Saturday, November 15, 2014

Here's Why The Country Is Screwed... And The Rpublicans Like It!

Last week the country elected mainly Republicans in the mid-term elections. Questions asked at exit polling revealed that the reason given for the Republican sweep were that "people were tired of government not working".

Apparently those asked in the exit polling were not being completely honest because a new Pew Poll reveals what the Republican voters were really thinking when they were scribbling on their ballot.

The results of the poll say that two thirds (66%) of Republicans told the Pew Research Center that they want their party's leaders to "stand up" to President Obama, even if it means that less will get done! The poll also revealed that only the remaining 32%  want to see GOP leadership work with the president in any capacity at all...

So if the newly elected Republicans take the advice of their constituency we should all get ready for political gridlock up on Capitol Hill. In other words... Nothing has changed.

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