Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Starts His Swiftboat Campaign On Obama's Religion

Mitt Romney has begun the new campaign strategy of attacking Barack Obama's religion. Not that Obama is a radical secret Muslim. No, that he is something worse... a non believer!

Check out Romney's opening salvo fired in his speech on the Affordable Care Act while at a town hall in Milwaukee

"I think in this country there is a war on religion. I think there is a desire to establish a religion in America known as secularism and I know based upon reports that the Obama administration gave this a lot of thought... A lot of discussion. this was not some little side issue that no one though about.. They gave it a lot of thought."

Here is the video...
Romney then goes into prearranged talking points about The Affordable Health Care Act requiring certain religious institution's insurance policies to make birth control available for employees that want it.

We all know that a separate insurance company would be tasked with the provision on any birth control that was requested thus taking the burden off any institution that found the practice of birth control offensive or unsavory.

No, this salvo Mitt fired off in the beginning of the video is nothing less than swift-boating Barack Obama on his religion.

When George Bush had the problem of facing a true war hero in John Kerry he attacked and destroyed that good man's military service. Bush did this because his military service was one of privilege and comfort. Therefore he maligned Kerry's military service.

Romney is doing the same thing here just with religion. Mitt has the problem that his Mormon faith is not well received in his predominantly Christian based Republican party so he is painting Obama as an Atheist.

By the way, in polling, Atheism polls just as badly as if Obama were a Muslim. Now if they can only get the voters to believe Obama is a Muslim Atheist!

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