Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Missing Malaysia Airlines Mystery Solved! OBAMA BLEW IT UP!

The wheels have finally come off the clown car. If this isn't the craziest conspiracy theory about Barack Obama it is certainly clears the top ten by a lot.

While everyone and their uncle has been hypothesising about the missing Malaysian airliner certain members of the right wing nut squad have figured it out for us.

It turns out the plane isn't missing at all. No, instead it had been hijacked, the passengers held and interrogated at a US base at Diego Garcia for top secret information and then both the plane and passengers sent back into the sky only to be blown up... By OUR PRESIDENT!  Dun DUN Dun!

Jim Garrow
One of the lunatics pushing this "theory" is Conservative activist and right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow, who also claims to be a former CIA agent! Garrow believes that President Obama hijacked and then blew up the missing Malaysia Airlines plane as part of his “jihad” against China.

Garrow took to Facebook and alleged that the US military forced the plane to “land by wire” at a base in Diego Garcia and interrogated the “nerds” aboard the jet who are working “for China designing ‘classified’ leading edge computer/internet control software and are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane.”

Here is Garrow's Post
So let me get this straight. A fly by wire capable jet goes missing. It is on one course, turns and goes in almost the opposite direction on a heading which would take it to the US base at Diego Garcia. The plane has 20 technology nerds aboard who happen to work for China designing "classified" leading edge computer/internet control software and are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane. They are heading to Beijing with all the others. We are shown pictures of muslim (sic) looking men as if they are on the plane....setting up the expectation that the plane has been hijacked. Convenient story line so far.

While we are down the rabbit hole this far, lets [sic] go all the way. The jet lands by wire at Diego Garcia, the appropriate hardware and software is offloaded as are the nerds. Interrogation proceeds and all the "secrets" you would want to gain from this "intervention" are gleaned from the assets.

You now load everyone back on board the plane and have it take off headed back to where it was supposed to go and at 35,000 ft altitude it implodes/explodes and the debris field is now found. How they missed it in the beginning is a mystery. But the western mindset is already prepared to believe that all things eastern and "Malaysian/Indonesian/Muslim" are barely able to tie shoelaces let alone search an ocean.

America/Obama gets the information that they want, who cares if a bunch of innocent people have to die (Obama -"I am pretty good at killing people.") and more lies per minute have to fly to cover this huge piece of cow manure over.

Welcome to the world of the Marxist Muslim amateur Obama... Hows that jihad coming along Barry? 

While Jim Garrow was spewing his lunacy Fox News guest and regular WorldNetDaily commentator Erik Rush laid out his own conspiracy theory which happened to be suspiciously similar in content.

Erik Rusk
According to Rush’s source, the US took control of the plane, landed it on the Diego Garcia US military base in order to interrogate technicians aboard who wanted to “abscond to China,” and then had everyone on the flight “murdered.”

Here are excerpts from Rush's radio program...

At Diego Garcia, some 20 civilian technical personnel were removed from the aircraft for interrogation. On March 8, Reuters reported that 20 employees of U.S. chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor were passengers on Flight 370, according to a statement from the company. It is said that these employees traveled regularly between company facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur. It may be presumed that these individuals were the same 20 who were reportedly taken to Diego Garcia for interrogation, although my information holds that the detainees (if you will) were working in their capacities as contractors.

Reports earlier this week that the flight plan deviation was programmed into a computer system on board I am told. The airliner was taken over remotely by US intelligence operatives at the behest of those at the highest levels of our government.

No, there would have to be a great deal more involved than a software package to commandeer an airliner, kidnap technical contractors, and then “disappear” the plane and over 200 passengers (who, sadly, were most likely murdered for the sake of expediency).

So what went wrong? Well, apparently the DOD got wind that these engineers (who, despite operating under the auspices of Freescale and/or other companies, were not American nationals) were on their way to abscond to China with their prototypes (which were in the cargo hold of the 777) and other valuable materials, thereby cutting the US out of the program entirely.

The CIA went into action, in concert with the DOD and Boeing engineers. They commandeered Flight 370 en route, digitally, without the foreknowledge of the pilots or crew, diverting it to Diego Garcia. I imagine that’s where the aircraft made that now-infamous and mysterious turn just northeast of Malaysia.

So essentially, the CIA double-crossed the Chinese before they could double-cross us.

Flight 370’s pilots (one of whom being the pro-Islamist Zaharie Ahmad Shah) may have been afforded the opportunity to continue on to another Muslim country, blend in and take on a new identity, given the sentiments of those in the current administration. In any case, it was the geeks and the goods that the CIA was after, and I’m led to believe that’s what they got.

My understanding is that the foregoing information has been confirmed at the highest levels of our government, though not the current one, if that’s cryptic enough for you.

At least, that’s what my source tells me. And they haven’t been wrong yet.

Here is Rush on his radio show blaming the US for "disappearing" flight 370...

There you have it. A frightening look into a few of the unhinged minds that roam freely on the far fringes of the weird and wild right wing. It frightens me not only that there are people with minds so warped that they could actually conceive such an absurd scenario but instead how many other equally unhinged people latch on to the absurd fantasies that these people disseminate.

Here are a few examples of their lunacy metastasizing itself on other sites, some legitimate even...

The one glaring hole in their conspiracy theory is that while they consider Barack Obama to be a bumbling, ineffectual, feckless, feeble minded, community organizer they also believe that he is fully capable of carrying out this plan that makes Dr. Evil look like a piker by comparison... Go figure.

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