Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hey Teabaggers... In 2009 Americans Paid Lowest Tax Rates In 30 Years

Here are two undisputed facts. The Tea Party was formed in 2009 right about the time Barack Obama was settling into his first term and the 3 letters T E A in Tea Party is an acronym for "taxed enough already".

Only now there seems to be a problem.... The problem being that in 2009, Americans paid the lowest tax rates in 30 years to federal government.

Here it is in a chart provided by the Congressional Budget Office who conducted the study...
Oopsies... That's right, the federal tax rates are lower than they were under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

So now that your "taxed enough already" cover is blown may I suggest another 3 letters that more aptly sum up your beliefs... K.K.K.... You know it's true.

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