Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Racists Have Held 132 Pro-Confederate Flag Rallies Since The Charleston Shooting

A proud buch of history buffs... obviously
On June 17 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre 9 African Americans were murdered by a white supremacist terrorist. 

After it came to light that the racist animal that committed the murders had posted a multitude of pictures posing with the confederate flag the Republican Governor and the Republican led South Carolina government removed the symbol of hate from the state capitol groundsIn addition the Alabama governor also took down the Confederate-era flags on the grounds of the capitol in Montgomery.

This of course raised the hackles of racists everywhere who look to the flag as a symbol of the "good old days" and the rallies were underway. Immediately the Ku Klux Klan held a rally at the South Carolina statehouse, protesting the removal of the Confederate flag.

After that it was off to the racists.

Protest/rally events have included protesters with Confederate flags gathered near an Oklahoma high school to greet President Barack Obama as well as a group of white individuals in pickup trucks with Confederate flags who showed up at a celebration for a black child's birthday.

The Southern Poverty Law Center works to fight bigotry and monitors hate groups has been keeping track of the pro-Confederate flag events has found that 132 have occurred since the Charleston shooting, with another 29 in the works.

Here is a map of the "festivities"

This map sadly proves once again that this country has no shortage of ignorance and stupidity.

Pat Robertson Says Obama Must Listen To 'His Fellow Africans' And Ban Homosexuality

Presently President Obama is on the first trip by any sitting American President to the continent of Africa.

While there the President took time to speak out on LGBT rights despite the fact that he had been warned not to raise the issue on the trip. The reason is that being gay is illegal in Kenya. Nevertheless during a press conference with Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi on Saturday, Obama said that the idea that a "law-abiding citizen" could be treated differently under the law was simply wrong.

"I believe in the principle of treating people equally under the law, and that they are deserving of equal protection under the law and that the state should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation,"

Apparently these words from President Obama were too much for Televangelist Pat Robertson who took to his bully pulpit on his daily television show, “The 700 Club” to rebuke the President.

On that days program, a Christian Broadcasting Network reporter profiled the debate in Kenya over President Obama’s support for LGBT rights and called on Kenyan leaders to reaffirm the country’s laws making homosexuality a crime punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment. The reporter then urged Obama to reverse his support for LGBT rights before it leads to America’s destruction.

Robertson, who believes that LGBT rights will lead to divine wrath against America as well added this bit of stupidity to the already repellent conversation...

those Africans have got it right… One wishes that the president of the United States would listen to some of his fellow Africans... cousins, to what they have to say because they speak truth and they speak wisdom,

Listen to the idiocy here…

Click the image for video

Homophobic and racist all in one sentence. Bravo Pat.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis 'To The Door Of The Oven' (Update)

Last week, in groundbreaking six nation talks, a deal was reached with Iran to halt their atomic weapons program. The deal has been viewed positively as a way to make the world safer as it takes nuclear weapons out of the hands of Iran for over a decade.

Today Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, in a grotesque attempt to show his contempt for President Obama and the deal reached with Iran, invoked Holocaust imagery to criticize them both.

This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven,"

Furthermore Huckabee has promised to rescind the deal with Iran on his first day in office.

On Monday, while on a Fox News Show, Huckabee refused to apologize and instead invoked the Holocaust in his criticism of President Barack Obama and the nuclear deal with Iran again…

"Three times I've been to Auschwitz. When I talked about the oven door, I have stood at that oven door. I know exactly what it looks like -- 1.1 million people killed,"

Huckabee's repelent and incendiary statements are no doubt a blatant attempt to raise his limp poll numbers which currently only check in at 5.6 percent in the GOP presidential primary.

Stay classy Huckster.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Former Pastor Says Christians Should Fight "Gay Marriage" With Assault Rifles

This fellow yells very loudly that Christians should fight "gay marriage" with guns!
Last week Joshua Feuerstein, a self proclaimed inspirational speaker, evangelist and internet personality posted an unhinged shout-fest about how the evils of homosexuality will destroy everyones Christian faith. 

In the 2 minute and 30 second Facebook video Josh, who is a former pastor (wonder why he lost that position), calls on his followers to fight for their ‘First Amendment right to refuse’ recognition of gay marriage with their Second Amendment right". He then proceeds to show how he will "defend" his faith and whips out a semiautomatic assault rifle.

Here is a partial transcript of Josh's yelling...

They are coming after our First Amendment constitutional rights! Well, check this out! This is one pastor that will not bow! Why? Because my First Amendment right is guaranteed by my Second Amendment right!” 
Feuerstein then produces an assault rifle
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen! It’s time we finally take a stand and say ‘no more.’ We’re not backing up any farther. We’re not going to allow a tyrannical government to try and strip away our rights as Christians and try to demonize us so that they can make the Bible bigoted.

In other words Christians should shoot gay people and those that advocate for them with guns. 

Here is the entire "rant" Feuerstein posted...

Click image for the video

On a final note allow me to add what is in fact in the Bible... “Thou shalt not kill”.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trump Slams McCain For Being ‘Captured’ In Vietnam; Says "He's Not A War Hero"

Today in Ames, Iowa Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tore into decorated Vietnam war veteran Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). 

While at the at the Family Leadership Summit, in front of about 3000 rabid social conservative activists, Trump stated that McCain, who served over five years in a Vietnamese prison camp, was "not a war hero" because he was captured.

Here are Trump's exact words...

He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you.

During the Vietnamese conflict Trump received five draft deferments. In other words, Trump is an all star "draft dodger". When asked about his multiple student deferments and a medical deferment, which allowed him to avoid service, Trump said...

I was going to college and got student deferments. It’s a long time ago, student deferments and ultimately a medical deferment because of my feet. I had a bone spur.

If this doesn't end Trump’s ugly, narcissistic, pandering, fake, vanity presidential bid I don't know what will.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

America And World Powers Reach Historic Agreement Preventing Iran From Obtaining Nuclear Weapons (VIDEO)

President Obama delivers speech from White House on Iran Nuclear Deal
After 2 years of negotiations an historic agreement to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon has been reached.

President Barack Obama said this morning that the nuclear deal with Iran makes our country and the world safer and more secure saying

"The United States, together with our international partners, has achieved something that decades of animosity has not — a comprehensive, long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon,"

Here is the entire speech President Obama delivered this morning just after 7:00 am…

Manly Men Gun Lovers Use LGBT Rainbow Flag As Shootin' Target… Because Manly!

 A group named "Oklahoma Run 'n Gun" want you to know that they are all man women lovers and if you were wondering if maybe they weren't they've got some news for you… You're wrong

How can we be so sure you ask? 

Well, you see every year the men in this group just get an all fired urge to run and shoot stuff and call it a "biathlon". But get it straight there ain't nothing "bi" about this race! To make it perfectly clear this year them good ol' boys made sure that anyone who saw their event would know for sure that they love only the women folk! 

Hell, just take a look at those two woman lovin' men in the photo up there! To prove what straight shooters they are they've seen fit to put up one of them "gay rainbow flags" to shoot at while they was running' about. Now if that ain't manly I don't know what is.

Now wouldn't you know it the organizers of the race are coming under fire? The reason is that the picture has angered many people who, if you can believe this, see shooting the very symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender  pride and LGBT social movement as a direct threat!?!?!

Say Whaaaaat?
Event organizers say they did not expect the response they got because it was all done in jest! When asked for a statement the Oklahoma Run 'n Gun said it was all…

"a joke" and that it was "meant to be funny"

The organizer went on to say that some people had been complaining about not being able to see the targets so putting up the "rainbow flag" was their response. 

Color me LOL!

Sadly, as manly and funny as the post was it has since been removed from the Oklahoma Run ‘n Gun Facebook page.

The event organizer put an end on the whole affair by saying that in the end all they weren't a "hate group" but instead were really a...

"fitness and liberty minded group!"

To prove it here is a picture from their website...

If those shorts don't scream "hetero" I don't know what does?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sarah Palin Gets Fired From Fox And Then Quits Her Own TV Channel

It's been a bad month for former half term Alaska governor and failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

After it was reported earlier this month that the pageant queen was unceremoniously dumped by the Fox News channel it is now come to light that caribou Barbie has quit her own web TV channel. The poor woman has nothing left but her show on the Sportsman Channel.

For Palin the slide into obscurity and irrelevance has been a long time coming and easy to see.

As of June 1st it was reported that Fox News would not be renewing its contract with Palin to which she spun into the easier to swallow lie that Fox News and she had "amicably" parted ways.

Despite the fact that Fox has yet to publicly provide a reason for her termination, sources who had worked closely with Palin in the past revealed that she was...

"paranoid that everyone had an agenda against her, even the people who were there expressly to make her look good… was rude and a diva, and thought that everyone else paled in comparison to her intelligence and savvy." 

As for Palin's failed web channel she spent a mere solitary minute letting her remaining fans know that she was going to do what she does best… Quit.

Palin admitted that she was dropping the subscriber fee for her "network" because she wanted her voice heard by the widest possible audience. This must have really pissed off the few remaining people that she conned into dropping nearly ten bucks a month to watch a channel that she rarely posted on.

In the video alerting her lone subscribers that they were rooked out of their hard earned cash and that her website's "content" was now going to be free she said…

It’s starting August 1st, everything’s free, and just to let you know, that it is an honor to have you subscribe, really it’s been so illuminating and still is so illuminating to read and to respond to many of your insightful comments about current events, about so many things going on in our world today.”

Here is the entire video statement from Palin...
As for me, all I can say is god speed you crazy grifter!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

South Carolina's Senate And House Have Both Voted To Take Down The Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag has flown for more than 50 years on South Carolina's statehouse grounds. A little known fact was that it was only raised in the 1960's in opposition to the growing cival rights movement.

It is now 2015 and the flag will be coming down at last.

On Monday, the South Carolina Senate passed the bill to remove the flag on a final vote of 36 to 3. 

Just today South Carolina’s House of Representatives, on a 94 to 20 vote, gave final approval to remove the Confederate flag.

Gov. Nikki Haley is expected to sign the measure into law when it arrives at her desk later today.

With Hale's signature the flag could be taken down as early as Friday.

After the bills passage Haley released a statement saying…

it is a new day in South Carolina, a day we can all be proud of, a day that truly brings us all together as we continue to heal, as one people and one state.”

The removal of the flag comes only after after nine people were killed last month at a historic black church in Charleston in which the killer posted multiple pictures of himself online posing with the flag, in addition to a racist manifesto about white supremacy.

It should be noted that the bill passed only after several pro-flag Republicans tried attaching as many as 50 amendments to the bill and threatened a possible filibuster in order to stop the flags removal.

Now that the flag has finally come down in South Carolina let's get to work on all the other states that still fly this divisive racist rag on their state's grounds.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Right Wing Hack Dinesh D’Souza Posts Fake Photo Of Hillary Clinton With A Confederate Flag

Yesterday, right-wing faux intellectual, Dinesh D’Souza proudly posted a photo on his Twitter and Facebook accounts that purportedly shows Hillary Clinton sitting in front of a Confederate flag.

By posting the photo and his breathless 140 character commentary I am guessing that it was his intention to show that if a 20 something Hillary Clinton sat somewhere in the vicinity of a confederate flag back in the 60's it would be hypocritical of her (or anyone for that matter) to ask that the flag be retired from state grounds in the year 2015.

#gotcha, Republicans win!!!

Here is the D'souza tweet w/photo…

The pic was quickly picked up by fellow wing nuts and proceeded to go viral.

There's only one problem… It's a fake.

Here is the real photo and an extra to boot in case you they try to claim reverse photoshop-ism...

After realizing what an ass-clown he had made of himself D'Souza changed the Facebook post to read...

"Even if the #ConfederateFlag was edited into this Hillary photo, WHAT is going on with those glasses and that hairdo?"

Nice burn Dinesh… if you were a 12 year old. Now go away.

Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson Says He "Don’t Believe There's No Such Thing As An Atheist"

Last week, in and interview with The Christian Post, Silas Merritt "Uncle Si" Robertson of the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty", said that he doesn't believe that there are any atheists.

To prove his point Si said…

"I don’t believe — there's no such thing as an atheist because there's too much documentation. Our calendars are based on Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in Him or not, every time you sign your calendar, you write down the day's date, you're saying He's here,"

Now who among us can argue with logic as sound as that?

To bolster his assertion, that there are indeed no such thing as an Atheist, Robertson went on to posit that in life-and-death situations, atheism ceases to exist.

"Because if you get in a serious bind, the first thing you’re going to do is look around and say, ‘Oh (God) please help me.'"

Ahhh, a very clever take on the old aphorism that "there are no Atheists in foxholes". Very sly Si! Once again who among us can argue with such peer reviewed logic?

They just keep on quacking don't they.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Part III : The Right Wing Officially Lose Their Minds Over Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Ruling

Check out this unbelievable string of videos from the right wing hate machine predicting everything from a "cival war" to a "revolution" to the actual end "of civilization" because of the Supreme court's ruling on marriage equality. Without further ado please enjoy this…

Video Mash Up Of Insane Right-Wing Predictions About Gay Marriage
Click the image for the video
A special thanks to the great site "Right Wing Watch" for putting this video together!

And as an added bonus here is the now viral and infamous You Tube video that must be seen to be believed! Now closing in on 1 million hits, it's the soon to be classic...

Crazy Christian Woman Loses It Over Gay Marriage!
Click the image for the video

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton Leaves Perfect Comment On A "Humans of New York" Post From Gay Teen

If anyone was wondering, this story perfectly illustrates just what separates the liberal progressive mindset from the right wing conservative one.

On Friday, the popular Facebook page "Humans of New York" posted an interview with a gay teenager who spoke candidly about his fears. In the post the young boy said… 

The post quickly went viral, with many Facebook users expressing their well wishes and pieces of advice for him. That is when presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted her comment.

The comment was signed “–H”, indicating that the words were penned by Clinton herself and not an aide.

I predict you will not be seeing any Republican presidential candidates posting any advice to this young man let alone liking the "Humans of New York" Facebook page.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The KKK Takes Up The Right Wing Media's Rallying Cry To Save The Confederate Flag!

Two weeks ago to the day, driven by racist hatred, Dylann Roof opened fire in a black church in Charleston murdering nine innocent people who had gathered there for Bible study. After this horrific act one of the myriad of good things that seemed to emerge from that horrific crime is the push to take down the hurtful symbol of racism and segregation that is the Confederate flag.

If you've been watching and or listening to any or all of the right wing media lately you know that they have been doing an all out push back in response to the attempted removal of the Confederate flag. They'll say it too soon after the the church murders to discuss the topic and we should just wait for emotion to die down. Others, like Rush Limbaugh, will say if they take the Confederate flag "the American flag" will come down next". Still others, like GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, uncork logic like “That flag didn't shoot them people,” why should it be punished?". Incidentally Fox & Friend's Steve Doocy mimicked the same opinion the very next day. Fox News' Charles Krauthammer even went so far as to say the whole idea was "irrelevant" and ridiculed the very idea of the flags removal.

Despite the different reasoning every one of them, to a person, agrees on the fact that it's knee-jerk liberals that are to blame for the call to removal of the Confederate flag that is so richly steeped in southern tradition.

Well the right wing media wont have to worry that they will be fighting the good fight to save the "rebel" flag all alone any more because as it turns out… The right wing conservative calvary has arrived!

Members of the Ku Klux Klan have announced plans to rally next month in South Carolina in support of the Confederate flag.

State officials confirmed to The Washington Post that the Loyal White Knights chapter of the KKK got permission to meet at the statehouse in Columbia on July 18. This is all very impressive because if you go to the groups website they proclaim that they are indeed the largest Klan in America.

Here are some tid bits about this klan group if say Fox News wanted to book them for "Hannity" of if Rush Limbaugh wanted them as a guest for his show...

James Spears, the "Grand Titan" of the Pelham, North Carolina, klan group has gone on the record saying that the Confederate flag being removed from outside the statehouse

"for all the wrong reasons… It's part of white people's culture,"

In addition Spears went on to speak about the terrorist racist murderer Dylann Roff saying that he feels...

"sorry for the boy… I think he picked the wrong target. A better target for him would have been these gang-bangers, running around rapping, raping and stealing."

Robert Jones, a "grand dragon" for the chapter, referred to Roof as a...

"young warrior."

The group's outgoing voice mail message says the government is...

"trying to erase white culture and heritage from the history books." and "If you're white and proud, join the crowd… Save our land, join the Klan."

I look forward to seeking the conservative media embracing this group as bothers in arms against the the evil liberals who are trying to take away the Confederate flag from the poor misunderstood racists, the KKK and neo-nazis that love it and its symbolism so dearly.