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Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner Debt Bill Passes House, Dies In Senate

After a long 24 hours the Congress finally passed a party line bill on Friday to raise the debt ceiling and cut $22 billion from next year's spending but died in the Senate only hours later. Well that was quick!

Even after all the changes made to the bill, including adding the poison pill of "The Balanced Budget Amendment" to gain support from the Republican's most conservative members (Tea Party), a total of 22 House Republicans still bucked their party leaders on the final vote.

The Senate now plans to strip Boehner's bill of its content and replace it with language crafted by Reid.

Not to worry, I'm sure the markets will take this setback in stride on Monday.... Yikes!

Tea Party Freshman Joe Walsh Stays Consistent On Stiffing America's Children

Illinois Congressman and Tea Party freshman Joe Walsh likes to say that he will not pass this country's debt onto the backs of our children. Well Maybe not America's debt but it seems that Walsh has no problem stiffing his kids with his own money. It seems that Congressman Walsh is being sued for almost $120,000 worth of child support over almost a decade.

Seems a bit out of whack for someone who endlessly touts their bona fides as a watchdog on our government's spending.

I have seen the smug and combative Walsh on various news programs reeling off Tea Party slogans while shouting down any other gust of host who would have the audacity to question him on any of his well rehearsed points. Happily I believe we wont be seeing much of Walsh on the tele these days now that he has a whole other set of debt problems that he can be questioned on.

Some would call Congressman Walsh a hypocrite yet I have to argue that he has remained true to his principals. Since he praises cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Pell Grants, unemployment assistance, welfare and food stamps, even to the detriment of poor children I believe it's in his ethical wheelhouse to stiff his own three children. Walsh has had to nine years to pay off his debt which breaks down to less than $370 per child per month. Now that takes commitment!

Lawrence O'Donnell has already banned Rep. Walsh from his program on MSNBC saying: "He can go tell his lies about his family values and his sense of fiscal responsibility elsewhere," he O'Donnell continued... "I can only hope that a ban on deadbeat dad politicians...will extend to all political television programs on all networks."

On a final note has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Doesn't Walsh a dead ringer for Michael McDonald's character Stewart on the Fox program "Mad TV"?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christian Terrorism - Violence In The Name Of Christ

Anders Breivik, the terrorist who carried out the attacks in Oslo Norway, is a Christian. More specifically a Christian terrorist. He even refers to himself as a Christian Knight Templar.

This piece of human sewage actually took the time to write an 1100 page manifesto entitled "2083 A European Declaration of Independence". In this literary screed Breivik voices support for varying degrees of cultural conservatism, right-wing populism, anti-Islamization, Serbian paramilitarism and "far-right Zionism" and argues for the violent annihilation of Islam, "cultural Marxism", and multiculturalism, to preserve a Christianized Europe.

Breivik makes it clear that his attack on Oslo and the youth camp were in retaliation for the liberal entities of the Norwegian government allowing any and all of this to happen. Breivik believed it was his duty as a "conservative Christian knight" to carry out his attacks as a warning against the evils of multiculturalism.

There is an frightening passage in Breivik's manifesto that should serve as a chilling reminder that this man's insanity isn't as foreign as we might like to think it would be.

Breivik says: "We shouldn't forget that we have many allies in the US including a sizable faction of the Republican Party... There are signals that might indicate that the US will not intervene militarily after we begin liberating ourselves... We must continue to work close with our US allies to prevent this from happening."

To further drive this point home there are, believe it or not, American conservatives and noted Republicans who are defending this man...

• Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology at Cal State Long Beach says he admires Anders Breivik for his "analytic skills and clarity of thought".

• Right wing nut and noted isolationists Pat Buchanan has written that Breivik might be justified saying that his vision of a grand conflict between European Muslims and Christians "may be right".

• Fox News blow hard and all around asshole Bill O'Reilly continues to insist there's "No Evidence" that Breivik is even Christian!

• The Wall Street Journal's Bruce Bawer, a native of Norway, upon hearing about the attacks was positive that they were carried out by a Muslim. He said he was hopeful "Norwegian leaders would respond to this act of violence by taking a more responsible approach to the problems they face in connection with Islam." When he then learned that the attacker was instead a native Norwegian his only concern was that Breivik's "violence will deal a heavy blow to an urgent cause."

• Even Glenn Beck has laid cover for Breivik by disparaging the youth camp were 76 people (mostly children) were massacred saying: “As the thing started to unfold and there was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth. Who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing,” . Here is a link to Glenn Beck's 9/12 "patriot" camp for children.

(I will undoubtedly be updating this list in the future as I am sure more radical right wing conservatives, Christians and xenophobes will come to Breivik's defense)

Religious and racial intolerance is all around us and we must stay vigilant against those who would use these reasons as an excuse to justify violence against those with whom they don't agree with. This tragedy could have just as easily happened here as in the case of Timothy McVeigh in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings or the Eric Rudolph Olympic Park bombing on July 27, 1996. I would even include the killing of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller by Scott Roeder in 2010. Remember all of these men were radicalized Christian terrorists.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Republican Pledge

A great cartoon by by Jeff Danzinger of the Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Allen West Is A Low Class, Misogynistic Whacko!

Allen West calls Debbie Wasserman Schultz "vile, despicable and cowardly" for criticizing his budget position

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee took a mild verbal jab at fellow Florida Rep. Allen West on Monday about the GOP-backed bill to reduce the debt and amend the Constitution to require a balanced federal budget A.K.A. "Cut, Cap & Balance".

In her remarks on the House floor Schultz said: "The gentleman from Florida, who represents thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, as do I, is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Unbelievable from a member from south Florida."

This benign statement caused Allen West to lose his proverbial shit. He fired off an email to numerous lawmakers as well Schultz with the title "Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman Schultz." That was just the beginning. In said email West went on to describe Schultz not only as "vile, despicable and cowardly" but also said "stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up." West continued his misogynistic tantrum by saying that Schultz has proven "that you are not a Lady" and "shall not be afforded due respect from me!" He said he was alerting House leaders to her "heinous characterless behavior."

A spokesman for Wasserman Schultz said in an email of his own: "I don't think that Congressman West is upset at the congresswoman, but rather with the fact that she highlighted that he and other Republicans are once again trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, children and the middle class... The truth hurts."

Schultz herself has said in an interview earlier today with Andrea Mitchell that "I have to tell you I was unfazed by his email,... It's not surprising that given the pressure that the Republicans are facing, they're defending ending Medicare as we know it. Congressman West represents thousands of senior citizens which is what I was pointing out and they would face significant increased costs due to the Medicare plan. And, it's not surprising he would crack under the pressure of having to defend that."

Watch that interview here and ask yourself if West's reaction is in line with what Schultz said...

After being called to apologize for his foul remarks Allen West has seen fit to use the his unprofessional behavior to an email to supporters, and appealed for donations. In the email he claims "it's times like this that I need friends with me".

In addition to this classless move West has also proven himself to be a liar. West told The Huffington Post's Jen Bendery that he had "just apologized" to Wasserman Schultz. Yet Wasserman Schultz spokesman Jonathan Beeton said later that West still hasn't apologized. "He did not. Not in person, not via fax, not via phone," Beeton said.

In fact West’s spokeswoman Angela Sachitano called reports of the congressman’s apology “absolutely false.” In fact, West was “waiting on an apology from the Congresswoman,”.

I bet you didn't see that coming... Stay classy Allen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rupert Murdoch Gets Pie!

Today Rupert Murdoch testified alongside his son James Murdoch at the culture select committee in England. Their presence was requested due to the hacking scandal his newspapers perpetrated on various victims ranging from your garden variety celebrities to a 16 year old murdered child named Milly Dowler and Americans murdered in in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Murdoch insisted that neither he nor his son were responsible for what he called "sickening and horrible invasions" of privacy committed by his company. In what some have characterized as a halting, pausing, mumbling and mishearing, Murdoch laid blame at the feet of "the people I hired and trusted, and perhaps then people who they hired and trusted".

It seems that his blathering and constant denials at the Westminster hearing so annoyed comedian and activist Johnny Marbles that he literally flew out of his seat and smashed Old Rupert in the face with a shaving cream pie!

Watch the hilarity ensue here...

I especially enjoyed when 80 year old Murdoch's wife/nurse/body guard 41 year old Wendi Deng took a swing at the man wielding the deadly foam pie. Notice sonny boy never lifted a finger to help dear old dad!

Murdoch has described the ordeal as “the most humble day of my life,”. I, of course, weep for him.

Mr. Johnny Marbles later tweeted: It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat.

Meanwhile laying in the wake of the scandal is not only the shutdown of his gossip rag "News Of The World" but also the arrests, firings and resignations of all of the following involed in the News Corps, scandal...

• (Arrested) Chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck

• (Arrested) Assistant editor Ian Edmondson

• (Arrested) Senior reporter James Wetherup

• (Resigns) News Corp. worldwide corporate general counsel Lawrence Jacobs

• (Arrested) Editor at the News of the World Andy Coulson

• (Arrested) Royal editor at the News of the World Clive Goodman

• (Resigns) Legal advisor with News International Tom Crone

• (Arrested) Deputy editor under Andy Coulson Neil Wallis

• (Resigns) Publisher of The Wall Street Journal Les Hinton

• (Resigns) Head of the Metropolitan Police since 2009 Paul Stephenson

• (Arrested) Chief executive of News International Rebekah Brooks

• (Resigns) Assistant commissioner at London’s Metropolitan Police Authority, and Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism chief John Yates

Drip drip drip.... Can you hear that Wall Street Journal?

Saturday, July 16, 2011


You have got to be kidding me! When I heard it I face palmed so hard I detached a retina!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gutlessly Republicans Cave On Debt Ceiling

You didn't really think the Republicans weren't going to let President Obama raise the debt ceiling did you? If you thought the GOP wouldn't get their leashes yanked by their millionaire and billionaire owners you're crazy. Did you really think those "fiscal conservatives" would let the economy tank while they were still bought and paid for by the likes of the Koch brothers, Wall Street tycoons and multinational conglomerates? The Republican's corporate owners... Um, I mean "donors" might lose some real money if the debt ceiling isn't raised and their not about to let that happen to their sugar daddies.

You see Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) floated a novel way of getting out of having any responsibility on raising the Debt ceiling. Yesterday McConnell suggested that Congress give up its power to raise the debt ceiling to the White House for the remainder of Obama's current term.

See how that works... The Republicans simply say we had no say in the matter therefor you cant blame us.

The reason for the cowardly cave in is due to their fear of the almighty Tea Party Patriots! That scary bunch with the tri cornered hats and the Don't Tread On Me flags has turned the Grand Old Party into the party of "Groveling Old Pussies".

But fear not Mitch McConnell and your brilliant Republican cohorts. No one in that silly old Tea Party crowd will ever see through that brilliant plan....

Oops! Duck Mitch...

The Tea Party Nation has just said of McConnell's plan "I'd call it the Great Sellout of 2011."

FreedomWorks is pushing back on McConnell Tweeting : "Sen. McConnell thinks cutting spending is too hard. Help him find his spine! Call him at 202-224-2541.

In addition the Tea Party message boards were abuzz with the news of what one poster in the Tea Party Nation forum called the "Pontius Pilate Pass the Buck Act of 2011".

Oh poor Republican brain trust... It only took an hour for it to fall apart... So sad.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rick Santorum And Michele Bachmann Sign Homophobic and Racist Marriage Pledge

Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann Sign have signed a "Marriage Pledge" cobbled together by a man named Bob Vander Plaats.

Bob Vander Plaats was an unsuccessful candidate for the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nomination in Iowa. He is a former high school principal, president and CEO of MVP Leadership and head of the Iowa Family Leader.

Just for the record the full title of Plaats' pledge is “The Marriage Vow — A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family.”

Plaats' pledge not only solely promotes man on woman marriage while denouncing marriage equality but also says that black children were better off during slavery. It also goes on to swear the signer to doggedly fight against pornography, adultery, divorce and... Sharia law? Yes, even Sharia law!

Here are is the section extolling the virtues of slavery from the pledge...
Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.

But wait, there is more... here are a few other choice cuts from the pledge...

On homosexuality...
The preface to the pledge reads, “Social protections…have been evaporating as we have collectively ‘debased the currency’ of marriage…in complete absence of empirical proof, that non-heterosexual inclination are genetically determined, irresistible and akin to innate traits like race, gender and eye color; as well as anti-scientific bias which holds, against all empirical evidence, that homosexual behavior in particular, and sexual promiscuity in general, optimizes individual or public health.” Footnote 8 reiterates this notion.

That homosexuality is like polygamy, adultery and polyandry...
Vow 4 requires the candidate to pledge “Vigorous opposition to any redefinition of the Institution of Marriage…through statutory, bureaucratic, or court-imposed recognition of intimate unions which are bigamous, polygamous, polyandrous, same-sex.”

That homosexuality is a public health risk...
Footnote 4 claims that homosexuality causes shorter life expectancy and a higher probability of a long list of sexually transmitted diseases. The Leader has previously compared same-sex marriage to second-hand smoking.

How sex is better after marriage...
Vow 5 requires the candidate to support the notion that “married people enjoy better health, better sex.”

How pornography should be banned...
Vow 9 stipulates that the candidate must “support humane protection of women and the innocent fruit of conjugal intimacy— our next generation of American children—from human trafficking, sexual slavery, seduction into promiscuity, and all forms of pornography and prostitution, infanticide, abortion and other types of coercion or stolen innocence.”

Let's not forget the r
ejection of Sharia law...
Vow 11 requires the candidate to reject Sharia law.

What Sharia law has to do with marriage I don't know.

And finally anal incontinence!
Practices such as adultery, bisexuality, homosexuality, anal intercourse, group sex, promiscuity, serial marriage, polygamy, polyandry and extramarital sex, individually or collectively, (do not) lead to general improvements in incidence of …Anal incontinence.

Ether way you can download the entire pledge in all it's homophobic and racist glory here...

The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence upon MARRIAGE and FAMILY

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bachmann Hiding In The Bushes At A Gay Rights Rally

The homophobic behavior of both Michele and Marcus Bachmann is nothing new. Early in her state Senate career Bachmann was caught spying on a 2005 pro-gay-rights rally while she hid behind a row of hedges.

My wife believes that she was probably checking to see if her husband was there!

Here is the picture with Bachmann circled...