Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping It Classy At The RNC

Usually when I do something heinously idiotic I prefer to do it alone. That way no one can report to my friends or family that I've committed a gravely embarrassing act. The last place I would choose to perform some ignorant act is in front of a television crew. Just sayin'.

That is why this baffles me so much. We all know the Republican party hosts it's fair share of idiots and that many of them are racist to boot but for the life of me I cannot figure this out. Why would one of these types, even giving them slack for being an idiot racist, choose to hurl an ignorant bigoted comment at an African-American camerawoman working for CNN!

Here's the deal. Apparently an attendee at the Republican National Convention thought it would be a hilarious idea to throw peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman and say, "this is how we feed the animals."

I understand that many right winger Republicans are unashamed and even proud of of being idiot racists but come on now! All I can come up with is that the person saw it was CNN and thought nobody would see!

When several news agencies asked CNN for a comment the cable news organization said: "CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon," they finished the statement by saying "CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment."

Veteran reporter David Shuster who works for Current TV even tweeted about the incident:
I wonder if the GOP are still at all puzzled as to why they received 0 percent of the black vote in a recent NBC poll.

Romney's Racist Heart... Don't Get Mad At Us, This Is A Republicans House!

Steven Showers, a 59 year old Republican from Southern California, has erected a 14-foot-high, neon sign declaring that Romney is a racist who will doom the GOP.

The flashing flashing neon sign also pleads with passersby to "Save the GOP" from "Romney's racist heart."

Showers, who lives in Newbury Park, said that after Romney became the Republican presidential nominee, he researched Mormonism and was: "stunned to find out that the Mormon religion is a white supremacist, anti-black, racist ideology,".

According to Showers’ website,, the following belief is “embedded” in Mormon doctrine: “White skin indicates a pure character before God. Anything less than white skin indicates a corruption of character before God. Black skin, according to Mormon Doctrine, is an indicator of the worst corruption of character before God.”

According to a recent Gallup poll nearly one in five Americans say they would not vote for a Mormon president. Oddly enough that is just about the same number of Americans that still believe President Obama is a Muslim.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Myth That "It's Better If Everyone Is Armed" Is Busted!

In the past few months we here in America have witnessed several brutal mass killings that involved guns.

We have seen 12 killed and 58 injured in the Century movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. We have seen 6 killed and 3 wounded in the Seik temple shooting and finally here in my hometown of New York we saw 2 killed and 9 wounded in the Empire State Building shooting.

Throughout these acts of mindless and senseless violence we have been able to count on two things. The first is that the Democrats will do absolutely nothing to curtail the sale of guns. The second thing we can rely on is the Republicans interjecting their magical thinking by saying "If there had only been more guns everyone would have been saved".

This Republican talking point about how a better armed citizenry will put an end to these mass shootings is something I'd like to address in light of the New York shooting.

After the earlier shootings Across the board you had Republicans, right wingers and gun nuts all chiming in about how bad they felt for the families of the victims but then saying that they wished that some law abiding citizen would have had a gun so he could have ended the massacre before anyone was killed.

Here are a few of those insane enough to believe this absurd fantasy...

Louie Gohmert said "It does make me wonder with all those people in the theater was there no one who was carrying who could stop this guy more quickly?"

Firearms safety trainer Greg Block says: "All you need is one person there with a gun," he said. "If this went down in Texas or Arizona, he would have died quick."

Luke O’Dell of the Colorado-based group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners said: “Potentially, if there had been a law-abiding citizen who had been able to carry in the theater, it’s possible the death toll would have been less.”

World famous asshole Ted Nugent tweeted: "We pray for all victims & loved ones of demon shooter in CO & we SALUTE the brave warriors who saved lives IF only they would have had a good gun".

Adding to this cacophony of moronic voices are hundreds of conservative blogs with topic titles such as "If More People Carried Guns, Aurora Massacre Wouldn't Happen", "Why more people should carry guns" and of course the very popular "More People Should Carry A Gun".

So the prevailing group think among these people is that to more guns the better. Simple math to them I'm guessing. If everyone around the "bad" shooting man has a gun the "good" shooting people can shoot him and kill him good and dead.

Well here the reality.

In the most recent shooting at the Empire State Building the "bad" man was indeed surrounded by "good" federal agents all of whom were armed. The "good" agents did in fact draw their weapons and did kill the "bad" man. The only problem was is that they also shot nine innocent bystanders in the process.

In a statement to CNN on Saturday New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said all nine bystanders wounded in Friday's Empire State Building shooting had been hit with police gunfire.

Dr. David Klinger, a former Los Angeles police officer and current criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis “No matter how realistic their training is, it can never prepare an officer for a shooting,”

If that is the case with trained police officers can anyone even begin to fathom the damage a bevy of non-trained gun toting civilians would do in a crowd.

Here is a final thought on all of this.

As far as I'm concerned the Democrats are pathetic cowards who stand idly by while the blood of their innocent constituents are spilled on the streets of the districts they represent.

As far as the Republicans go, I consider them accessories to murder. They are the whores to the 2nd Amendment gun nuts and the killers who run the NRA. They are pandering scum of the earth and their hands are forever drenched in the blood of all gun violence victims.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Romney Gleefully Makes Birther Joke

I've got to give Mitt credit. He held off on the birther schpeel for longer that I thought he would. I guess the temptation was just too much. I look at it like this... If you were speaking to a room full of 3rd graders it would be easier to tell them a fart joke instead of trying to teach them geometry. So I guess when you are faced with wing-nut Obama haters one would rather hit them with the birth certificate crap than talk about actual legislation you might pass.

Well, either way, this is how it went down. At a rally in Michigan speaking about hometown, Romney said, "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised."

The joke was of course an easy jab at Barack Obama and a wink and a nod to the birthers. The quip, by the way, was received with applause and cheers by the audience.

My response to the zinger is congrat's Mitt you are now officially a birther... Mazel Tov!

Here is the video of Mitt popping his birther cherry…
It didn't take long for team Obama to send out a response...Here is is...I guess if Mitt has gone birther the Dems can now discuss taboo topics such as Mitten's religion and their kink for magic underwear.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blast From The Past: Listen As The President of Ireland Goes Off On A Tea-Bagger

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as hearing a right wing nut-job get taken out like yesterdays garbage.

This was the case when President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins verbally bitch slapped, talk radio host and Tea Party enthusiast Michael Graham during an edition of George Hook's show, The Right Hook on Ireland's Newstalk.

Apparently Higgins was fed up with Graham's over-the-top Tea Party rhetoric, and just tore into him.

Here are the highlights from the show...HA... He called him a wanker.

You can listen to the entire show HERE.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"More Mitt" — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite

Some comedy to break up the horror of it all....

Todd Akin And "Legitimate Rape"

Republican Rep. Todd Akin is currently running for Senate in Missouri against the incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

For the record Todd Akin has always been outspoken about his pro life leanings. He's even gone as far as to say “As far as I’m concerned, the morning-after pill is a form of abortion" and "I think we just shouldn’t have abortion in this country."

Having these convictions are fine and dandy and yapping about them all day is what the 1st amendment is all about. What isn't fine and dandy is spewing insane, idiotic, terrifyingly stupid and above all dangerous ideas about women, rape and women who have been raped.

You have to ask yourself in this day and age what could one man say that would justify the ire and repulsion of the majority of thinking society. Two words: "legitimate rape".

In an interview with KTVI-TV the GOP Senate nominee Todd Akin was asked if he supported abortion in the case of rape.

Here was his reply...

"From what I understand from doctors, that's really rare," said Akin said of pregnancy caused by rape. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist."

If your head hasn't exploded and you needed a little extra fuel here is the clip of Akin's statement...So, in essence, this imbecile is actually implying that a women can psychologically control whether or not she becomes pregnant after they are raped. This utter moron must actually believe that women who do become pregnant after they are raped didn't try hard enough to keep themselves from bearing the child of their rapist.

Just so you don't think this is some loon who just walked off planet misogyny understand that he has worked on legislation with Romney VP pick Paul Ryan. Ryan, Akin’s colleague in the House, has sponsored legislation with him that also sought to distinguish between types of rape: Instead of “legitimate,” it used the word “forcible.”

The woman Akin is running against, Sen. Claire McCaskill, was understandably stunned by his comments.

First she Tweeted: As a woman & former prosecutor who handled 100s of rape cases,I'm stunned by Rep Akin's comments about victims this AM.

McCaskill did not stop there...

"It is beyond comprehension that someone can be so ignorant about the emotional and physical trauma brought on by rape," she added in a statement. "The ideas that Todd Akin has expressed about the serious crime of rape and the impact on its victims are offensive."

As Of 5:25 p.m. ET Akin's campaign released a statement Sunday on the issue, where the congressman admitted that he "misspoke" in the KTVI interview.

Misspoke... That's the understatement of the year Todd.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hank Williams Jr. Says President Obama is a Muslim That Hates America

Once again country singer hank Williams has proven he is a bonafide dullard.

Continuing in the footsteps of his own performance on Fox And Friends last year where he likened President Obama to Hitler Williams now makes the claim that Obama is a Muslim that hates America.

At the tale end of a concert he was playing on Friday at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand Williams made this comment: "We've got a Muslim president" . He then went on to say that '[Obama] "hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!"

According to Des Moines Register reporter Joe Lawler the comments were met with applause and loud cheers.

In addition to these most recent moronic comments Williams, in a July 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, said "We've got a President that does a call to the Koran or Mecca or whatever". When asked if he believed Obama hated America, Williams responded, "I don't know about that but it's kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America."

Hank.... It's time to hang it up old boy. Your mellon is riper that a honeydew left out in a southern heat wave while stewing in a bucket of grain alcohol.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Half Man Half Orangutan Says Women "Don't Get What's Going On."

Human/Orangutan hybrid Donald Trump has used his voice box to make what seems like intelligible noises in an "interview" with Fox News' Greta van Susteren.

One of the almost cogent remarks went like this: “(Obama) is a person that is not the nice person that some people think,". As you can see it makes no sense but it is understandable why some might believe there was actual intelligence behind the formation of the "statement".

The half man half Cheeto went on to mumble derogatory remarks about the intelligence of women by implying that they may like President Barack Obama because they "don't know him" and "don't get what's going on."

In other words women weren't smart enough to figure out how evil President Obama is without the help of a Twinkie with a toupe'.

It's a good thing for you ladies that this walking asshole with a comb-over likes the sound of it's own voice and will continue to tell you all you need to know.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Romney/Ryan Honeymoon Is Over

Over the weekend the pick of Paul Ryan as Vice President to the Romney ticket looked exactly like what the doctor ordered. A few days later… Not so much.

The more details about the horrifying Ryan Budget Plan seep out into mainstream consciousness the more the ryan VP pick looks to be terribly flawed.

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll found that Ryan scored the lowest initial ratings from Americans of any vice presidential pick since the controversial choice of Dan Quayle nearly a quarter-century ago.

In addition 39% of registered voters call Republican contender Mitt Romney's selection of Ryan "excellent" or "pretty good" while 45% rate it as "only fair" or "poor." Sixteen percent have no opinion.

Those numbers are worse than the initial reactions to both Dick Cheney in 2000 and Sarah Palin in 2008!!!

An ABC News/Washington Post poll has found that only 38 percent responded favorably to Ryan joining the Republican ticket, up from 23 percent in pre-selection interviews last week.
To top it off according to Gallup a clear majority, 58 percent, of Americans has never even heard of Paul Ryan.

Right wing talking heads have also seemed to be lamenting about how poor the Ryan VP pick is.

According to in more than three dozen interviews with Republican strategists and campaign operatives — old hands and rising next-generation conservatives alike — the most common reactions to Ryan ranged from gnawing apprehension to hair-on-fire anger that Romney has practically ceded the election. In addition the more pessimistic strategists don’t even feign good cheer: They think the Ryan pick is a disaster for the GOP.

Here are a few quotes I've gleaned from around the nets:

Former President George W. Bush senior adviser Mark McKinnon. “I think it’s a very bold choice. And an exciting and interesting pick. It’s going to elevate the campaign into a debate over big ideas. It means Romney-Ryan can run on principles and provide some real direction and vision for the Republican Party. And probably lose. Maybe big,”

One Republican operative involved in 2012 races said: “This is the day the music died,” He continued by saying that every House candidate now is racing to get ahead of this issue (The Ryan Budget)".

Another strategist emailed midway through Romney and Ryan’s first joint event Saturday: “The good news is that this ticket now has a vision. The bad news is that vision is basically just a chart of numbers used to justify policies that are extremely unpopular.”

A Republican strategist who works on congressional races said: “There are a lot races that are close to the line we're not going to win now because they're going to battle out who's going to kill grandma first, ObamaCare or Paul Ryan's budget,”… “It could put the Senate out of reach. In the House it puts a bunch of races in play that would have otherwise been safe. ... It remains to be seen how much damage this causes, but my first blush is this is not good.”

Former Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.), who chaired the NRCC from 2003-2006, warned: “You saw what happened to Bush with Social Security in the 2006 election,” he said. “This is déjà vu.”

A GOP consultant said: “Whether or not they [the Romney campaign] want to say that they have their own plan on Day One, or whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t change the reality of them having to own the Ryan plan. How is that in the wheelhouse of creating jobs?”

A GOP consultant joked that: “The most popular phrase in Washington right now is: ‘I love Paul Ryan, but …’” The same strategist continued: “This could be the defining moment of the campaign. If they win the battle to define Medicare, then I believe Romney wins the presidency. If they lose it, then they lose big in the fall,”

One operative who professed himself a Ryan fan said.: “He just doesn’t seem like he can step into the job on Day One,”.

The honeymoon is definitely over.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan

A ticket Ayn Rand could get behind!

For those of you who don't know who Ayn Rand is here is a quick bio on her...

Ayn Rand is a Russian, Athiest and architect of the "philosophy" known as Objectivism which in it basest form preaches "I've got mine Jack, screw the rest of you!". Her "philosophy" was culled from her two fictional novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy sums up Rand and her values this way: “Conspicuous by their absence from Rand's list of virtues are the “virtues of benevolence”, such as kindness, charity, generosity, and forgiveness.”

What does this have to do with Mitt Romney vice presidential pick you ask....

Paul Ryan loves... No check that... Paul Ryan worships Ayn Rand. Ryan is so obsessed with Rand that he has stated that her novels are required reading for everyone who works in his office. In a recent New Yorker profile, Ryan called her a key inspiration in his life. This can be plainly seen by his middle class destroying budget plan which rewards the rich with tax breaks and pays for them by crushing the poor with tax hikes and benefit cuts.

Mitt Romney famously said of the Ryan Budget Plan: "I think it’d be marvelous if the Senate were to pick up Paul Ryan’s budget and to adopt it and pass it along to the president,”

Sounds like Mitt has truly found his mini-me..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romney's Campaign Is Off The Rails

Oh it's just getting weird now. While the Romney campaign seems to be tearing itself apart with repeated gaffs flubs and outright lies this time the campaign is in trouble for… Get this… Telling the truth!!!!

With attack ads furiously flying across the our televisions with such frequency I sometimes lose track of who's spot belongs to whom an Obama ad has caused his Republican opponents team to come unglued.

After seeing the Obama clip in question I personally don't think it's a particularly honest ad but apparently that is not a standard either of the parties care much about at this point.

In the ad, by Priorities USA Pac, a man recounts that after Mitt Romney's former company Bain closed the plant where he worked he lost his health care. This in turn led to his not being able to afford his wife's cancer treatments who he says in just 22 days.

Here is that ad…
After the ad aired the lamestream media was thrown into a tizzy.

Mika Brzezinski (usually a moderate) says: "It's a low blow."

Joe Scarborough seethed: "Are you really making me explain the difference between a policy debate and a question that suggests that a candidate for president of the United States killed his wife?… Are you serious? Are you making me do this?"

Perter Hohnson Jr. A Fox News legal analyst asserted: "What we're seeing is a really morally bankrupt charge of murder".

Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said "President Obama and his campaign are willing to say and do anything to hide the President's disappointing record. But they're not entitled to repeatedly mislead voters,"

That was just in the morning. The afternoon was when things really got out of hand. This is when Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul took to the airways to nullify the content of the ad by saying of the man and his dead wife: "To that point, if people had been in Massachusetts, under Governor Romney's health care plan, they would have had health care."

I guess she meant that if only the poor man's dead wife had the sense to have been in Massachusetts when she contracted cancer she would still be alive today.

This point was all but lost to the right wing, conservative talking heads whose talking heads just about blew off their collective shoulders!

Red State founder Erick Erickson wrote: "OMG. This might just be the moment Mitt Romney lost the election. Wow." “Mark the day the Romney campaign died,” and “Consider the scab picked, the wound opened, and the distrust trickling out again,” (ewww)

Rush Limbaugh gurgled: "I don’t know the people at the Romney campaign but I’m gonna tell you…your candidate is accused of killing a woman because … this isn’t about health insurance! They’re out there saying that your guy killed this woman! and your answer is well she’d of had health insurance if she lived in Massachusetts". Rush then concluded that "Andrea Saul's appearance on Fox was a potential gold mine for Obama."
Ann Coulter then dropped by Fox News' Sean Hannity and went ballistic on Saul saying: "Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney — and I mean the big donors — ought to call Mitt Romney and say if Andrea Saul isn’t fired and off the campaign tomorrow, they are not giving another dime. Because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has to respond to this by citing health care in Massachusetts.". Coulter later continued her screed by saying: There’s no point in you doing your show, there’s no point in us going to the convention and pushing for this man if he’s employing morons like this. This ad is the turning point, and she has nearly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. She should be off the campaign.”
This all leads me to one very sad conclusion. The one decent bit of legislature passed by Mitt Romney has been rendered untouchable and unmentionable by him or his campaign. It has become the thing that must not be named due to his caving into the extreme right of his party by claiming the mantle of the man that will do away with Obamacare (Which we all know is really Romneycare). It would be like having to disown your favorite child because the villagers want to kill it with their pitchforks and torches.

reform in Massachusetts, in my opinion, was maybe the only good thing Romney's had ever done. Now he has to keep it locked up in the basement of his mega-mansion lest his wingnut, tea party constituents catch a glimpse of the hideous monster known as Romney's CommonwealthCare in Massachusetts.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Congress Passes Restrictions On Protesting At Military Funerals

The congress has delivered a blow to any whackos that would want to protest at a military funeral. Yes, I'm looking at you Westboro Baptist Church! The lunatics at the WBC have made a career out of disrupting military funerals claiming that U.S. soldiers are killed as God's vengeance for America's gay tolerance. Thankfully their claim to fame will be severely limited since Congress passed a sweeping veterans bill this week that includes restrictions on these grotesque demonstrations.

According to "The Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012," demonstrators will no longer be allowed to picket military funerals two hours before or after a service. The bill also requires protestors to be at least 300 feet away from grieving family members.

The bill is a response to a 2011 Supreme Court case that ruled such actions were protected under the First Amendment.

About time guys.