Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How Do You Know Romney Is Running Scared?

They Sent In The Clowns!

The leader of the Republican party Rush Limbaugh was the first bozo out of the clown car.

Limbaugh started the clown conga line yesterday by deciding to teach Mitt how to go after Obama by saying:

(as if he were talking to himself) “Okay so Mr. Limbaugh, since you have the answer to everything, then what would you suggest that Romney do, if he do?... Okay, fine! Look, pal, when I was out creating jobs, investing in businesses and growing this economy, you were at Columbia smoking weed and snorting coke. You write about it in your book, you talk about how you got into Columbia, the Harvard Law Review, and you didn't have to do anything. That was what’s great about it. You loved getting into Columbia because all you had to do was go to class, get your grades, and smoke a little weed while I was out building the country when you were doing that.”

In today's slime-fest Clarabell declared...

"I think it can now be said, without equivocation -- without equivocation -- that this man (Obama) hates this country. He is trying -- Barack Obama is trying -- to dismantle, brick by brick, the American dream. There's no other way to put this. There's no other way to explain this. He was indoctrinated as a child. His father was a communist. His mother was a leftist. He was sent to prep and Ivy League schools where his contempt for the country was reinforced."

Here is a recording of Rush's "Obama hates America" rant (jump to the 5 min. mark)…
It was said that after his screed Limbaugh then put his hand in his pocket and appeared to squeeze something whereupon water squirted from the large cartoonish flower on his ample lapel.

The second clown to hit the stage was Romney's curmudgeonly hatchet man John Sununu. Sununu parroted Limbaugh's talking points like a good soldier by going on (where else) Fox News and saying…

"He has no idea how the American system functions, and we shouldn't be surprised about that, because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something, spent the next set of years in Indonesia, another set of years in Indonesia," he said. "And, frankly, when he came to the U.S. he worked as a community organizer, which is a socialized structure, and then got into politics in Chicago."

Sununu then went on to say in a conference call Tuesday morning that he wished Obama "would learn how to be an American,"

There is no truth to the rumor that he then squeezed his nose releasing a loud honking noise.

Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith. "This meltdown and over-the-top rhetoric won’t make things better -- it only calls attention to how desperate they are to change the conversation."

There can be little doubt now that the Romney campaign knows it is being hurt by the Obama teams attacks on Romney's Bain Capitol days and his unreleased tax returns. It is understandable why they would want to hit back and hit hard. The only problem with the counter attacks is that the charges they are leveling at Obama are already widely known "facts". Plus there substance have little or nothing to do with the job he is running for.

The reason the "Bain" and "Tax" attacks hit so hard is that they are central to who Mitt Romney is and the platform he is running on to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the President.


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