Thursday, December 19, 2013

N.Y. Cop’s Anti-Obama Facebook Post: "Go Die In A Shallow Grave You Muslim Commie"

Pleasantville, NY police officer Peter Burns AKA "Coon Trapper"... How clever.
Police officer Peter Burns of Pleasantville New York was caught posting a racist and threatening rant against President Barack Obama on Facebook by one of the towns local papers The Journal News.

Officer Burns made the comments on a Facebook page he operated under the name “Coon Trapper.” that he set up as private, thinking that only his Facebook friends could see his posts.

Here is Burns' post...

The fact that he (Obama) is still alive bewilders me. Go die in a shallow grave you Muslim commie.”

Other posts on Officer Burns' Facebook page included such typical right wing tropes such as the "1st amendment, the NSA," and the always popular description of President Obama as "un-American."

After a reporter with The Journal News showed the post to Police Chief Richard Love he promised to take immediate action saying he statements “despicable” and “totally unacceptable,” and that they “will not be tolerated.”. He then put Burns on administrative leave and relieved of his duties. Love said the officer could be fired or disciplined after an internal affairs investigation was completed.

In response to all of this the 35-year-old Burns then posted photos of himself in camouflage and hunting gear (of course he did) on the Facebook page which he later deleted. Burns also posted links to hunting and animal trapping websites because of course.

This is not the first time police officers from this area have been accused of racism. In October of 2010 caucasian Officer Aaron Hess shot and killed Danroy Henry, a black Pace University football player, as he drove away from a group of Pleasantville police officers who had responding to an incident involving a "large crowd".

Sounds like they have had a little problem brewing at the station for some time now. Didn't the Pleasantville police department get the news from the RNC that racism ended on December 1st 1955?

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