Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden Edges Ryan In Contentious VP Debate

After the dust settled it was clear that Joe Biden won tonight's debate.

My take is that Ryan came with talking points but Biden came with the facts and more importantly the fight. Biden's command of the facts/truth and an exasperated smile used as a device to point out every time he thought Ryan was lying lead to his win.

Here are a few of those well placed exasperated smiles Biden used...
The fact that Joe Biden won can mean only on thing. All Republicans, who for the last week have been gloating to the point of nausea, must take decisive action to blunt and undermine the win.

Fox News went on red alert and called Joe Biden 'Rude,' 'Unhinged,' and a 'Cranky Old Man' (They should know their network is littered with those people).

It didn't stop there. The Romney Ryan team leaped into action to paint Biden and his victory in as bad a light as possible...

Senator Rand Paul called Biden “Arrogant Cheshire Cat with a big smile,”

Ryan advisor Dan Senor said “It was bizarre,”

RNC Deputy Communications Director Tim Miller tweeted that "Biden bordering on unhinged"

Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted "Biden: smirking, mocking, immature."

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus took to Twitter to say: "Joe being Joe didn’t work so well. Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh

All this while everyone else was proclaiming Biden as the clear cut winner of the debate.

The Obama team responded to the smile shaming by saying: "So the Romney/Ryan spin is... Biden was too energetic? Weak."

Here is the full debate. Watch it and you be the judge...
According to an instant poll taken by CBS News of uncommitted voters 50% saw Joe Biden as the winner, 31% thought Ryan the winner, and 19% said they felt it was a tie.

In today's Reuters/Ipsos poll, which asked who did a better job in the vice-president debate, the response was: Joe Biden 41.3% -  Paul Ryan 35.3% and Don’t know cleared 23.4%.

Now the the task at hand is how they are going to infuse President Obama with Biden's rude, unhinged, cranky and (most importantly) winning style.

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