Sunday, January 19, 2014

Duck Dynasty And The Robertson Family Are Frauds (PICS)

What rugged backwood types these fellow are... Very believable.
For those of you who believe that A&E's Duck Dynasty is a story of a wholesome and heartwarming Robertson family from Monroe, Louisiana get ready for a dose of reality. The Robertsons are a fraud. The family would have you believe that they were throwbacks to a simpler time of black and white televisions playing Father Knows Best and Mary Ellen saying good night to John Boy. Visions of Rockwellian afternoons spent down at the fishing hole catching frogs while chewing on a piece of straw.

Well guess what... They were actually a bunch of rich spoiled yuppies who instead of huntin' and fishin' spent their time golfing in their finest yuppie attire.

Now it’s it all makes perfect sense why "Duck Dynasty" became the most-watched non-fiction cable television show in history... it's because it is just that. Fiction.

Hey, middle America you've been had once again. The Robertsons don't believe in your family values they believe in Hollywood values and the almighty dollar.

It’s all about capitalism. It’s all about driving a false reality down the throats of the unsuspecting and readily fooled Americans yearning to recapture a time that never existed through a family that never existed.

Here's the proof...
I hope the green is well manicured today.
What nice boys
Here is Willie Robertson pre-beard. Love the frosted tips!
I guess the only real thing about the Robertsons is their racism, homophobia and love of money.

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