Monday, June 22, 2015

TAKE IT DOWN! The South's Shameful Love Affair With The Confederate Flag

 A Confederate battle flag remained at full staff outside the State House in Columbia S.C.
Over the weekend thousands of people gathered across Charleston S.C. to hold prayer vigils for the nine innocent people who lost their lives when a racist lunatic opened fire at a historic black church's bible study class.

Yet while all these people at these events prayed for those lost in the attack something was happening across town, atop the South Carolina State House, that flew in the face of their pain and grief.

As in defiance of those who gathered to mourn the dead a Confederate battle flag remained at full staff outside Carolina's State House.

As if to mock the already ludicrous sight, while the Confederate flag remained atop it's pole, both the American and South Carolina state flags were lowered to half mast.

To put into context just how shameful this situation is just take into consideration that the Confederate flag that flies over Carolina's state house today is the same flag that adorned the license plate on the car Dylann Roof drove the day when he took those innocent peoples lives. 

Here is a photo of Roof posing by his car featuring a South Carolina license plate depicting the Confederate flag…

Roof poses with his car sporting an ornamental Confederate Flag license plate.

As this travesty continues here are just a few statements from public figures and politicians concerning the matter.

President Barack Obama has said as far back as 2007 during his campaign for president, months before the South Carolina primary that he believes the Confederate flag should no longer fly and...

belongs in a museum,” 

Cornell William Brooks, the national president of the N.A.A.C.P. has called the flag an "emblem of hate" and at a recent news conference said...

That symbol has to come down, that symbol must be removed from our state capital.”

Joseph P. Riley, Charleston Mayor, said on Sunday said of the Confederate flag...

It sends, at best, mixed messages and, at worst, for hateful people like [accused shooter Dylann] Roof, it’s an affirmation because they have appropriated something and used it as a symbol of hatred. So I think that it needs to go into a museum and I think it will,”

Norman “Doug” Brannon a South Carolina state representative says he plans to sponsor legislation in the next session to take down the Confederate flag that flies in front of the state Capitol.

I had a friend die Wednesday night for no reason other than he was a black man. Sen. Pinckney was an incredible human being. I don’t want to talk politics but I’m going to introduce the bill for that reason. I will pre-file that bill in December before we go back into session."

J. Todd Rutherford, South Carolina House Minority Leader, said in an interview...

"South Carolina is the only state that I’m aware of that still flies a Confederate flag in front of the statehouse dome. South Carolina represents and is emblematic of the problem"

Mitt Romney even weighed in on the controversy tweeting…

Take down the #ConfederateFlag at the SC Capitol. To many, it is a symbol of racial hatred. Remove it …"

If you need any further urging as to why the Confederate flag should never fly on public ground just remember that the vice president of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, explained in a speech in front of a cheering crowd the genesis of the Confederacy. These were his exact words...

"The foundations of our new government are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and moral condition."

In closing let me just state for the record that I believe he Confederate flag was the flag of traitors to the United States of America. It was the flag of men who slaughtered more than 110,000 U.S. soldiers. It was the flag of people who stood for secession, segregation, racism, division, slavery and hatred.


If you are interested, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Karen Hunter created an online petition at in which she denouncing the Confederate flag as a “symbol of rebellion and racism.” Once this petition garners enough signatures it will be sent to South Carolina’s House of Representatives, Senate and Gov. Nikki Haley…. If you are interested please sign the petition: HERE

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