Monday, March 30, 2015

Tucker Carlson And His Brother Call De Blasio Spokesperson A “Whiny Little Self-Righteous Bitch", "Spoogeneck" And "LabiaFace"

Tucker Carlson: A Bloated bag of pretentious right wing white privilege and misogyny
When it comes to the pundits, talking heads and prime time regulars on the Fox News roster there is definitely a ranking that runs the gambit from mildly acceptable all the way to rage inducing scum. There are your passable talkers like Sheppard Smith, Brett Baird and even Chris Wallace. Then there are the bomb throwers like Bill O'reily, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity. Then we enter into dullard territory with the likes of Steve Ducey, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling and Brian Kilmeade. Last and very least we have the bottom of the barrel bile spewing trolls. This dubious list includes bottom dwellers like Andrea Tanteros, Janene Pirros, Jessie Watters and the ever nauseating lowest position on the jag off totem pole... Tucker Carlson.

Carlson is an especially nasty little puke who mans the co-host couch on the weekend edition of Fox And Friends. Sort of like a Steve Ducey understudy but nastier. He is a special mix of mean, obnoxious, pompous and condescending rolled into a doughy lard complexioned sallow flesh bag. After viewing show segments that include Carlson and his absurdly short arms I always feel the need to bathe my brain in purell. He is loathsome.

To prove my assertion of his character let's take a look at a recent email adventure that occurred a at third rate conservative website named The Daily Caller where Carlson is the editor and chief. It involves Tucker's  brother Buckley Carlson, who occasionally writes for the Daily Caller, a second writer named Peter Fricke, the rags editor Christopher Bedford and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s spokesperson, Amy Spitalnick.

It all started when Spitalnick, had reached out through an email to Fricke to ask for a correction on a story that The Caller had run about Mayor de Blasio and his transportation proposal.

Here is Spitalnick's "offending" email...

Peter -
Your story on Mayor de Blasio and the USCM is totally inaccurate. The mayors said $50B in flat funding was not enough, and cited the President’s $80B proposal as one that boosted funding to adequate levels.
The transcript is on

After receiving this apparently offensive email a back and forth between Spitalnick, Fricke and editor Christopher Bedford ensued. After Bedford told Spitalnick that if she “annoyed” him “with another whiny email" he would mute the thread. This prompted Spitalnick to contact Tucker Carlson directly with her complaint.

Here is Carlson's over the top obnoxious reply to Spitalnick...

Dear Amy,
Thanks for your email. You believe our story was inaccurate and have demanded a correction. Totally fair. We are going over the transcript now.

What Bedford complained about was your tone, which, I have to agree, was whiny and annoying, and I say that in the spirit of helpful correction rather than as a criticism. Outside of New York City, adults generally write polite, cheerful emails to one another, even when asking for corrections. Something to keep in mind the next time you communicate with people who don’t live on your island.
Tucker Carlson

As it turns out Tucker CC'ed every involved with the episode ( including his brother Buckley Carlson) to show them what a magnificently rude letter he had composed and sent to Spitalnick.

Here's where it goes off the rails.

Buckley Carlson, who is apparently just as vile as his brother felt the need to commend his sibling on his epic douchebaggery and fired this email back... Unwittingly CC'ing eveyone in the email thread thus sending it right back to Spitalnick...


From: Buckley Carlson
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 3:18 PM
To: Tucker Carlson; Spitalnick, Amy (OMB)
Subject: Re: Correction Needed
Great response. Whiny little self-righteous bitch. “Appalling?”
And with such an ironic name, too…Spitalnick? Ironic because you just know she has extreme dick-fright; no chance has this girl ever had a pearl necklace. Spoogeneck? I don’t think so. More like LabiaFace.

Buckley Carlson

This little correspondence a Daily Caller gives a real insight to both Tucker and Buckley Carlson as well as the staff that works at The Daily caller don't you think?

In an email responding to the blatant misogynistic tone of Buckley Carlson's email, Tucker Carlson stood by his brother's comments saying...

 "I just talked to my brother about his response, and he assures me he meant it in the nicest way."

Spitalnick wrote in response

"Sadly, too many women face misogynistic garbage like this far too often,"

As for Fox News they have remained quiet about their weekend host's misogynistic email banter. I guess we should take their silence as consent.

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  1. You apparently have a disdain for Tucker. Or have I overstated it.