Thursday, August 27, 2015

Colorado Politician Says Gays And Pedophiles Are Both "Possessed"... But By "Different Demons"

Look out boy scouts… Demons are a'comin' for ye!
Well, Klinger is up to his old tricks again!

Ya know him ya love him, old Gordon Klingenschmitt a.k.a. “Dr. Chaps”, the disgraced former Navy chaplain turned Republican state representative of Colorado has made headlines once again for another right-wing, homophobic, anti-gay diatribe.

Klingenschmitt, who was unbelievably elected to the Colorado State Senate last November, has once again taken to his "Pray in Jesus Name" radio program to rail against the Boy Scouts of America's recently revised policy on openly gay adult leaders 

In this episode Gordo felt it necessary to expand upon earlier accusations of his that the policy would lead to "child abuse."  

First Klinger admits that he doesn't think all gay men are pedophiles, but instead, believes that two unique satanic forces are "at play" behind homosexuality and pedophilia, respectively. 

"There are clearly two different demons at play here. There is, of course, a demon of homosexuality in those who openly parade their sodomy in the streets. But then there's a different demon of child molesting that is inside some of these reported molesters ... I'm not saying that all of the homosexual are child molesters, I never claimed that. But I'll tell you in this case, all the child molesters in the Boy Scouts are homosexual. And how can I tell that? Very simple, it's logical, there were no girls in the tents."

Here is the vile screed on video via Right Wing Watch...

Click image for video

Of course, Klingenschmitt has made no secret of his opposition to LGBT rights over the years. Prior to his elected stint, he argued in favor of discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, noting...

"If your heart is full of corruption or sin or immorality -- in this case, homosexuality -- then you should be discriminated against."

Hey Colorado, enjoy your demon hunting state senator. How proud you must be.

I can hardly wait for Klingenschmitt to do an scathing expose on the incestuous pedophile Josh Duggar from the Christian rights favorite show 19 Kids And Counting… But I think we will be waiting a long time for that report.

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