t have made it sooner, because I didn’t know all of the facts. It was very important to me to get the facts out and correctly. Because if I would have made a fast statement and the first statement was made without knowing much other than what we were seeing.

I guess his radar for Muslim terror is just more finely honed than his radar for white supremacist terror.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Trump Quietly Signs Joint Congressional Resolution Condemning White Supremacists But Only After Once Again Defending White Supremacists

Yesterday Congress passed a bipartisan joint resolution that condemned last month's violence and domestic terrorism committed by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. The resolution stipulated that the US government would commit resources from the upcoming budget to combat domestic terrorism by the KKK, Nazis and other racist groups.

They also requested that Donald Trump sign off on it.

The reason behind having Trump sign the resolution stemmed from the fact that the attack, he referred to white supremacists who were protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia as “very fine people.” Despite the murder of Heather Heyer at the hands of one of those white supremacist. Trump later went on to say that “both sides” were responsible for the violence.

Despite the fact that signing this resolution would be a cure-all for Trump's missteps after the request went out from Congress the White House went silent.

What would happen? Would Trump sign a bill that would outrage his core base or would he risk the certain outcry that would result in his refusal to sign such a bill?

Here's how it all played out.

The day stared off with Trump causing an uproar by returning to his "both sides" argument. Yes, the very one that forced the Congress to pass this bill!

It began when Trump was asked about a meeting he had a day earlier with the Republican's first and only African American Senator, Tim Scott, about issues of racism in America.

On Air Force One Trump told reporters that he “had a great talk” with Scott. So far so good. It was when Trump went on to say that many people have said he had a point when he remarked that there was "blame on both sides"...

"We had a great talk yesterday, I think especially in light of the advent of Antifa, if you look at what's going on there. You have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also, and essentially that's what I said. Now, because of what's happened since then with Antifa — you look at really what's happened since Charlottesville, a lot of people are saying and people have actually written, 'Gee, Trump might have a point.' I said, 'You've got some very bad people on the other side also,' which is true."

In other words the one takeaway from his meeting with Sen Scott was that he was right to side with the white supremacists, nazis, KKK and alt-right.

Please take note that he never mentions any of those groups in his statement.

So there's your dog whistle... No, let's call it what it was... A bullhorn to his alt-right white supremacist supporters.

And after that huge nod and wink to his racist base Trump then, and only then, without any fanfare, photographers or video signed the joint resolution behind closed doors... Not that anyone would have noticed.

A question. When was the last Trump signing ceremony you can remember where there was no press there to record him scribbling his signature and presenting it like a 3rd grader showing off a newly finished finger painting?

Trump says: LOOK AT WHAT I DID!

The only evidence that this signing ever went down was a short statement put out by the White House late in the evening.

This signing ceremony was on the down low and not by mistake.