Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Billboard In Chicago Claims That Assault Rifles Are As American As Apple Pie And Baseball

Have you ever wondered what a "PURE" America run by conservative right wing gun nuts would look like. Have you ever wondered what they would envision as this countries pinnacles of achievement are? Then look no further than this billboard on I-55 in Chicago.

In their "PURE" America amongst the few iconic images you'll have to be aware of in their world is Baseball, Apple Pie and Assault Rifles!!!

In the country they live in firearms are as central to their nation's identity as any other iconic American symbol you can think of.

In the country they live in these devices that were created only to destroy deserve to have a honored place next to symbols such as the American flag, the Jesus fish, the Statue of Liberty, the second amendment (2D), along with the aforementioned baseball and apple pie. The point is made abundantly clear because they are all up there on the billboard as plain as day.

The billboard on I-55 in Chicago is paid for by a company named "Slide Fire" who deal in "Superior Performance Gun Stocks" for assault rifles and is maintained by Lamar Advertising.

To the credit of some anti gun Chicagoans the billboard's images are drawing the ire of a select few including Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina's Church on the South Side of Chicago.

Father Pfleger expressed his unhappiness with the sign saying...

"I think there's been this great move to make guns part of the wardrobe of America. And that's not the America I was born in, not the America I want. What's offensive and makes me angry is to connect that with the identity of the very country, the America we live in. No, that's not acceptable and unless we like that it will become part of our identity and we got to stop that."

Perfectly put Father!

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