Friday, September 26, 2014

The Right Wing Goes Bat-Shit Insane Over Obama's "Latte Salute" And/Or "Coffee-Gate"

I swore to myself I wasn't going to write about this. I thought after the "Tan Suit-Gate" this kind of stuff would just stop... But it doesn't. The scandal has grown to such idiotic proportions that I could no longer ignore it.

It all started when President Obama stepped off Marine One while saluting a military officer with a coffee cup in his hand. This was all it took to ignite a firestorm of right wing outrage.

Here is the video that started the freak-out...
Click the image to see President Obama's coffee salute

Here is a sampling of said freak out...

Sean Hannity and Karl Rove...

In the video Rove calls Obama a... "chai-swillin, golf-playin, basketball trash-talkin commander-in-chief"
Click image for video

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) says:
Click image for page

Fox Nation wondered:
Click image for page opined:
Click image for page

Jim Hoft (the Stupidest Man on the Internet) of had this to say:
Click image for page

Debra Heine of says:
Click image for page

Fox Contributor Allen West Tweets:

Conservative Pundit Jim Hoft Tweeted:

Fox Radio Host Todd Starnes Tweets:

Right wing radio host Mark Levin says:

"Now let me tell you something, Mr. President. You don't have a son. You never had the son in the military. Your daughters are not in the military, and they're not intending to go into the military. I believe your grandfather, or you had an uncle that served in WWII, and you talked about that endlessly in 2008. But the vast majority of your family has never been in the American military. It's about damn time, almost six years in office, that you show our men and women in the military some respect. Which you do not. And when you get off that damn helicopter, you salute, and you salute with respect. A nice, crisp, right hand salute. Got it??"

Lt. Col. Oliver North had this to say:

Here’s the real problem – he doesn’t give a damn (about the military). The reality of it is any president, any commander-in-chief, even Lyndon Johnson would find out from his military aides what the proper pronunciation of things is. This is a president who can go out on a golf course and high-five people minutes after he has been on the phone with a correspondent’s parents who is dead. I mean this is the kind of person who truly does not get it.

Hey right wingers, mind if I ask you guys something?

Where were you when George W. Bush hated our troops?

Bush saluting our troops with a dog.

... And again...
... And again...
... And again.

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