Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are You Kidding Me!

A Republican friend of mine just sent me this link to watch named "Are You Kidding Me". I'm pretty sure what to expect from it but as usual I bite.

As usual I'm scared to click the link...

OK, I've clicked it. Now I'm scared to watch it. The guy already looks angry and unpleasant.

Alright here we go.....30 seconds in and he seems relaxed and very reasonable. Fingers crossed.

I spoke too soon. Here we go.

Poor poor man is deluded. His facts are fucked. He's trying to seem "fair and balanced" by including the word Republicans in his tirade but never mentions any GOP'ers except for later in his screed when he mentions John Boehner who he only implores to "show more leadership".

On Jan 31, 2012 The Obama administration demanded legislation to eliminate tax rates permanently on capital gains for investments in small businesses and extend for a year the ability of all businesses to immediately deduct all of the costs of equipment and software purchases. Also a 10 percent tax credit for small businesses that add jobs or raise wages. No word from the Republicans on that yet. Here is a link... Obama Returns Focus To Small-Business Tax Breaks.

The business doesn't get taxed only individual income and only after the first quarter million (I think it may be after the first million now). The Republicans want a flat tax that would lower millionaires taxes and raise them on low and middle income individuals and their families. Here's a link to that... The GOP will raise taxes — on the middle class and working poor.

He says "both parties talk about everybody contributing". I don't think so. Democrats say Warren Buffet should pay the same as his secretary just Like Ronald Reagan did verbatim! All the Republicans see fit to do is scream about "class warfare" & "politics of envy".

Here is Reagan talking about closing tax loopholes for the rich exactly like President Obama has...
I always knew he was a dirty Socialist!

He asks where's the sacrifice of the politicians.. Their taxes would go up as well.

He says "Whether you're a Republican or Democrat" and yet he only sites the Obamas and Nancy Pelosi as being wasteful by taking trips. Where have I heard that before. Go figure?

He claims "Obama hasn't been there". He's been "playing golf, taking trips and doing a thousand things"....? What does that even mean. By the way the talking point now is that he's "the campaigner in chief"... I guess he didn't get the memo.

HELLO... George Soros makes an appearance! He's scary.

So basically just a lot of bitching and moaning but no solutions... Send me a link to this guy's new video when he has a suggestion or two. Until then it's all just Republican talking points regurgitated by an ill informed, angry, white man who obviously brings home more than $250.000.00 dollars a year and doesn't want to give up his Bush tax cuts. Oh yeah... And the President is black.

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