Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The US Adds 248,000 Jobs Last Month Driving Unemployment Down To 5.9%... Now Let's Raise The Damn Minimum Wage!!!!

Last week the The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a much stronger than anticipated September jobs report.

Employers added 248,000 jobs last month, beating the 215,000 economists were predicting.

The strong jobs number drove the unemployment rate down from 6.1% to 5.9%!!!  This is the first time the unemployment rate has been below 6% since before the recession destroyed the US economy in 2008.

In even more good news the somewhat lackluster August payroll count was revised upward from plus 142,000 to plus 180,000. To top it all off the July number was also bumped higher from plus 212,00 to plus 243,000.

So pretty much everyone can agree that the jobs numbers finally look healthy except for one thing... wage growth! It's time to close the income inequality gap and raise the minimum wage. Not only is it the right thing to do it would give the average American worker money to purchase goods with which in turn drives the economy.

It's time to stop giving greedy corporations a free ride. They stiff their employees come payday and keep the profits while our tax dollars go to pay for food stamps for struggling families who cant make ends meet! Not only do they rob from their workers they are reaching into our wallets to line stock portfolios and pad retirement plans. Enough!

By the way does anyone remember this...


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