Monday, March 19, 2012

Santorum Says "Obama's Department of Justice Favors Pornographers Over Children"

So you say you want a president who will address the problems that America faces. You want someone who will deal with the unemployment rate, the debt crisis and the ongoing problem of terrorism.

Well Rick "Roster" Santorum is not the man for you. He has his eyes on an even bigger problem this country of ours faces... Porn! Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has promised to initiate a war on porn if elected. The "War On Terrorism" and the "War On Drugs" will just have to wait!

Santorum posted on his campaign website that “America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography. It contributes to misogyny and violence against women. It is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking,”

Santorum went on the Sunday morning talk shows to reiterate his assertion that "the Obama Department of Justice seems to favor pornographers over children and families,"

Santorum continued: “Under the Bush administration, pornographers were prosecuted much more rigorously than they are under existing law, than they under the Obama administration... So you draw your conclusion.”

Here is the clip where he faps out his theory for Candy Crowly (sounds like a porn name to me!)...

Steve Chapman, a writer for the Chicago Tribune took issue with Santorum's claims, which he describes as "just wrong."

"Santorum doesn't seem to notice that as porn has become ever-more available via the Internet, the prevalence of rape has plunged. Since 1991, the national rate has fallen by 86 percent -- compared to a decline in overall violent crime of 65 percent," Chapman wrote.
Remember what James Carville famously said to Bill Clinton during his campaign against George Bush Sr. which still rings true today.... "It's the porn economy stupid!".

So remember when you go into the voting booth this election season that Rick "Rooster" Santorum is thinking of you... And porn!

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