Monday, March 5, 2012

Ricky The "Rooster"!

I believe we now know why Rick Santorum doesn't want anyone to go to college.

He doesn't want anyone to have fun like he did!

Apparently Santorum was far from being ostracized for his conservative politics at Penn State University.

His college peers now attest that Rick was quite the bro back in the day. Fellow Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity members recalled Santorum as a guy who threw keggers learned as well as taught how to chug beer, enjoyed regular poker games and Steelers football. Quite the big man on campus.

During his junior year, he roomed with John Koury who says: Everybody called him "Rooster." And Rooster liked to chug".

Koury continued "We literally rolled kegs down the dormitory floor," "On Fridays, when everyone got back from class, we'd go get a quarter-keg from the distributor, there'd be 20 or 30 of us in the room. We'd drink it and go down to the dining hall...

Friend Christine Grasso says "Honest to God, he taught me how to chug a beer" Grasso went on to say "Back then, you used to chug beer and, you know, challenge each other... He was amazing. He could chug a beer in like one gulp."

Grasso also claimed that "Rooster could beat everyone at beer-chugging". She explained the Rooster's technique: "You just open your throat."

By the way, when I went to college the dude who smoked the pipe was usually a prick.

What a phoney prick snob.

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