Saturday, May 2, 2015

Texas GOP Rep. Claims ‘What Is Going On In Baltimore’ Is Because Of Too Many Gay Marriages

Representative Bill Flores of Texas thinks about gay people a lot.
Republican U.S. House Representative Bill Flores of Texas argued this week that the violence in Baltimore could be linked to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States.

No, really!

On Wednesday Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas went on the “Washington Watch” radio program witch is  hosted by the "Family Research Council's President Tony Perkins. Flores was on the show to discuss the anti-marriage-equality rally outside of the Supreme Court that both men had attended that morning.

During the interview, Flores went on to suggest that gay marriage will somehow lead to a breakdown of the "family model" and an increased number of single-parent-led households, contributing to poverty and the conditions which led to the Baltimore riots.

Here's how Rep. Flores then went on to link the the two completely unrelated conservative right wing hot topics of the day...

You look at what’s going on in Baltimore today, you know, you see issues that are raised there and healthy marriages are the ones between a man and a woman because they can have a healthy family and they can raise children in the way that’s best for their future, not only socially but psychologically, economically, from a health perspective... There’s just nothing like traditional marriage that does that. Each of us have a mother and a father and there's just no way to get around that

Then just to show that he was 100 percent full of shit Flores also went on to allege that 80 percent of Americans oppose a Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide (when actually 50 percent [PDF] support the court doing just that).

Listen to the whole mess here via the good people at Right Wing Watch...

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