Friday, October 30, 2009

Limbaugh's Epic Fail

It seems that while Rush Limbaugh was surfing the internets he stumbled upon Barak Obama's college thesis which had been supposedly discovered by Joe Klein of Time Magazine... and boy he went nuts. It seems that an obscure blogger unearthed the thesis in which the President bashes the Constitution of the United States and had “doubts” about the “so-called founders.” Limbaugh became incensed and unleashed a hateful skreed on his daytime radio show. Here's the problem... It was a fake meant only as satire written by a 22-year-old grad student in upstate New York. OOPS!!!!! One would expect Limbaugh to limp back to the microphone and apologize for his mistake and lack of research... But you would be wrong. Rush exclaimed "I don't care, I know he thinks it anyway....!!!!!!!! Lame Rush, very lame. Next time try a little fact checking.

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