Thursday, October 17, 2013

Republicans Fail, America Wins... Sort of.

Republicans totally and utterly fail but do succeed in hurting America
The government shutdown is dead.

The debt ceiling fight is dead.

Obamacare is alive.

In an effort to kill "The Affordable Care Act" the GOP first shut down the government for over 2 weeks and then walked the full faith and credit of the entire United Stated to the brink of default.

For what? Nothing.

For all of their efforts Republicans garnered absolutely nothing. Not one of their demands was met by President Obama or the Democratic party. The Republicans got Zero. Zilch. Nada. Zip!

Though the Republicans didn't get a single demand or concession of theirs met for holding the nation hostage that does not mean that their little stunt didn't cost the country dearly.

Through the combination of the government shutdown and their refusal to pass the nation's debt ceiling this is a partial list of the damage the Republicans caused...
In the end...

The Senate voted 81 to 18 to reopen the federal government and raise the nation's borrowing limit

The House followed suit with a vote of 285-144.

Not even close. The only problem is...

The bill agreed upon today by Senate and the Congress will only fund the government through January 15th and extend the debt ceiling through February 7th which means we get to do this all over again in a short few months.

So I'm guessing the Republicans are looking at this as a total win.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The "Million Vet March On The Memorials" Doesn't Fail To Bring The Hate

A "Million Vet March" protestor proudly flies the confederate flag in front of the White House where the first African-American president resides with his family...
This was a hell of a weekend if you were a right wing, tea partier who wanted to get your hate on! You had so many events to choose from. You could break out your tri-corner hat and hit up the fake "Truckers For The Constitution" Rally. If that wasn't your cup of tea (pun intended) you could always grab your "Don't Tread On Me" flag and help Glenn Beck clean up garbage at the national monuments (no, I'm not kidding) for his "National Day of Service in Washington, D.C." (hastag: FixUpDC)!

But what if you were in the mood for something with a military theme. Well, there was even an event for that if you so desired. It was called the "Million Vet March On Memorials" protest. If that was what you had a yen for then grab your camo gear and a flag pin because this was the hatefest for you!

The "Million Vet March On Memorials" was thrown by a group named "Brats for Veterans Advocacy Group" who said their goal was to point out the unfair nature of the Republican enacted government shutdown by, of course, blaming President Obama and the Democrats.

The organizers of the event made it clear who's fault it was that the DC memorials were closed when they said in a press release that it was “In a mean-spirited fit of selfish anger, Barack Obama has shut down our nation’s war memorials,” and that "To deny access to Veterans or ANY American the freedom of access to the memorials so diligently earned is not only distasteful but a slap to every Veteran around the world of any country that fought for their cause of freedom."

Then in a fit of incredibly irony, after inviting all the veterans they could get to come to the event, the organizers made it clear on their website that they were appalled that: "Veterans this week were unwillingly pitted as pawns in this crisis",

Now what would an angry white tea party infused group be without some spotlight seeking politicians to round out the show? Cue the clown car. Who's on the menu for this dance. We got ourselves Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) Mike Lee (R-UT) and Tea party darling Sarah Palin with a supporting cast of one Mr. Larry Klayman.

Now, maybe it's just me but, when you are throwing a big protest against the government shutdown the last people you want on the list of people speaking at said event is someone who was directly involved in the very thing you are protesting. That is why the inclusion of both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee, who were both instrumental in lobbying for and eventually getting the government shutdown, were such... let's say novel choices.

Anyway, let the fun begin.

The protestors began the day by gathering at the World War II and Lincoln Memorials on the National Mall. Once they pushed past barriers that were put in place after Republicans succeeded in enacting the government shutdown they stormed the memorials. Once they were safely ensconced behind enemy lines it was time for the speechifying.

Sarah Palin
First up was half governor Sarah Palin. Palin opened with this bit of nonsense: “Our vets have proven that they have not been timid, so we will not be timid in calling out any who would use our military, our vets, as pawns in a political game.” Realize she said this while surrounded by military veterans. She conclude with her trademark wit by braying: "You look around though and you see these 'Barry-cades' (get it? Obama's name is Barry... LOLZ!) and you have to ask yourself is this any way that a commander-in-chief would show his respect, his gratitude to our military?”

Sen, Mike Lee
Next up was Sen. Mike Lee who pandered out loud: "This belongs to you. It does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people. Are we going to let them shut us out of what is rightfully ours? Will we surrender our freedom?". If I were Mel Gibson I would sue.

Sen, Ted Cruz
Then it was time for the big dog. After his toadie Lee was done yammering Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz of Canada started with a simple question... “This is the people's memorial. Simple question: Why is the federal government spending money to keep veterans out of the memorial? Why did they spend money to keep people out of Mount Vernon, Mount Rushmore?" Cruz then ended his simple rant by explaining that: "Our veterans should be above political games.” Once again, realize he said this while surrounded by military veterans.

Here is a video with Palin, Lee, and Cruz throwing out the red meat and sucking up the applause.
Click for video
After the headliners beat a hasty retreat from the rally it was time for the right wing fringe not ready for prime time wackos to take center stage.

Larry Klayman
 In a star spangled finale, conservative attorney and outspoken birther, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, a conservative political advocacy group, gave the crowd what they had "bin" waiting for... The crazy. Klayman laid the Mooslim smack-down on President Obama with this gem: "This is a president who bows down to Allah," and "He is not a president of 'we the people', he is a President of his people'".

Klayman then finished up with a call for a Presidential coup...

I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up."

Here is a video of old Larry whoopin' it up tea party ol' skool style...
Click for video
After the scheduled speakers had finished whipping up the crowd many of the protesters were ready for action. Whilst chanting "Tear down these walls," and singing "God Bless America" they began to pick up the "Barry-cades" and proceeded to carry them to the White House gates. Protestors then began tossing the barricades at the White House fence which in turn caused White House security to come out and request that the protestors cease and desist. That is when the "patriots" began to shout at the police calling them among other things the, “Gestapo,” “Brown Shirts,” and “Stasi” Someone was also heard shouting out that the security unit “looked like something out of Kenya

Here are a few pictures of the "patriots" executing their god given right of civil disobedience...

In a final bit of irony the police that confronted the gate crashers aren't getting paid due to the shutdown.

All in all maybe 1,000 angry white people showed up for the protest. In other words it was a total success!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fox News And The Right Wing Media Give A Platform To The Woman Behind This Weekends "Truckers For The Constitution" Rally In D.C. ....BTW She Happens To Be Batshit Crazy!

Rally Organizer Believes Obama And Osama Bin Laden Are The Same Person
... Literally!
I imagine that if I owned and or operated a news station or news site the thing that would be most important to me would be the organizations integrity and trustworthiness. I would make sure that the stories I reported on and the people who I allowed to appear on my shows or site would have credentials and backgrounds that checked out. That is why I am stunned (not really) at what and who Fox News and their right wing media brethren allowed on their shows and pages this week.

The story to which I refer is one you may not have heard of. It involves a series of planned anti-government rallies involving "patriotic" truckers protesting President Obama and the Democrats on the Capital Beltway. It was dubbed by it's organizers as "Truckers For The Constitution". No points for originality but I guess you have to stick with the theme.
"Truckers For The Constitution" logo
Earl Conlon, a man purporting to speak for the event, told US News & World Report the events main goal was for the truckers to circle the Beltway around Washington between October 11 and 13 and then arrest members of Congress for "treason."

This was obviously nuts so in a panic other "official" organizers of the rally quickly distanced themselves from Conlon's remarks saying they weren't going to "arrest" anyone.

Then in an effort to re-purposed the rally organizers explained the goal of the event was actually: to cause chaos when thousands of trucks would clog the roads and streets of Washington DC to protest the truckers constitutional objections to President Obama and Democrats in the Congress.

They seemed to have stuck with this explanation for now.

Either way the event has been given a publicity boost by Fox News and Glenn Beck's internet... thingy... whatever it is, Fox Nation, The Drudge Report, and websites like WND. The organizers and participants have been presented by these "news" outlets as your salt-of-the-earth, next door neighbor, hardworking American, types who are standing up for what they believe is right.

One of the events official organizers (and country music singer she claims?) is a woman named Zeeda Andrews who made October 8th appearances on Fox News and Glenn Beck's The Blaze to promote the rally.  In her appearances Andrews, explained the purpose of the event is to remove Obama from office, because he "is a threat to our national security. He is a threat to our way of life. He is a threat to our future generations."

You can watch that interview here...
I believe Zeeda had a coupla' pops before the interview.
Sounds like one of your typical Tea Party talking points coming from a typical right wing goofball... Until you dig a little deeper into this woman's Facebook and Youtube pages.

So who exactly did Fox News and the extended arm of the right wing media give a platform to? As it turns out Andrews, rather than merely having reasonable objections to the government supposedly grounded in the Constitution she instead is a right wing nut-bag with  a penchant for believing ultra insane conspiracy theories about President Obama and the government.

What are some of the batshit crazy things Andrews subscribes to you ask... Let us start at the top:
  • Andrews believes that President Obama is not only a secret Muslim but is in fact the dead terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden saying "call me crazy but, Osama Bin Laden is our President Obama do your research. The CIA has been preparing for this since he was a boy. They have same height, bone structure, hands and ears both are left handed the Osama face was created by Hollywood. The fox is in the hen house."
  • Andrews believes that the Boston bombings were a "False Flag" writing that it "describes the Boston bombing to a tee." In a comment on her photo Andrews added, "A OP to destroy the American people gone bad"
  • Andrews believes the CIA murdered journalist Michael Hastings
  • In a blog linked to from her Youtube account, Andrews also promotes several conspiracy theories, including that the Department of Homeland Security and the CIA is stockpiling ammunition with the intention to slaughter "anyone they think is standing in their way to impose a new Marxist government."
  • On her Facebook page, Andrews identifies as a fan of a documentary  Loose Change and 9/11: Press for Truth, a movie about chemtrail conspiracies that postulates that the government may be secretly injecting aluminum into the atmosphere to block the sun's rays,
  • On her Facebook page, Andrews identifies as a fan of the films "What in the World Are They Spraying", and "The Lion Sleeps No More" featuring lectures by David Icke, a British conspiracy theorist famous for his theory that a clan of lizard people secretly controls the world.
  • In another post on Facebook, Andrews reprinted a fabricated news report alleging that Edward Snowden had revealed that the government was using a research station in Alaska to project "ultra-high-powered radio waves" that "operate at the same electronic frequency as the truncus encephali, or brain stem, selectively inducing deaths seemingly by natural causes."
  • Not surprisingly Andrews Facebook page features numerous offensive Islamophobic images.
So now that we have established that the organizer of "Truckers For The Constitution" is a jackpot of just about every insane right wing conspiracy theory let's turn our attention to where we began... How did the "Truckers For The Constitution" rally do this weekend.

So far only about 30 commercial vehicles and 15 pickup trucks participated in the protest which slowed the traffic to about 15 miles per hour for a few minuets. At one point, four tractor-trailers drove in tandem for a minute, but state police quickly broke it up. Eventually Virginia police stopped the truckers and warned them not to impede traffic. They agreed and left.

Here is the embarrassing AP video of the "rally"....
Click the image for the video
* UPDATE: Since all the batshit crazy things Zeeda Andrews believes in have been made public she has released a statement on her Facebook stating that her account was mysteriously hacked... Obama and the NSA are at it again!
Click above image to go to link

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Michele Bachmann Claims Obama's Arming Of Terrorists Is Proof That We're Living "In God’s End Time"

Over the many years that I have had the distinct displeasure of listening to the ravings of Rep. Michele Bachmann I have discerned that she lives in a strange and frightening place. It was from this unsettling landscape that she gave an interview to online Christian radio host Jan Markell just last week. In this interview the always entertaining Mrs. Bachmann made the claim that President Obama was arming terrorists including "Al Qaeda". Bachmann then went on to explain that the President's actions proved that we are all most definitely living in what she refers to as the "Last Days".

Bachmann began her little jaunt into madness by insisting that: “President Obama waived a ban on arming terrorists in order to allow weapons to go to the Syrian opposition... Your listeners, U.S. taxpayers, are now paying to give arms to terrorists including al Qaeda.”

What the misinformed Bachmann is referring to is a decision by the Obama administration to "provide or license, where appropriate, certain non-lethal assistance" to vetted Syrian rebels not affiliated with terrorist organizations. This assistance would in turn help them resist chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian regime. Bachmann's claim that the administration "waived a ban on selling arms to terrorists" is altogether false.

Despite the fact that her premise is entirely without fact Bachmann did not stop there. She then went on to explain why her insane and mistaken accusation meant the end times were nigh...

"This happened, and as of today, the United States is willingly, knowingly, intentionally sending arms to terrorists, now what this says to me, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, as I look at the End Times scripture, this says to me that the leaf is on the fig tree and we are to understand the signs of the times, which is your ministry, we are to understand where we are in God’s end time history."

Who could argue with that?

Bachmann remained upbeat about the whole situation though saying...

Rather than seeing this as a negative, we need to rejoice, Maranatha, come Lord Jesus, His day is at hand. When we see up is down and right is called wrong, when this is happening, we were told this: that these days would be as the days of Noah.”

Once again, who could argue with that?

If you feel it necessary you can listen to a part of Bachmann's interview with Jan Markell here:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Republican Blink

Republicans are lower than cockroaches... Literally.

I will explain this statement later but allow me to start with this...

It seems that the Republican's fever dream of burning America and it's government to the ground has broken. Apparently their designs on destroying the country through a Republican led "government shutdown" and the continual threat of "defaulting on the debt ceiling" seems to be abating.

Evidence of this miraculous turnaround happened just tonight as story after story leaked out of Washington this evening that the Republicans are all of the sudden willing to negotiate ending the shutdown and pass the debt ceiling resolution. What's more is that they now say they would do this in a bill that would not... I repeat, would not...  include any language about defunding or delaying "Obamacare" in it.

How did this happen when just a few days ago Republicans posed a unified front on these issues. Mere days ago they all but praised what they referred to as the "Government Slimdown" and exclaimed that their was "no danger in not raising the debt ceiling" all the while extolling the inherent evil that was the America destroying, freedom killing "Obamacare" menace.

What possibly could have happened to bring about this change in events. What could have changed the minds of these true believers who just days ago would never have abandoned their singular raison d'etre.

What... could... have... done... this?

Simply put, bad polling.

As a result of the Republicans stunt of taking our nations government and credit rating hostage over the last week or two has resulted in some history making bad poll numbers for them.

According to a Gallup poll released yesterday only 28 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the Republican Party. This number is down 10 percentage points from just last month. The polling firm called it a "record low," saying "it was the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992."

Here is a chart of that poll...
Click image for a larger view
To make make matters even worse for the GOP the percentage of Americans rating the Republicans unfavorably also reached a record high of 62 percent. What is even more remarkable is that over one-quarter of Republicans (27 percent) viewed their own party unfavorably.

To put this in historical perspective the last time the Republicans were this hated was in 1998 following the House of Representatives vote to impeach President Bill Clinton when they experienced a drop from 43 to 31 percent.

This brings us to what is really terrifying the Republicans in these polling numbers. Back in 1998 the negative perceptions of Republicans during the impeachment debate helped Democrats to gain five House seats in the November 1998 election. The GOP is petrified that this might happen again.

From haters to whores.

In other words the only thing the Republicans care more about than their hatred of President Obama is the horrifying prospect of losing all the power and all that corporate donor money that they have grown so used to.

For your viewing pleasure here is a list of things that are presently more popular than our American congress according to the same Gallup poll...

Cockroaches/Congress : 44/42

Hemorhoids/Congress : 53/31

Dog Shit/Congress : 47/40

Toenail Fungus/Congress : 44/41

Mothers In Law/Congress : 64/20

Fundraising Drives/Congress : 60/25

Wall Street/Congress : 46/15

Witches/Congress : 46/32

Zombies/Congress : 43/37

Hipsters/Congress : 42/33


In additional bad news for conservatives the "Tea Party" scored a measly and embarrassing 21 percent approval rating in the same poll.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Political Crisis (Comic)

For those of you who are tired of hearing Republicans lay the blame over the "government shutdown" and "the debt ceiling crisis" at the feet of the Democrats and President Obama I think Tom Tomorrow sums it up perfectly...
Click for a larger image
Visit Tom Tomorrow's site here.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Open Mic Catches Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell Discussing Republicans Real Agenda

At this point I am sure we are all well aware that the Republicans have forced a government shutdown as a way to punish President Obama for daring to pass a law that would allow up to 30 million uninsured Americans the right to affordable health care.

As a result of the Republican's government shutdown an estimated 800,000 government employees will be punished instead by essentially being laid off.

If anyone ever thought the course of action taken by the GOP was driven by anything other than the desire to destroy the Presidency of Barack Obama thus "winning"... a live mic just put that thought to rest.

The mic in question was hooked up to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who was being interviewed for a news program. As McConnell was taking a break from discussing his talking-points about how the Democrats won't negotiate on the Republicans government shutdown Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) saddled up next to him and unloaded this telling sound bite...

Rand Paul: "I just did CNN and I just go over and over again 'We're willing to compromise. We're willing to negotiate.' I think... I don't think they (The Democrats) poll tested "we won't negotiate". I think it's awful for (the Democrats) to say that over and over again,".

McConnell then responds: "Yeah, I do too and I, and I just came back from that two hour meeting with them and that, and that was basically the same view privately as it was publicly,".

To which Paul replies: "I think if we keep saying, 'We wanted to defund it. We fought for that and that we're willing to compromise on this', I think they can't, we're gonna, I think... well, I know we don't want to be here, but we're gonna win this, I think."

Here is a video of the exchange...

The comments give a nauseating inside look at the messaging strategy the Republican's have employed to deceive the public about the actions they are undertaking in order to force Democrats to dismantle or delay parts of The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.

This is just a game to the majority of the Republican party but be rest assured that there is a contingency of them that want to watch America burn. They want total and utter devastation to consume this country while Obama is in office. They want everything this President has achieved destroyed and nullified. They are true believers and zealots and right now they are in the drivers seat in the Republican party. With the looming debate over the debt ceiling just around the corner that should scare us all.

Hey, I wonder how the Republican's government shutdown poll tested with the 800,000 Americans that wont be getting their paycheck this week?