Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sarah Palin Declares The White House Correspondents' Dinner Was 'Pathetic'

Alaska's half term governor and failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin had a few choice words written for her concerning the recent White House Correspondents' Dinner.

In 140 characters of ghost written fury Palin blubbered about the proceedings and it's guests saying…

She continued her pre-written whining on Facebook
"Yuk it up media and pols. While America is buried in taxes and a fight for our rights, the permanent political class in DC dresses up and has a prom to make fun of themselves. No need for that, we get the real joke."
Now am I missing something or weren't we just treated to the comedy stylings of Mrs. Palin's at last March's GOP jerk-fest CPAC? Am I wrong to assume that the rest of America was, at that time, out there working their asses off while those Republican and conservative assclowns were throwing themselves a #hatefest.

Oh Yeah!... Here it is... Watch it if you must...
Click the image to watch the video

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can You Believe Someone Actually Said This!!!! (2nd Edition)

Bat Shit Crazy State Rep. Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn)
Otherwise known as... Someone actually voted for this asshole.

State Rep. Stella Tremblay, A Republican State Legislator in New Hampshire, has claimed U.S. Government planned and executed the Boston Bombings!

Tremblay (R-Auburn) apparently posted on conservative talk show host Glenn Beck's Facebook page that the attack and the subsequent search for suspects was playing out how Beck had suggested. She said the bombings were a plot by the federal government, and included a link to a video from another conservative talk show host Alex Jones, in which Jones also claims the federal government planned the bombing. Tremblay's message to Beck was posted Friday morning, before suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested.

Here is her post...
"Just as you said would happen. Top Down, Bottom UP. The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops "terrorist" attack. One suspect killed, the other one will be too before they even have a chance to speak. Drones and now "terrorist" attacks by our own Government. Sad day, but a "wake up" to all of us. First there was a "suspect" then there wasnt. Infowars broke the story and they knew they had been "found out"."
When reporters confronted Tremblay, noting that members of her party thought she should apologize for her comments, Tremblay insisted she didn't have to saying...
"What am I going to apologize for?… Asking questions?"

It's Official: More Jobs Created Under Obama In 1 Term Than In Bush's 2 Combined

Here's an interesting stat that I though might be of some interest. Despite President Obama's being called a job-killer by just about every conservative and Republican it turns out that in four years in office he has already created more American jobs than George W. Bush, in his eight in the White House. This was the conclusion that was reached by Factcheck.org, a nonpartisan voter advocacy website.

The data on Obama's and Bush's job creation records are culled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data arm of the U.S. Department of Labor. Factcheck described the comparative jobs data as follows:
By the time of Obama's second inaugural in January, the economy had added a net total of 1,208,000 jobs since he was first sworn in four years earlier, according to current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That beats George W. Bush's eight-year total of 1,083,000. And so far, Obama is extending his lead over Bush in job creation. Counting the jobs added in February, Obama's job creation total now stands at a net gain of more than 1.5 million.
The numbers can't be argued with. Obama's stimulus package worked creating millions of jobs according to the independent Congressional Budget Office.

While there is no denying that job creation still lags and the dependence on food stamps are on the rise some scholars and pundits suggest that it doesn't make sense to judge this presidents' performance on these statistics consider the devastating "lagging" effects caused by the economic policies of the previous administration.

Here are a few extra points of interest to share with your Republican friends if they'll even listen...
  • Domestic oil production has soared
  • Oil imports have dropped by one-third
  • New cars are getting 17 percent better mileage
  • Wind and solar power have increased 157 percent

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UPDATE: Ricin Suspect Freed But Still Insane (VIDEO)

Ricin suspect Paul Kevin Curtis released... Yes of course he's a Elvis impersonator!
In a stunning turn of events the charges were dropped against Paul Kevin Curtis, a Mississippi man, who was suspected of mailing ricin-laced letters to President Obama and various Senators.

Jeff Woodfin, chief deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service in Oxford, Miss. confirmed that suspect Paul Kevin Curtis has been released from custody, but added that he didn't know if there were any conditions on the release.

Immediately upon his release Curtis had a few choice and wonderfully nutty words to share with the gaggle of reporters that awaited him on court house steps…

"I respect President Obama and love my country. I would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other U.S. official…. I would like to thank all my family, friends, and fans for their love and support over this past week but most importantly I would like to thank Jesus Christ who has been and will always be my best friend, my bodyguard, my teacher, and my almighty judge.”

Curtis then called his defense attorney Christi McCody an “amazing, beautiful, blond, blue-eyed angel,” and immediately offered this bit of TMI:

I am a licensed, certified reflexologist and I’ll start with foot massage therapy, she (Christi McCody) will be my first client and I’ll donate 100,000 hours to community service in northeast Mississippi to all you ladies who need foot massage therapy.”

When asked what his immediate plans were Curtis responded by simply saying: "Find my dog Moo-Cow"!

Here are the highlights of the quirky and cringeworthy court side presser…

All this happened as authorities searched the home of another man but I'm sure as hell not going into any further detail on that until something concrete is produced by the powers that be!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Right Wing Radio Whackos Proclaim: Liberals Pleased With Boston Bombing (VIDEO)

Boston Bombing horror which killed three and wounded at over 180
While speaking on the fully sanity free Stan Solomon Show, host Solomon, co-host Steve Davis and Larry Pratt, executive director of the far-right Gun Owners of America group weighed in on the aftermath of last week's horrific bombings in Boston. In the interview the trio claimed that liberals were happy about the attack because it would help them in their alleged mission to perform a "gun grab" on all of Americas firearm enthusiasts.

Solomon's co-host Steve Davis kicked off the crazy by explaining his belief that liberals would gladly use the bombing, which killed three and wounded at least 180, for their political benefit.

I wanna remind everybody that the left is not anti-gun. They love guns. They just don't want us to have guns. And they don’t care how many of us get killed, blown up, assaulted, murdered, whatever, as long as they can control us by taking away our guns. Their goal is to take away our guns and that's what they're gonna do no matter what."

Solomon continued the unhinged rant by adding...

It’s not just how many conservatives or Republicans [die], because these people that were killed and maimed and devastated and traumatized were overwhelmingly their people," he said. "They don’t care, they are like the Chinese who don’t care if they have a million casualties because they got a billion backups.”

Then Larry Pratt upped the crazy ante by suggesting that liberals might even be happier that the bombing took place in a blue state, because they could then rally more support for an increase in governmental control.

I think that’s exactly right. This is mission oriented, they don’t care who the victims are. If anything it might be to their liking because maybe they’re thinking that will make the liberals all the more prone to want more control, which plays right into the hands of terrorists and criminals, but then I repeat myself.”

Here is a video of the nut jobs chirping away in their natural, undisturbed, fact free habitat courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Can You Believe Someone Actually Said This!!!! (1st Edition)

Otherwise known as... Someone actually voted for this asshole.

First there was the carnage of the Boston Marathon bombings. Then there was the shooting and killing of a police officer on the campus of MIT. Finally there were the bombings and shootings in Wattertown Connecticut which forced law enforcement to direct residence of the area to remain indoors for their own safety.

It's at this time that Republican Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell felt it was high time he hit the Twitter machine to voice his well thought out opinions on the events that had occurred over recent days.

Bell's topic of choice was naturally guns (more specifically assault rifles) and high capacity magazines.

Here is the heartfelt tweet Bell fired off
When asked about the offensive tweet by the Associated Press Bell responded by saying "I don't regret the content as much as I regret the timing,".

Wow… Just fucking wow. That's a mental illness of some sort that would make you say something even approaching that kind of insensitivity.

Escaped Boston Bomber Captured Alive!

The man-hunt for the escaped Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, ended tonight when law enforcement captured the him hiding inside a small boat. Police cornered the suspect, not far from the site of  the previous nights shootout that killed his brother and suspected accomplice, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The arrest happened approximately one hour after lifting a lockdown on the area when they found Tsarnaev hiding in one of the Watertown resident's boats. According to reports a man saw blood on a boat in his backyard, lifted the tarp over the boat and saw a man covered in blood, and immediately went back inside his home and called the police.

Here is an image of the boeat the suspect was hiding in...
From there the authorities moved in and the capture was made.

All that is known at this time is that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in serious condition in the hospital suffering from massive blood loss.

This is a still frame from AP video shows the suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev visible through an ambulance after he was captured...

After Violent Rampage Boston Bombers Identified... After Massive Gunfight One Dead, Other On The Run

After a night of unspeakable violence the Boston bombing suspects have been identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Last night night in a violent outburst by the two men they fatally shot a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer, Sean Collier, 26, in his patrol car. Soon after that they carjacked an man who they later released. When he was released he told investigators that the men who took his vehicle said they were responsible for marathon bombings. The police went off in search of his car, and a frenzied chase began. The police and the suspects traded gunfire and “explosive devices were reportedly thrown” from the car by the suspects. A transit police officer, Richard H. Donohue, was shot and critically wounded.

After a pitched gun battle with the police, the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was fatally shot; the younger brother, Dzhokhar, managed to get away.

Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev had lived in the United States for years and appeared from the outside to be living normal lives.

Tamerlan, the 26-year-old who died in a hail of police gunfire last night, was a married father, boxer and aspiring engineer.

His younger brother Dzhokhar, the 19-year-old who's been the subject of a massive manhunt since was a student at UMass-Dartmouth, where he had a scholarship.

Tamerlan's YouTube Channel was a video playlist called "Terrorists," next to another that said simply "Islam." Included on the site were testimonials by recent converts to Islam, and a song called, "I will dedicate my life to Jihad."

The family was originally from near the war-torn Chechnya region of Russia, where Tamerlan was born.

They fled the region during Chechnya's first war for independence in the mid-90s, and ended up in Kyrgyzstan, where Dzhokhar was born.

The brothers' uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, said the family was granted asylum in the U.S., and moved to Cambridge, Mass.

A Homeland Security source told The News that Tamerlan arrived in the US in 2006, four years after his brother.

Dzokhar became a citizen on Sept. 11 of last year, while his brother applied for citizenship three days later. He was a legal permanent resident but his naturalization status was pending, said immigration sources.

NBC News reported that Dzokhar took a six month trip back to Russia last year. He apparently traveled to Russia from the United States last year and returned six months later, on July 17, a law enforcement official said.

His father, Anzor Tsarnaev, said his son had mostly stayed with him at his home in Makhachkala, the capital of the Dagestan region, but that the two men had also visited Chechnya during that time.

Many are speculating that this is where and when Dzokhar was radicalized.

Anyone with information is urged to call:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Bill Background Check Amendment Fails In Shameful Senate Vote

Today, in an act of pure cowardice, the U.S. Senate failed to muster sufficient support to pass the background check measure crafted by the bipartisan duo of Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). What's worse is that they did this as the families of the Newtown school shooting victims looked on from the Senate gallery.

To make this bitter pill even harder to swallow is that this was a bill supported by nearly 90 percent of Americans.

The amendment failed 54 to 46, falling short of the 60-vote threshold needed to break a filibuster.

It also voted down other key measures and counter proposals, defeating a string of amendments in a series of procedural votes that likely doomed any major legislation to curb gun violence.

An infuriated President Obama stood in the Rose Garden with the visibly shaken parents of Connecticut school shooting victims and declared it a "shameful day for Washington" after the Senate handed down their decision.

Here is a clip of the President's speech.

Here is the complete list of the 4 Democrats and 42 Republican Senators that voted against the bill... Every one of them a coward.

Alexander (R-TN)
Ayotte (R-NH)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Baucus (D-MT)
Begich (D-AK)
Blunt (R-MO)
Boozman (R-AR)
Burr (R-NC)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coats (R-IN)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Crapo (R-ID)
Cruz (R-TX)
Enzi (R-WY)
Fischer (R-NE)
Flake (R-AZ)
Graham (R-SC)
Grassley (R-IA)
Hatch (R-UT)
Heitkamp (D-ND)
Heller (R-NV)
Hoeven (R-ND)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Johnson (R-WI)
Lee (R-UT)
McConnell (R-KY)
Moran (R-KS)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Paul (R-KY)
Portman (R-OH)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reid (D-NV)
Risch (R-ID)
Roberts (R-KS)
Rubio (R-FL)
Scott (R-SC)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)
Wicker (R-MS)

Ricin Letter Arrest Made

Following yesterday's news that a letter containing the deadly toxin ricin was sent to Sen. Roger Wicker it was announced that President Barack Obama received a ricin-laced letter as well. It was also reported that other Senators received similarly tainted mail. The list includes Carl Levin (D-Mich.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

Now NBC News has reported hat an arrest has been made in the case of ricin letters. The suspect was identified as Kenneth Curtis of Tupelo, Miss.

According to the FBI, both letters contained a closing statement with the identical phrase, "to see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." Both are also signed with the initials 'KC."

The suspect in the letter plot was nabbed while pulling out of his Corinth, Miss., driveway, on his way to pick up his children and take them to an evening church service.

When the father of the suspect, Jack Curtis Sr., was asked about his sons involvement in the crime he responded by saying: “It’s a sad state of affairs. I literally detest Obama. I hate that he was even elected to start with and I certainly can’t believe he beat Romney. But I can’t think of any rhyme or reason why Kevin would do anything like that".

The Department of Justice released the following statement on the arrest, confirming the name of the suspect to be Paul Kevin Curtis, and not Kenneth Curtis. According to the AP, the FBI confirmed him to be 45 years old.
Today at approximately 5:15 p.m. (CDT), FBI Special Agents arrested Paul Kevin Curtis, the individual believed to be responsible for the mailings of the three letters sent through the U.S. Postal Service which contained a granular substance that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. The letters were addressed to a U.S. Senator, the White House and a Mississippi justice official. The individual was arrested at his residence in Corinth, Mississippi, following an investigation conducted by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Memphis, Tenn., and Jackson, Miss., the U.S. Capitol Police, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the U.S. Secret Service, aided by the following state and local agencies: Lee County, Miss., Sheriff’s Office, Prentiss County, Miss., Sheriff’s Office; Corinth, Miss., Police Department; Booneville, Miss., Police Department; Tupelo, Miss., Police Department; the Mississippi National Guard 47th Civil Support Team; and the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter Sent To Republican Sen. Roger Wicker Tests Positive For Deadly Toxin Ricin

An envelope sent to an office of Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi included a substance that has tested positive for the deadly toxin Ricin.

Senator Wicker was recently dubbed a "turncoat" by Organizations like Gun Owners of America over his vote to end the filibuster on the gun control debate. Make of that what you will.

Presently Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and FBI Director Robert Mueller are briefing all senators about the letter.

I don't know about anyone else but given the attacks on Boston yesterday this looks a great deal like the anthrax attacks after 9-11.
Organizations like Gun Owners of America

Monday, April 15, 2013

President Obama Speaks On Explosions in Boston

President Obama makes a statement from the briefing room about the explosions at today's Boston Marathon. April 15, 2013.
 Obama on bombing: "Any Responsible Groups Will Feel The Full Weight Of Justice"
The White House has officially characterized the bombings as "an act of terror."

Boston Marathon Bombed (Photos)

Just before 3:00 p.m on Monday, two explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The explosions  caused multiple casualties and hundreds of traumatic injuries. Another explosion occurred at the JFK Library, but authorities were unsure if the incidents were linked.

The bombs although crude were said to contain shrapnel such as ball bearings, bb's and shards of metal.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks...

All sympathies to the families affected by this tragedy.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Man Shoots Self In Head At NASCAR Race… Sponsored By The NRA!

File this under: "Shit you can't make up"...

A man who went to see an NRA sponsored NASCAR race at a Fort Worth, Texas track has apparently committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The Tarrant County medical examiner's office on Sunday said the death of 42-year-old Kirk Franklin of Saginaw, Texas, was self inflicted.

Apparently Franklin, who was camping in the infield of the Texas Motor Speedway, took his own life  after getting into an argument with other campers.

The Texas Motor Speedway policy is to bans weapons and firearms on speedway grounds but I guess since the race was sponsored by the NRA they figured what the fuck.

Police representative Cpl. Tracey Knight has said alcohol may have been a factor.

Guns, alchohol and cars. A recipe for a perfect afternoon at a Texas NASCAR race fueled by NRA money.


"How Many More Rounds"

Please take a moment and watch this powerful anti gun violence commercial...
*Click on the picture to watch the spot*
The ad is via Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, who are attempting to become the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group for gun control.

The ad will run on CNN and MSNBC as well as a few smaller markets as the group's members lobby for free or discounted air-time. Did you by any chance notice the cable news network that is missing?

The ad was produced for free by Grey Canada.

If you wish to contact Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America email or phone the founder of the group Shannon Watts at: E-mail: media@momsdemandaction.org; Phone: 404-580-3500

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Republican Gun Control Filibuster Has Been Defeated

Today the Senate defeated an attempt by conservatives to scuttle, by filibuster, the Democratic bill on gun legislation. The Republicans attempt to stifle debate before it even started was quashed by a vote of 68-31.

This finally clears the way, four months after the carnage at a Connecticut elementary school, for Congress to address firearms violence. The debate would include legislation that would expand background checks to more gun buyers, toughening penalties against illicit firearms sales and the offer of more money for school security.

What is stunning about the Republicans attempt at filibustering even mere debate about the small measures is that they attempted it even though relatives of the Newtown victims were at the Capitol pressing lawmakers to back gun measures. There was even a vigil outside the building where the names of recent victims of gun violence were being read one by one. None of this apparently affected any of the pro gun GOP members in the least.

Even with that defeat imminent the Republican gun whores said they would invoke a rule forcing the Senate to wait 30 hours before it could begin considering amendments. What profiles in courage.

Here is a graphic showing the Republican senators who had officially jumped on the filibuster bandwagon…
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reasoning behind the filibuster was that the legislation would restrict relatives and friends to sell firearms to each other saying "This billwill predominantly punish and harass our neighbors, friends, and family"

Yeah Mitch, that's what the bill is intended to do. Saving the lives of innocent law abiding citizens enjoying their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness never entered into the equation.

Expanded background checks are the core of the Democratic gun control drive. Other top proposals such as bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines will be offered as amendments during Senate debate. Sadly they seem destined for defeat.

* FYI: Background checks currently apply only to transactions handled by the country's 55,000 licensed gun dealers. Advocates of expanding the system say too many sales (exact numbers are unknown) escape the checks, which are supposed to keep weapons from going to criminals, the seriously mentally ill, terrorist amongst others.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

President Obama Delivers A Powerful Speech On Reducing Gun Violence (Video)

In fiery and emotional speech at the University of Hartford President Obama continued to ask the American people to join him in calling on Congress to pass meaningful measures that would lead to a reduction in gun violence.

In the speech he also promised the families of the Newtown victims that he and the country has not forgotten their anguish and will continue to stand with them.

"Newtown, we will not walk away from the promises we made... It's time for Congress to act ... so people who are dangerous to themselves and others cannot get their hands on a gun," he added. "Yet some folks back in Washington are ... saying they'll do anything the can to even prevent votes on this."

Those comments prompted chants from the crowd of "We want a vote!" (20:42 in the speech)

President Obama then told the crowd that some in Washington were making the gun control issue about him to which he said "This is not about me. This is not about politics. This is about preventing this from happening again. This is not about politics. This is about these families."

After the speech president Obama met backstage at the University of Hartford with several of the families of Newtown victims.

As for the gutless Republicans...

Senate Republicans continue to promise a filibuster on any gun-regulation legislation. They revealed these filibuster plans even as 11 family members of the Newtown shooting victims were in Washington pushing Congress for stricter gun laws. It was noted that as the families toured the senate hallways no Republican senator could be found. The speculation was that they were hiding in their respective offices until the coast was clear. Like I said, gutless.

If you have time please watch the President's entire speech I have posted below... It's a powerful and emotional and pitch perfect in it's tone and reason.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Georgia GOP Chairwoman Warns Of Gay Marriage 'Free Ride'

While giving an interview for The Marietta Daily Journal Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart blurted out what can only be described as some bizarre form of meta, reverse dunk, spin-o-rama, hail mary, gay marriage-a-phobia. This amazing feat was achieved when Everhart warned that straight people might actually enter into fraudulent gay marriages just to obtain benefits… Mercy!

Here is how ol' Sue explained it...

"You may be as straight as an arrow, and you may have a friend that is as straight as an arrow. Say you had a great job with the government where you had this wonderful health plan. I mean, what would prohibit you from saying that you’re gay, and y’all get married and still live as separate, but you get all the benefits? I just see so much abuse in this it’s unreal. I believe a husband and a wife should be a man and a woman, the benefits should be for a man and a woman. There is no way that this is about equality. To me, it’s all about a free ride.

When it comes to the filthy straits isn't it always about the free ride Sue…

The way I see it someone just hipped Sue to the 2007 Adam Sandler movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" in which a pair of straight firefighters get gay married. This would not only explain her sudden fear of straight man on straight man gay marriage but also her sudden drop in IQ.

What's surprises me the least about this unfortunate story is the fact that Sue Everhart never once entertained the idea that opposite-sex marriage fraud already existed and was being perpetrated as we speak.

Frighteningly this wasn't the most idiotic thing Everhart said in her interview with the paper. No, Sue went on to belch out this gem while explaining that she could not understand how two gay people could ever have sex exclaiming… "If it was natural, they would have the equipment to have a sexual relationship".

Indeed Susan… indeed.