Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crazy Things I Heard Today

Here's the 2nd installation in new section where I list a few quotes and/or news items that have occurred over the day that made my head spin... Enjoy!


Rick Santorum Hates Big Pink Gay Balls...

On his recent bowling excursion Rick Santorum told a young man at South Lanes Bowling and Pizza in La Crosse to avoid using the femininely colored pink ball he had picked up.

"You're not going to use the pink ball," ... "We're not gonna let you do that. Not on camera."

At the prompting of another reporter, Santorum also quipped, "friends don't let friends use pink balls."


Fox Doctor Keith Ablow: Obama's Son 'Wouldn't Look Anything Like Trayvon Martin'
On Lou Dobbs' Fox Business show a doctor named Keith Ablow attacked President Obama for his comments about the recent tragedy when he said: "If I Had A Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon" by saying:

Ablow responded... "If the President had a son, he wouldn't look anything like Trayvon Martin,"... "He'd be wearing a blazer from his prep school, he'd be driving a Beemer and he'd be surrounded by Secret Service. So the president saying 'I can only feel for this kid because he looks physically like me' is absurd ... what about the united view that everybody appreciates what it is to lose a son of any color?"

"It's peculiar," Dobbs said. Ablow went on to say of Obama, "he's got it in for this country.


Republican Lesbian Who Helped Write DOMA, Is Now Lobbying To Repeal It
Kathryn Lehman was a Republican Hill staffer who worked on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Now that Lehman has discovered that she is a lesbian she says of her time in the Republican party back in 1996...

"There was nobody married, it wasn’t allowed anywhere," Lehman recalls.

"The view of gay people ... it wasn't Ellen [DeGeneres]. It wasn't Neil Patrick Harris. It was kinky sex and women riding around on motorcycles without shirts on. That was sort of the view that the community projected as well."

"It wasn't people that you know, people that you work with, people just like everybody else."


Pat Robertson Says Homosexuality Is "Related To A Type Of Demonic Possession"During a CBN segment about a man who, according to Robertson, "trolled the streets" for seven years looking for "cheap sex with other men" while his wife sat at home "completely clueless" Robertson says...

"The world today says 'OK, so you are gay, you want to have affairs with men -- that's cool. You have an absolute right to do that, why not?'

"That's not the right attitude. The attitude is that this is sin. It's wrong. And [this man] realized it was wrong but couldn't control it. But that type of conduct is wrong… he is obsessed. He has a compulsion. I would think that it is somehow related to demonic possession…"


Joe Arpaio Fighting To Revive Arizona 'Birther' Bill
Despite the fact that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) vetoed an earlier version of the "Birther" bill Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently began an investigation into the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate, stating that the birther issue is a conspiracy “bigger than Watergate.”

Arpaio went on to say...

"It's very controversial, but something has to be done,"..."It's very important to at least have some law that you have to show that you were born in the United States."

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