Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Federal Case: Nebraska Woman Files Lawsuit Against Every Single Homosexual In 'Merica!

Who knew the big JC was so litigious? Last week in Auburn, Nebraska the all knowing one requisitioned one of his minions to carry out his legalistic bidding!

The woman hearing the call of the all powerful deity is Sylvia Ann Driskell and on his behalf she has filed a completely "handwritten" federal lawsuit against any and all homosexuals that reside in these here United States. 

In her suit the 66 year old Driskell, who calls herself an "ambassador for God and his son, Jesus Christ," cites Bible passages that described homosexuality as an abomination against nature, and claims that never before has this nation or her  state been so "besiege (sic) by sin."

Here is the opening of Driskell's suit…

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The above reads...
Plaintiffs: I Sylvia Ann Driskell Ambassador for Plaintiffs God, and His, Son, Jesus Christ…
Defendants: Homosexuals Their Given Name Homosexuals Their, Alis Gay…
Ambassador: I Sylvia Ann Driskell ambassador for Plaintiffs do set forth on this 30 day of 2015 in writing this Petition to the United State District Court of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska On behalf of the Plintiffs: God, and His, Son, Jesus Christ.

Driskell said she petitioned the court because she feels it imperative that she stand up for the moral principles on which the nation was founded. She then went on to challenge the court to "not call God a liar".

So a heads up… if you are a gay homosexual in America, Sylvia's gonna need you to appear in court in Nebraska and answer to her charges against you!

I suggest the "Homosexuals" cited in Sylvia's suit check out the entire handwritten lunacy as she intended you to see it … HERE … Courtesy of us.archive.org!

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