Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pat Robertson's 2012 Predictions

Someone has to ship this putz off to the nuthouse

Before we get started, just so you know, Pat says god has told him who will be elected President in 2012, but says he won't tell us who it is... How convenient.

But that's not the most important thing god had told Robertson in their little chat.

It seems that god has told him that the destruction of America is nigh! The big man upstairs has relayed to his mortal servant that we will be "torn apart" and that we should expect "chaos and paralysis" and "maximum stress and peril".

Robertson then proceeds to reel off a bat-shit insane list he made for god and then tells the almighty to let him know which of them will do us in...

* Actual list:

An EMP blast... No!

Cosmic solar radiation blast... No!

The Mayan galaxy alignment... No

An Iranian or North Korean nuclear attack... No!

Earthquake or volcano... No!

A massive power failure... No!

Here's the kicker... It's none of them! Have you guessed yet who god told Pat was going to destroy America.

That's right it's... an economic collapse brought on by the "radical, radical, radical" Barack Obama!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the performance here...
target="_blank"My favorite thing is watching the co-host feign a concerned look as thought she really believes this nut!

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  1. Ah, sweet Pat. Keep makin' your wacky magic, sir. The blogosphere and late night comedians need you!