Friday, May 11, 2012

Shooting Targets Resembling Trayvon Martin Are Being Sold Online

File this one under "I no longer want to live on this planet anymore"

Shooting targets resembling Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager shot to death in Florida by Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, were offered for sale online.

The targets featured a silhouette of a faceless person wearing a hooded sweatshirt, known as a hoodie, and holding a bag of Skittles candy and a container of iced tea.
The targets were made and sold by Hiller Armament Company (Hillerarmco) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The effigies of Martin were sold for $16.50 for 10 targets. The product sold out in 2 days.

When asked for a comment a spokesperson for the company who chose to remain anonymous said: "My main motivation was to make money off the controversy,"

Here's a thought... For Mothers Day why not go over to "Second Chance on Shoot First" and sign their petition opposing "Shoot First" laws.

Here is a message from Trayvon Martins mother if you are still on the fence about it...


  1. A police Sgt. in FL just got fired for buying these things. Moron.

  2. I bought 20 and need more.

  3. "A police Sgt. in FL just got fired for buying these things. Moron."

    He was buying them to conduct shoot/no-shoot drills. He was gong to use the target as one of the no-shoot targets in the drill. Moron.

  4. thank you for the heads up. I will start stocking up on my targets

  5. I did not know the targets existed but thank you for the advertisement plug. I'm already trying to play some orders. I wonder if I get a discount if I buy in bulk