Friday, January 31, 2014

Fox News Once Again Voted The Most Distrusted... And Trusted... Name In News

Fox News was once again voted the most distrusted and trust name in news, according to a new Public Policy Polling poll just released.

In the poll PPP asked people to name their most distrusted as well as their most trusted sources of news. 35% of respondents said that they trust Fox News the most — more than other cable news networks, broadcast networks including Comedy Central.

On the flip side, 33% of people said that they trusted Fox News the least, which was more than any other news outlet included in the poll.

It is without any surprise that the findings of the poll reveal that the results seemed to be split across political lines citing that: "Fox News is by far and away the most trusted source of GOP voters." 69% of Republican respondents said that the cable news network is their most trusted news source.

Of the 8 outlets PPP tested individually the only one  clearly trusted by a majority of Americans was PBS, which 57% say they trusted to 24% who don't.

In an interesting note Fox News also received this dubious distinction of most and least-trusted news source in 2013 and 2012.

Click here to see the full results of the poll.

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