Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tables Turned On O'Reilly

The king of ambush interviews has finally gotten a taste of his own medicine... And he didn't like it. Throughout the life of Bill O'Reilly's show he has never shied away from employing the time tested, nausea inducing ambush interview tactic. Over and over again ambush O'Reilly has sent out his ambushing producer, Jesse Watters, to sneak up on an unsuspecting person (usually someone Bill has perceived has done him wrong) and start peppering him with questions. More times than not the interviewee will loose their patience and yell at Watters whereupon they have lost the argument and O'Reilly has some fine footage for his putrid show.

Here is a compilation of some of those interviews put together by the website Crooks and Liars...

Well now we can see what happens when the tables are turned on O'Reilly and it isn't pretty. A man named Branden Lane from the Occupy movement waited for O'Reilly outside a Washington event and asked him a single question when he emerged. This was enough to send the thin skinned host over the edge. He barely lasted 30 seconds before he hits Lane... WITH HIS UMBRELLA!!!! For all of O'Reilly's bragging about what a man's man he is I suspect that is an action an elderly lady might employ to fend off a masher!

Please enjoy the footage....

Immediately following the incident O'Reilly took to the airwaves to engage in a little damage control. He described the man as being "Armed with a cell phone" and " out of control before jumping the shark and inartfully likening the event to John Lennon's murder.

Here is that segment on O'Reilly's show...

All in all it would have been a huge non-event except for O'Reilly's lying, hypocrisy and actions during and after the "interview".

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