Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Republicans Drop Obama October Surprise Video Before Debate

This video of then candidate Barack Obama taken 5 years ago aired on the Sean Hannity show tonight and was billed as a "Bombshell". Tucker Carlson, who claimed he had unearthed tape, said the clip was an "exclusive" even though the five year old Hampton University speech has been online the whole time. This is on top of the fact that the event was covered by Fox News, CNN and by Tucker Carlson on his MSNBC show when it happened in 2007!

Either way Sean and Tucker got themselves all lathered up and indignant proclaiming that this was a game changer and heralded the footage as if it were going to bring down Barack Obama's entire presidency.

Carlson proceeded to call this video a "racially charged speech [that] undermines Obama's carefully-crafted image." and “This is not a dog whistle, this is a dog siren!”

Hannity hailed the speech as “a glimpse into the mind of the real Barack Obama,” and a “bombshell” that includes “some of the most divisive class warfare and racially charged rhetoric ever used by Barack Obama.”

After hyping this thing within an inch of it's life I was shocked that this is all there is....

Barack Obama speaks at Hampton University...
Obama Praising His Pastor Jeremiah Wright...
How this is even slightly controversial is beyond me. As far as the Rev. Wright shout out I'm here to tell all the Republicans who are wetting themselves with glee over this video that we got over that 4 plus years ago.

The only thing I see this video doing is confusing conservatives. When they hear about Barack Obama's pastor Rev. Wright they'll wonder why they wasted 4 years trying to convince themselves that he was a Muslim if they're just going to to have to chuck that all out the window to swallow this load of garbage.

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