Monday, December 1, 2014

A Two Year Long Republican Led Investigation Debunks Every Benghazi Conspiracy Theory!

This was the big one everybody! This was the one that was going to nail Obama to the wall. This report was going to reveal all the cover-ups, all the deceit, all the lies and lay bare what Obama and his administration had done. It was going to prove that he was as good as a murderer! It was going to prove that he just let those four men die with his "stand down" orders! What was best about this investigation was it was going to bring down that incompetent Hillary Clinton down as well.


What happened? Where were the Republicans trumpeting their victory over the deceivers. Where' is Fox News with the wall to wall coverage of the downfall of the "Emperor" Obama? Where was the right wing radio and bloggers wallowing in their "I told you so's"?????

It was nowhere to be found... But why?

As it turns out the results of the investigation into the Obama administration's actions following the Benghazi consulate attacks revealed not only that that they responded appropriately but that they did not engage in any cover-up. That's right, the select committee's report that took two years, thousands of hours of work in Congress asking questions, poring over documents, reviewing intelligence assessments, reading cables and emails, holding a total of 20 Committee events and hearings, that conducted detailed interviews with senior intelligence officials from Benghazi and Tripoli as well as eight security personnel on the ground in Benghazi that night.... turned up NOTHING!

Among this Republican led panel's findings was that CIA personnel responded not just well, but heroically. In addition the report says that there was no "stand down" order, as some critics have claimed and that there was no intimidation of witnesses by superiors. The findings also proved that there was no intelligence failure prior to the attack and that a "mixed group" of individuals, including some linked to al Qaeda, participated in the attack. Also, no evidence was uncovered that the CIA was involved in related arms shipments.

Finally, to put an exclamation point on the report, it was found that the claims that the White House cooked up phony talking points for then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice -- a key focus of the Benghazi Select Committee empaneled by House Speaker John Boehner -- were completely unfounded. As for the initial message from the Obama administration that the attack began with a spontaneous protest was blamed unclear intelligence reports, not a purposeful attempt from the White House to mislead.

So to sum up the report... Republicans were/are completely full of shit.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a member of the Intelligence Committee and the Benghazi Select Committee, said in a statement that the new document should finally close the door on the conspiracy chatter saying...

"It's my hope that this report will put to rest many of the questions that have been asked and answered yet again, and that the Benghazi Select Committee will accept these findings and instead focus its attention on the State Department's progress in securing our facilities around the world and standing up our fast response capabilities,"

In conclusion after wasting thousands of hours, millions of tax payer dollars and everybody in America's time the Republican run select committee's report jibes with The House Armed Services Committee, the Senate Armed Services Committee and the State Department's independent review board all who had already come to similar conclusions, even before the House launched its Benghazi panel.

Fear not... the Republicans still have the "Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi" to hold President Obama and his cohort Clinton accountable for thie actions!

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