Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Ain't No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven"

Why do I reject religion? I guess it's for the same reason that I reject any group that hold themselves as superior to others and uses some made up idiotic belief system to give them the proof they so desperately need.

Another reason I hate these groups is their insidious use of indoctrination.

The congregation in the church the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church in Greensburg, Ind is a shining example of that.

Watch as the members of this organization use a helpless child to be their vessel of hatred. The kid is nothing more than an empty shell for them to pour their bigotry and hatred into and the resulting product is portrayed in excruciating form in the following video.

In the clip a child can be heard singing "I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong...ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven." The congregation then gives the child a standing ovation for his troubles. At one point you can even hear his prideful father shout 'That's my boy!".
This is child abuse, this is an embarrassment, this is religious indoctrination at it's worst. This is what I would expect to see at a klan rally or neo-nazi outing.

If you want to contact the church to tell them what you think send your letters here: Apostolic Church Pastor – Rev. Jeff Sangl
P.O. Box 644, Greensburg, IN 47240

You can also leave a message here: 812-662-8224

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