Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CIA May Have Misled Congress Five Times Since 2001

Do you remember the big brouhaha last May when Nancy Pelosi faced off against the CIA claiming that they had lied to her and other members during a 2002 briefing. She said that she and her colleagues were told that "water-boarding was not being used" on detainees. Do you also remember how bat-shit crazy the Republicans went calling Pelosi everything from a liar to a traitor and demanding evidence of her accusations. Well, there's been a development. It turns out that Pelosi was telling the truth. Intelligence subcommittee Chairwomen Jan Schakowsky and Anna Eshoo, who are leading the investigation into the incidents, have described "a practice of incomplete and often misleading intelligence briefings". Schakowsky went on to say about CIA Director Leon Panetta’s June 24 admission that intelligence officials failed to notify Congress about a top-secret programs “That is an example of a failure to notify but we think a symptom of a larger disease,”. Once again the Republicans while trying to rile up their base by feigning false outrage just look foolish. Same s**it different day. Read the full story HERE.

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