Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anti-Obama Movie That Claims To Name President's Real Father Mailed To Millions

Have you heard the news!?!?! Just 2 months before the election a new movie has been made that claims President Obama's true father is in fact professed Communist, activist, Chicago columnist and (worst of all) poet Frank Marshall Davis. The film's name is of course "Dreams From My Real Father".

Wow, I wonder if Barack's mother knows? Anyway…

The film's director and producer, Joel Gilbert, said that the film was sent out to more one million voters in Ohio; 200,000 after a mid-summer conference, and a million after that. He said that 50,000 copies had been sent to voters in Nevada and 100,000 to voters in New Hampshire.

When asked how the company is funded and how they come up with the money to distribute so many free copies of the film Gilbert declined to answer saying "We’re a private media company, a journalistic company that’s privately held and we don’t disclose the nature or makeup of our finances".

Gilbert, who is understandably proud of this earth-shattering opus says: "I think it’s the story of the century. Any one of these journalists could win a Pulitzer Prize if they covered it."


Personally I think the real story here is that the movie finally proves that President Obama wasn't really born in Kenya!

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