Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Only 20% Identify As Republicans, Lowest Since 1983

It seems all the insane attacks the republicans have leveled at the democrats from "Obama's Birth certificate" to the "Death panels" to the "Tea-Partys" has all been for naught. It turns out a Washington Post Poll shows that only one in five respondents will identify themselves as belonging to the Republican party. To listen to the GOP's bravado and chest beating over the last few months you would think they were beating the democrats at every turn even though the poll reports that only 39% of registered voters would even consider voting for a Republican if an election were held today. Some would look at this as a victory for Democrats. I instead look at it as a repudiation of the GOP's tactics. Over the last ten years the it seems that Republicans have become the party of scare tactics, lies, division, wedge issues and negativity. I think the country could only take so much of that particular stratagem. I also believe that is why the country gravitated so much towards President Obama's "Hope" campaign. Let's all hope the Republicans open their eyes and take notice of the shift the American people seem to have embraced.

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