Monday, September 29, 2014

The Brilliant John Cleese's Take On Fox News!

Listen as John Cleese explains why extremely stupid people (i.e. Fox News) do not have the capability to realize how stupid they are.

I think he sums it up nicely and succinctly...
Click image for video
..."You see, if you're very, very stupid, how can you possibly realize that you're very, very stupid? You'd have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you are. "

Excerpt from John Cleese Considers Your Futile Comments... Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Eric Holder Retires As Attorney General

Yesterday Eric Holder, the nation's fourth-longest-serving attorney general and first African-American to hold the nation’s top law enforcement position announced his plan to resign. Holder who has held his post for nearly six years says he will leave as soon as a successor can be confirmed.

At the formal announcement at the White House Holder thanked President Barack Obama for what he called the “greatest honor” of his professional life saying...

I have loved the Department of Justice ever since as a young boy I watched Robert Kennedy prove during the civil rights movement how the department can -- and must -- always be a force for that which is right... I hope that I have done honor to the faith you placed in me, Mr. President, and to the legacy of all those that served before me.”

In conclusion Holder said he would leave the Justice Department in but said he “will never leave the work” and would “continue to serve and try to find ways to make our nation even more true to its founding ideals.”

Holder's long list of accomplishments include monumental strives in civil rights, gay rights, sentencing reform, counter-terrorism, and crime reductions.

Also included in Holder's accomplishments is that for the first time in decades, under his watch, there was a simultaneous 10 percent drop in both crime and incarceration rates in the United States.

In my opinion one of Eric Holder's greatest achievements while holding the office of Attorney General was making right wing Republicans completely apoplectic to the point of ridiculousness. The GOP hated Holder so much they even voted in the House to hold him in contempt of Congress over the fake "Fast and Furious" scandal. Famously, 100 Democrats led by Congressional Black Caucus members, as well as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi walked out and refused to vote!

He was a take serious, smart, driven, gruff, take no shit kind of guy... and for that I will miss him.

The Right Wing Goes Bat-Shit Insane Over Obama's "Latte Salute" And/Or "Coffee-Gate"

I swore to myself I wasn't going to write about this. I thought after the "Tan Suit-Gate" this kind of stuff would just stop... But it doesn't. The scandal has grown to such idiotic proportions that I could no longer ignore it.

It all started when President Obama stepped off Marine One while saluting a military officer with a coffee cup in his hand. This was all it took to ignite a firestorm of right wing outrage.

Here is the video that started the freak-out...
Click the image to see President Obama's coffee salute

Here is a sampling of said freak out...

Sean Hannity and Karl Rove...

In the video Rove calls Obama a... "chai-swillin, golf-playin, basketball trash-talkin commander-in-chief"
Click image for video

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) says:
Click image for page

Fox Nation wondered:
Click image for page opined:
Click image for page

Jim Hoft (the Stupidest Man on the Internet) of had this to say:
Click image for page

Debra Heine of says:
Click image for page

Fox Contributor Allen West Tweets:

Conservative Pundit Jim Hoft Tweeted:

Fox Radio Host Todd Starnes Tweets:

Right wing radio host Mark Levin says:

"Now let me tell you something, Mr. President. You don't have a son. You never had the son in the military. Your daughters are not in the military, and they're not intending to go into the military. I believe your grandfather, or you had an uncle that served in WWII, and you talked about that endlessly in 2008. But the vast majority of your family has never been in the American military. It's about damn time, almost six years in office, that you show our men and women in the military some respect. Which you do not. And when you get off that damn helicopter, you salute, and you salute with respect. A nice, crisp, right hand salute. Got it??"

Lt. Col. Oliver North had this to say:

Here’s the real problem – he doesn’t give a damn (about the military). The reality of it is any president, any commander-in-chief, even Lyndon Johnson would find out from his military aides what the proper pronunciation of things is. This is a president who can go out on a golf course and high-five people minutes after he has been on the phone with a correspondent’s parents who is dead. I mean this is the kind of person who truly does not get it.

Hey right wingers, mind if I ask you guys something?

Where were you when George W. Bush hated our troops?

Bush saluting our troops with a dog.

... And again...
... And again...
... And again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fox And Friends Hits New Low With Comedic Take On Ray Rice's Domestic Violence Video

Over the past week we've all been horrified by the newly released tape of disgraced football player Ray Rice pummeling his then fiancée Janay Palmer into unconsciousness on an elevator camera recording.

If you haven't seen the stomach churning event here it is in gif. form...

Here's a heads up... This is no laughing matter.
Now to the average person this is shocking and horrifying but to those kooky crazy kids on the curvy couch over at Fox & Friends... this is comedy gold! Remember tragedy plus time equals comedy.

Well it took less than a week for Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade to find the funny in this stomach turning event.

In a segment on the morning show the two men glibly discuss Rice knocking out Palmer while their female co-host does nothing but giggle at their comedy stylings.

Here are a few choice snippets of dialogue from Doocy and Kilmeade's comedy routine...

Steve Doocy: "She still married him!"

Brian Kilmeade: "Rihanna went back to Chris Brown right after (he assaulted her),"

Kilmeade:  "I think the message is, take the stairs,"

Doocy : "The message is, when you're in an elevator, there's a camera."

Here is the clip of the two spinning comedic gold out of the vicious domestic violence for the viewing pleasure of the discerning Fox News watcher. Watch as they reach the segment's end how they discern the true takeaway of the violent act. *Hint... It's Hilarity!
Click the image for the video

"Take the stairs"... "Remember the camera"... Life lessons to teach the youngins..

New low achieved fellas.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Hits: Fox News Acknowledges 160 Airstrikes Against ISIS Yet Claims Obama Hasn't Taken Action Against ISIS

Seemingly not knowing how to attack President Obama over his military action against the terrorist group ISIS it seems they have found a way to perfectly straddle the fence taking both sises of the argument...

On the September 15 edition of America's Newsroom, Fox News produced this confused segment claiming that the U.S. has both taken and not taken military action against ISIS.

Here is a still from the show...

As you can see in the segment while the commentator Pete Hegseth criticizes President Obama's response thus far, saying that allies are seeing "American ambivalence." the superimposed text suggested simultaneously that:

  • Obama has not taken any military action against the Islamic State
  • U.S. has conducted over 160 airstrikes against the Islamic State

Classic Faux News!

Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act... Again!

Yesterday Senate Republicans blocked for the fourth time The Paycheck Fairness Act that would strengthen federal equal pay laws for women.

The bill would ban employers from retaliating against employees who share salary information with each other, impose harsher penalties for pay discrimination and require employers to be able to show that wage gaps between men and women are based on factors other than gender.

Seems pretty reasonable to me...?

Unfortunately the bill needed 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster and advance to a final vote. For the fourth time it fell short by a vote of 52 to 40 as Republicans rejected it once again.

I guess the big business lobbyists that grease the GOP wheels convinced the Republicans that it wasn't so reasonable.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said before the vote:

"The wage gap not only hurts our families, it hurts the economy... If it were reversed, I'd be standing here fighting for the men. It's not right."

In a ridiculous attempt to excuse their actions Republicans say they oppose the bill because they believe it would discourage employers from hiring women, out of a fear of lawsuits.

Really...? That's just embarrassing.

The fact is that women who work full-time in the U.S. earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar men earn, according to the Census Bureau.

The fact that the Republicans are standing in opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act amongst other equal pay measures is already being used against them in their oppositions campaign ads...


Racist Trolls Hijack Childrens Anti-Racism Video

Racism Is Not Over. But I'm Over Racism
There is a new anti-racism video starring actual children from Ferguson, MO making the rounds on Youtube. In the video the kids use humor and sarcasm to educate Americans about the reality of present day racism. The children in the video, who range in age from 6 to 13 years old, were recruited from the very block where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was gunned down.

Here is the video...

The children in the video cite facts and statistics and sometimes employ uncomfortable humor to illustrate the truth about the racism their generation still faces.

That is the good... Here is the bad.

Despite the fact that there is nothing factually untrue or controversial in the video the page has nonetheless been hi-jacked by right wing racist trolls who are making it their mission to inundate the comment section with vile language and give the video as many "Thumbs Down" as they can!
Please go to the Youtube page to watch this and "Thumbs Up" this video to offset the negativity being perpetrated by the racists. It's a good cause and the video speaks the truth!

PS - don't read the comments unless you want to get really upset... Like I said the page is filthy with f**ked up racist trolls!

Please head on over to if you would like to own one of the "Racism Is Not Over. But I'm Over Racism." T-shirts! For every tee or hoodie sold $5 is donated to five different anti-racism causes! Got to for any questions you have.

Quick Hits: The Planet Just Had Its Warmest August On Record

This past August was the warmest since records began in 1881, according to new data released by NASA. This continue a series of record or near-record breaking months.

Dr. Gavin Schmidt, a climatologist and climate modeler at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says that while the difference falls within a few hundredths of a degree compared with previous Augusts we should instead focus on the fact that "the long-term trends are toward warming."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

George Zimmerman Involved In Road Rage And Death Threats

George Zimmerman is back at it again.

This time the man acquitted of murdering unarmed seventeen year old Trayvon Martin reportedly threatened to murder someone else during a road rage incident.

It all started when a call came in to the Lake Mary police department reporting that a man was threatening a fellow motorist.

The man, who was not identified, called after a truck pulled up next to him and the driver yelled, "Why are you pointing a finger at me?"

The man told police he recognized the other driver as Zimmerman who he then said continued to follow him while saying, "Do you know who I am?", "I'll shoot you" and "I'll (expletive) kill you,"

After that the man pulled into a convenience store to get away from Zimmerman. When he noticed that Zimmerman had followed him he rushed to a payphone and called the police.

 Here is the audio of the unidentified man's call...

Apparently after Zimmerman saw the man on the phone alerting the authorities he proceeded to flee the scene before police could arrive.

This might have well ended right there but it appears Zimmerman couldn't leave it alone.

The following day the same man had to call the police when he found Zimmerman waiting for him at work!

Here is the dashcam video and audio of that call...
* Same video but different audio
Though he claims he feared for his safety he again declined to press charges.

Despite the fact that the report quotes police as saying Zimmerman acknowledged to officers that he had exchanged words with the man the previous day no arrests were made in either incident.

Lake Mary police has had two previous encounters with Zimmerman last year, once when his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, told police he had threatened her and her father. She later declined to press charges.

In a second incident, Zimmerman was arrested and accused of domestic violence by a girlfriend, who later changed her story and again dropped charges.

It is unfortunate but I think we all know how the Zimmerman story will end and I fear it will likely resemble how the ugly murderous story began. Hopefully though no more innocent life will be lost.

Mitt Romney Boldly Admits: "I Would Have Done A Better Job Than Obama"

Well there it is.

The truth laid bare in front of us as plain as day.

All it took was a man of infallible judgement, 20/20 hindsight vision and an incredible lack of class and character to point out the truth.

That man is Mitt... Mitt Romney.

The former Republican presidential candidate has emphatically stated the undeniable and inescapable truth that in his mind there is no question that he would have been more a more effective President than the White House's present occupant Barack Obama.

Citing continuing high U.S. unemployment and growing troubles abroad he feels that the poor saps who voted for Obama might now be experiencing some buyer's remorse.

After all there is no disputing Mitt's claim of imaginary Presidential supremacy. Just look at how all of his purposed economic and foreign policies differ from those President Obama has implemented. Hey, there's... Ummmm... And there's the one about.... Ahhh.... don't forget how he said the thing.... Oh, never mind. Mitt knows his statement is true because he feels it in his gut and that should be good enough for all of us.

What I am sure you all will agree is the truly upsetting news here is that Mitt claims he has no plans to run again telling Fox News...

"My time has come and gone (sniff)... I'm not running and not planning on running,"

Romney also told the nice people over at Fox that he doesn't want to dwell on the past, all the while claiming is the same breath that mistakes were made in his campaign and that the Obama campaign did a good job on picking up on them #imtotallyoverit.

Let me take this moment on behalf of all humanity to say... Thanks Obama!

For now we only have our imaginations to guide us when we try to imagine the trouble free, fully employed, peaceful, utopian world Mr. Willard Mitt Romney could have given us if you hadn't messed everything up by making him lose.

Disclaimer: This utopian society does not apply to the 47% Mitt doesn't care about.