Friday, January 25, 2013

Trouble In Paradise

In what many had privately been speculating Fox News has parted ways with Sarah Palin.

Palin signed a $1 million-a-year contract with the network in 2010 but has not been offered a renewal.

According to The New York Times The right wing news outlet has, in a statement, wished Palin "the best".

Apparently a rift formed between Palin and long time Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Ailes had mocked her in past by claiming "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings", and is said to have privately labeled her "stupid."

In all honesty we will miss her. She was more harmful to her own cause than anything us lefties could dream up.

*UPDATE - The University of Minnesota's Eric Ostermeier counted every single word Palin said during her three year stint on Fox News, and divided them by the $3 million she was paid and          concluded she was paid  $15.85 per word.

I applaud Eric Ostermeier's effort because there is no amount of money you could pay me to sit through every interview Palin did for Fox and listen to.... every.... single.... word..... Ugh.

Insane New Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape And Incest As "Tampering With Evidence"

At first I thought this was a joke. Maybe someone mistook an Onion report as real and ran with it. No. It is real and it is ugly and it is crazy.

A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico introduced a bill  legally require victims of rape and insets to carry their pregnancies to term in order to use the fetus as evidence for a sexual assault trial.

It is known as House Bill 206 and it was introduced by Republican state Rep. Cathrynn Brown. If the bill is passed it would charge a rape victim obtained a legal abortion with a third-degree felony for …. wait for it… "tampering with evidence."

Here are the bill's exact wording:

“Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion, or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime".

Just so you know third-degree felonies in New Mexico carry a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Brown went on to say "New Mexico needs to strengthen its laws to deter sex offenders. By adding this law in New Mexico, we can help to protect women across our state.”

That's correct…. She believes that the bill she introduced "protects women".

Though the bill is unlikely to pass it once again points out that there is no limit to the lunacy the right wing whackos are capable of engaging in. Republicans claim they want small government that stays out of their lives but when it comes to women's reproductive organs they know what's best for you ladies. You can be sure that if the Republicans ever gain control of the Presidency, Congress as well as a super-majority in the Senate women will be kissing their reproductive rights goodbye.

No war on women…. Sure.

Monday, January 21, 2013

President Obama's 2013 Swearing In & Inaugural Address

President Obama taking the oath of office at the U.S. Capitol and delivering his second inaugural address.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Most Racist White House Petition Ever Created

Some racist dullard named Albert D. (Too cowardly to leave full last name) started a petition on the “We the People” page on the White House web page named “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE: Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries!”

The imbecile that produced this nasty piece of garbage either wants to voice his racist views or waste everyone's time with his pathetic attempt at trolling. Either way he has wound up attracting real racists who have flocked to sign his petition. This in turn has brought the page under the scrutiny of the media (everyone except Fox that is).

The Petition goes on to state: “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY?. White countries are being flooded with third world non-whites, and Whites are required by law to integrate with them so as toassimilate,’ i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.”

The petitioner then contends that this is a violation of the United Nations Convention against genocide therefor President Obama should “end White Genocide in the United States, and to call for the end of White Genocide in Europe, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.” Albert D. then concludes his ugly petition with “Supporting White Genocide is not anti-racist. It’s anti-white!”

Seeing as how I am at a loss for words over this "petition" I will end this post with a sage quote by Abraham J. Heschel: “Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.”

Racist Business Owner Fires Obama Supporting Employees To Cover "Obongocare" Costs

In the comments section of The Salt Lake Tribune a man by the name of Terry lee made a vile admission. As the owner of some outfit named "Terry Lee Forensics" Lee thought he would show his support for a smoothie bar owner (and like minded asshole) who claimed he was trying to recoup the costs of President Obama's taxes by charging liberals a higher price than conservatives. After reading of smoothie man's tactics Lee posted racist remarks in the comments section of the Salt Lake newspaper.
The comment Lee left read as follows:
"Love it. We had to let two employees go to cover new Obongocare [sic] costs and increased taxes. Found two Obongo supporters and gave them the news yesterday. They wanted the idiot in the Whitehouse [sic], they reap the benefits."

When Terry Lee was contacted by The Tribune he said he picked the two employees in large part on the basis of their politics.

"They were Obama supporters. We just knew they were. I implied that sort of tongue and cheek but there were other issues, too. They were not top performers."

Unfortunately (and unbelievably) it isn't illegal to fire someone for their political views. In fact only five states currently protect employees from being fired on the basis of their political beliefs: California, New York, Connecticut, Colorado and Mississippi.
It will take a while but it's going to be so nice when racists like Terry Lee and his smoothie friend die out. These tactics and comments are what I would describe as their death throes.

By the way, if you were wondering whether the term "Obongo" was racist or not check out the link here for it at

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

President Obama Announces New Measures to Prevent Gun Violence

In what is being called a bold and historic attempt to stem violence in America, President Barack Obama unveiled what some consider the most sweeping effort at gun control policy reform in a generation.

Here is President Obama's speech introducing his plan to reduce gun violence in it's entirety...

President Obama Announces Measures To Curb Gun Violence 1/16/13

Click HERE for a transcript of today's remarks by the President and the Vice President on Gun Violence

The True Story Of James "I’m Going To Start Killing People" Yeager

Another true brain trust from the gun enthusiast wing of our country's most patriotic has found it necessary to voice his valued opinion on the subject of gun control. In the same spirit of his recent predecessors such as Alex Jones, Wayne LaPierre and Ted Nugent a manly man by the name of James Yeager has lent his valuable voice and credence to the cause he holds so dear. Gun violence.

In a bald cry for justice, for himself and other oppressed gun owners, Yeager has made it clear that now is the time to start "killing people". Yes, it's the ultimate in common sense! In a nation fed up with gun violence the cure is of course murdering people with guns. Brilliance!

Here is the exact statement Yeager uttered in his YouTube man-tantrum: “I’m not fucking putting up with this. I’m not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I’m not letting anybody take my guns! If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people.”

Watch a short clip of James' genius clarion call here…

Apparently this didn't sit well with the local authorities in Tennessee who immediately suspended Yeager's gun permit citing the "material likelihood of risk of harm to the public".

So being the brave firebrand that he is James Yeager immediately pulled down the video!

The ever fearless Yeager then uploaded a second video in which he says he wants his video back! Additionally he advised that no one should do “anything rash.” He also says he didn’t “condone anybody committing any kind of felonies up to and including any aggravated assaults or murders.” He of course did it while saying the word "fuck" "fucking" and "pussies" a lot therefore proving what a tough and gutty individual he is.... 'cause he don't care!

Here is James Yeager's unapologetic 2nd video where he and his goatee are in no way being pussies!

After firing that salvo James Yeager was still unbowed by the threat of repercussions so he uploaded a third installment of his videos this time accompanied by a gun enthusiast lawyer. In this installment an outraged Yeager boldly snivels apology after apology saying that he never "advocated the overthrowing of the United States government". Watch as Yeager shows us all how to stick by our guns (no pun intended).

I could not make it through the entire 7 plus minute video but here it is....
Oh brave brave John Yeager…. When will they realize you and your stringy beard can't be silenced!

On this one month anniversary of the slaughter of 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School I beg you and other thoughtless, careless, self important, over compensating, loathsome, gutless, right wing, whacko gun nuts like you to keep making your "brave" voices heard.

It's only going to help us get rid of your precious guns more quickly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York Has Become The First State In The Country To Reform It's Gun Laws

Just tonight New York has become the first state in the country to reform it's gun laws.

In response to last month's Connecticut school massacre New York State has enacted the toughest set of gun laws in the country. The bill was passed last night in the Senate by a vote of 43 to 18 and then today in the assembly by a vote of 104 to 43. This then gave Governor Andrew Cuomo the green light to sign it into law.

The bill includes these changes to the law some of which will be implemented as soon as tomorrow.
  • Bans high capacity magazines which carry anything over 7 rounds (down from 10)
  • Bans semiautomatic pistols and rifles and shotguns with only one military-style feature
  • Background checks of private gun sales such as those at gun show
  • Background checks on ammunition purchase
  • Gun owners are responsible for keeping their weapons inaccessible from others
  • Bans Internet sales of assault weapons
  • Stiffer penalties for gun crimes
  • Mental health professionals will be required to report any patient who they believe to be a threat to use a gun illegally
  • It does unfortunately grandfather in guns that already exist in the state though you will have to register them
All this was accomplished without trampling on the 2nd amendment just 1 month and one day after the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The NRA has of course responded negatively to this breakthrough by saying: "these gun-control schemes have failed in the past and will have no impact on public safety and crime."

We shall see. Either way I am proud to be a native New Yorker!

More Alex Jones Insanity

Apparently after the two segments radio personality Alex Jones did with CNN's Piers Morgan he high tailed it back to his undisclosed undercover bunker hideout (a posh hotel room paid for by CNN) and made this emergency video.

In it Jones claims he and his cameraman are in imminent danger of being murdered by everyone from: "undercover NYPD operations" to "CNN security" to someone with "violence in their eyes" to "an undercover operation" to "some crack dealers" to "people (who) clearly work for Bloomberg" to "the NYPD" and finally "the mafia they (the NYPD) hired".

Jones added this brave caveat though...

"I'm not afraid of you. I came here and I got in your redcoat usurper hatchet man's face and I told him to go to hell!"

For further embarrassment and sadness click here... 
Jones is in need of some serious medical help. I believe he is in the throes of what some people call a psychotic break... Or maybe it's just a three day meth high?

PS - Did anyone catch Alex Jones almost refer to New York City's Mayor Bloomberg as a Jew? Check 4:14 where Jones says "You're going to Bloomberg's town this big.... Ummm... insider... bankster type guy... cough!".

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Piers Morgan Vs. Alex Jones… Let The Crazy Ensue!

For those who haven't seen this yet it is a must! There is craziness on display the likes I have never seen.

The interview was conducted on CNN's The Piers Morgan Show and it takes place between Morgan and a man by the name of Alex Jones. In recent weeks Morgan, albeit a twit by nature and Englishman by birth, has been earnestly outspoken about guns in our county and the violence committed with them. Jones, a radio host, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, true 'Merican and certifiable lunatic has taken great offense to a foreigner talking about his countries gun law. This outrage of an Englishman opening up a dialogue on our laws has led Jones to  take it upon himself to start an online petition to have Piers Morgan deported back to his native land. Always remember, the first amendment is sacrosanct to all conservatives unless they disagree with the person using it.

Anyway, the video clips are of the interview done between the two are so over the top I wouldn't even begin to describe what transpires in them. All I will say this, if Alex Jones is to be the face of the gun lovers in this country we should expect a ban on all firearms within the week. The fact that this man has access to deadly weapons of any kind is a terrifying joke.

Morgan Vs. Jones…. Let the crazy ensue….
Morgan Vs. Jones…. Let the crazy continue...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Views Of The Tea Party Movement Are At Their Lowest Point Ever

Like rats jumping from a sinking ship…

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only thirty percent of likely U.S. voters now have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party. Half have an unfavorable view of the movement. Twenty-one percent remain undecided.

In addition, when voters were asked to match their views of the average Tea Party member against those of the average member of Congress only eight percent (8%) now say they are members of the Tea Party, down from a high of 24% in April 2010.

Click here to see the poll questions

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meet Missouri State Senator Brian Nieves… He's An Imbecile

Some low-life Senator named Brian Nieves has decided that enough time has passed and it was high time that he pimped out the 20 dead children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary school to solicit campaign donations from his simple minded constituency. It really doesn't get any lower than this.

In a brain fart devoid of reality or though published in the Eureka-Wildwood Patch website Nieves extols his mighty love for all things guns. Before he gets down to business he starts us off with this disclaimer.

"I literally just sat down and started writing and this is what came out! No resources, no outside influence. This is pure, straight up, and from the heart, and it defines my stand on Gun Laws. Please read and pass on."

Then, before Brian even mentions liberty, Founding fathers, freedom or (of course) god, he fires off this little gem…

"Forgive me for also adding this thought... The "Left" is going to come after me HARD! I really do need YOUR Help to fight off the vicious campaign they will surely launch against me because I am not kidding when I say "Not one inch will I relent on this issue." Please do what you can, is it $5? Great! Is it $500 or $5,000? Great, I just hope you'll do something! Checks to: Citizens for Nieves,  ### Country Club Bluffs, Washington, Mo. ###. Now, please read and pass on…"

With his sniveling whore attempt at fundraising out of the way Nieves goes on to lament whether America will stay "truly free to our Posterity" and explain why everyone needs all the guns all the time. His simple minded reasoning is that back on December 15, 1791 our "founding fathers" knew we would all need multiple "assault rifles" so our "well-armed militia" could rise up against our tyrannical oppressive government that "has an insatiable hunger, almost a lust, for more of our money and our liberty!".

No I'm not kidding and no he wasn't done yet…

"Our Founding Fathers said, in their own words, about gun ownership and gun control, we would see that what we arbitrarily refer to as "Assault Rifles" would fit squarely with what they wanted us to have! Keep in mind they had just escaped tyranny and knew, first hand, what a power hungry government becomes."

After that fantasy driven statement Nieves then continues with some drivel about how the "Financial Crisis" will cause the American dollar to lose its value and how this will in turn lead "America, as we know it, (to) cease to exist". This would then lead to the possibility "that we would be weakened to the point of inviting an invading army!"

Oh noes…. An invading army!!!!!!

Honestly…. These are the fear based meanderings of a 10 year old child with middling intelligence at best. It would be way more funny if this was just some average dope of the street opining about his love of guns but this is in fact a Missouri state senator. What is equally alarming is he is in no way the only guy out there pushing this gun fetish garbage. What pushes this over the edge is the attempt to make money off of it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Vast Right Wing Mocks Hillary Clinton's Injury

Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion last month following a bout with the stomach flu. The sickness caused severe dehydration which led to Mrs. Clinton fainting and striking her head causing the aforementioned concussion.

She at the time was set to testify at the Benghazi hearing but could not do so due to recommendations from her doctors.

This news led a horde of right wing jackasses, who live only to hate and dream up conspiracy theories, to begin a smear campaign against the Secretary Of State. They began by casting doubt on whether she was injured at all and speculated she was faking it to avert having to testify at the Benghazi hearings. The speculations then turned to   outright accusations that she indeed faked her injuries. These accusations then turned to mockery.

Here, in no particular order, is a sampling of some of the comments made by moronic Republicans and hate filled right wing pundits…
Radio "personality" Laura Ingraham made a funny funny joke that Clinton's head injury appeared to be an “immaculate concussion.”
Gigantic asshole and outgoing Florida congressman Allen West remarked: “I’m not a doctor, but it seems as though … the secretary of state has come down with a case of ‘The Benghazi flu,’”
Evil Dr. Seuss character John Bolton opined: "When you don't want to go to a meeting or conference, or an event, you have a 'diplomatic illness,' ...And this is a diplomatic illness to beat the band."
The New York Post which, like Fox, is owned by Rupert Murdoch—ran a headline that screamed: “Hillary Clinton’s Head Fake.” (get it….?)
P.J. Gladnick reported this bit of dog shit for Newsbusters: The dog ate my homework…. Or, in the case of Hillary Clinton, a "concussion" which she didn't even have checked out at a hospital is keeping her from testifying about the Benghazi fiasco on Capitol Hill. Yes, we are expected to believe that a Secretary of State can suffer a concussion and not have it checked out at a hospital.
The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher dismayed: "We’re told she collapsed and hit her head and got a concussion, and that’s why she can’t testify about Benghazi this week. And we’re supposed to just take her word for it."
Count Chocula stunt double Charles Krauthammer bemused that Clinton was suffering from “acute Benghazi allergy.”
Newscaster Barbie Megyn Kelly mused: "Today’s item on the menu: the virus with “impeccable timing” (as Crowley put it) that caused Hillary Clinton to faint, get a concussion and cancel her appearance before a Congressional committee investigating Benghazi later this week....What’s really going on?"
Former U.S. U.N. spokesman Richard Grenell took the time to tweet this vomitous garbage "Help! I've fallen and I can't testify about Benghazi!"
An unknown named Greg Gutfeld, who apparently co-host's Fox’s show for low information viewers The Five, said: “How can she get a concussion when she has been ducking everything?” (Oh, the hilarity….)
Jon Stewart's bitch Tucker Carlson railed: We’re told she collapsed and hit her head and got a concussion, and that’s why she can’t testify about Benghazi this week. And we’re supposed to just take her word for it.... If she has a concussion, let’s see the medical report. Let’s see some proof that she’s not just stonewalling. If it’s true, then we can all wish her a speedy recovery. But it’s ridiculous to expect us to take her word for it."
It turns out now that Hillary Clinton has developed a blood clot near her brain. The onset of this serious complication would, I believe, prove to any rational human being that Hillary wasn't faking her condition.

I guess we'll just sit back and wait for the apologies to roll in.

Check back soon… I will keep an updated list of who apologized.

Oh yeah, don't hold your breath.

Boehner Drops A Fiscal Cliff "F" Bomb

A few days before our country was supposed to go over the "fiscal cliff" plunging us into another nation crushing recession members of our elected government were being…. I'm gonna go with testy.

I draw my conclusion from an exchange that was overheard between the the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the House Speaker John Boehner.

It seems that old Harry had publicly accused Boehner of running a “dictatorship” in the House and caring more about holding onto his job than striking a deal.

It's at this point, according to multiple sources, where little Johnny tracked down Harry, pointed his finger (unsure which one) and shouted “Go fuck yourself”.

An unwitting Reid was said to look startled and responded to Boehner: “What are you talking about?”
Whereupon Boehner repeated: “Go fuck yourself” and then stormed off.

Boehner later apparently bragged about the exchange to fellow Republicans... What a rascal!

The GOP keeping' it classy up on the hill!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Averted With Late Night Theatrics

The Senate passed a Biden/McConnell brokered deal at 2 a.m. last night. This in turn led to the Republicans in congress to threatened to derail the deal because that's what they do. Yet a mere 20 hours later the GOP led congress caved and with tails between their legs ultimately passed the original deal by an overwhelming vote of 257 to 167.

The deal left Liberals unhappy but resulted in Republicans becoming completely unhinged.

Here are a few comments to give you an idea of how the righties took the passage of the "fiscal cliff" deal...
Newt Gingrich: "The GOP has been engaged in a two month dance of defeat and surrender! I hope tonight is the end of this self defeating strategy"
Todd Starnes: "This is what happens when your political party is led by an emotionally compromised weeper."
Donald J. Trump: "I am a Republican...but the Republicans may be the worst negotiators in history!"
Charels Krauthammer: "Cliff Deal A ‘Complete Surrender’"
Matt Drudge: "SOBER New Year: First it was Chief Justice doing the dirty. Now Republicans raising taxes on ON 77% OF HOUSEHOLDS! Surrender guns next..."
Bryan Fischer: "Boehner has absolutely no concept of the damage he is doing to the heart and soul of the Republican Party."
Michelle Malkin: "Dear House Dems: You won. Just shut. Up. And. Vote."
Erick Erickson: "Sad to see so many Republicans patting themselves on the back saying, "It's okay. It's really a tax decrease because its Tuesday."
The majority whip Eric Cantor even flat out voted against the bill!

The President on he other hand looked sober and stern commenting that he was "very open to compromise" in future talks. Obama also reiterated that he would not negotiate with the Republicans in Congress over the debt limit saying "I will not have another debate with this Congress over the debt ceiling,"

Now we have to see how the stock market reacts to this last minute theatrics when they open for business tomorrow.

Happy New Year Everyone!