Tuesday, May 12, 2015

54% Of Republicans Still Believe That “Deep Down” Obama Is Really A Muslim

Well, this is embarrassing. According to a newly released poll by Alex Theodoridis of the University of California at Merced showed that 54 percent of Republicans believe that “deep down” Obama is a Muslim.

Here is a chart of how it all breaks down...

Via: Vox.com
If any further proof is needed one would have to look no further than a recent town hall event with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), where in the span of 10 minutes a man calls President Obama “a Muslim terrorist” not once but twice! 

Here is a video of that event…

Click image to watch video
To make the whole thing even more unpalatable is the fact that Senator Johnson never missed a beat and never even bothered to correct the man. 

Say what you will about John McCain but 6 1/2 years ago at a televised campaign event he at least had the moral fortitude to correct a misguided woman who called then Presidential candidate Barack Obama "an Arab".

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