Friday, August 28, 2015

Right Wing Race Hustlers Try To Turn Newscast Shootings Into A Black On White "Hate Crime"

Yesterday Reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 were gunned down by a disgruntled former reporter they once worked with at their Virginia news station WDBJ.

The former television reporter Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, had a long history of erratic behavior at various workplaces, including acting aggressively toward colleagues and uncomplimentary evaluations.

In light of this horrible tragedy it wasn't guns or mental illness that conservatives took issue with. No, the only concern of the right wing race baiters was that Parker and Ward were white and Flanagan was black.

The first to jump on the racial bandwagon was of course Fox News and the floodgates opened from there.

Gretchen Carlson got the race baiting ball rolling.

Starting off was Fox News' host Gretchen Carlson argued on the day of the shooting that the suspect who shot two WDBJ journalists and a person they were interviewing had committed a “hate crime” when she posited

He shot three white people today. Why is that not a hate crime?

The disgusting Jessie Watters on Fox's "The Five" 

Next in line was producer Jesse Watters who ,while guest hosting on Fox's The Five, proclaimed that the murders were "very racially charged" because of course he did

"It was absolutely disgusting. It was probably the first social media murder we've ever seen in this country. And it was racially charged. It was very racially charged. You know, it was a black journalist who shot two white journalists in cold blood and filmed it. So, disgusting."

Junior and Doocy talking 'bout hate crimes.

Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy prompted guest host and network legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. by saying…

"The big question -- And Peter, he will not be prosecuted, because he's dead. But if he [weren't], you say this was a hate crime."

To which Johnson replied...

"Well if the evidence points to a hate crime, then it is a hate crime. We just heard what you said, Elisabeth (Haselbeck), in terms of what he said in this manifesto. Was this a vengeance crime? Is this motivated by bias, by prejudice, by racial hatred?"

Dietl and Hannity rolled around in racial attacks

While over on Hannity, Fox News contributor Bo Dietl, much to the delight of Hannity, highlighted the shooter's manifesto saying

"If you look at the manifesto, about Columbine, and he talked about the Charleston shooting, and this is his vengeance. So he prepared this. Supposedly he contacted ABC prior to let them know he was going to do something horrific. This was a well-planned thing. And if he survived, I hate to say it, but this would be categorized as a racial attack."

To which Hannity added…

"A hate crime. A racial hate crime."

Next to pile on was who reacted to the shooting with this race-baiting article authored by editor-at-large John Nolte

The piece was widely condemned by other members of the media, many of whom pointed out Breitbart News' lengthy history of racially charged reporting and commentary.

The always classy Breibart also chose to run with this a vile headline...

Next in line is Jim Hoft AKA The Gateway Pundit, who readily confirmed reports that the shooter was a black man with this headline...

Then there is this whacked out "prepper" site called Government Slaves who are already talking about the upcoming RACE WAR!

Then there is this thread from, the infamous moderated Internet forum for right wing activists...

What makes these pundits words and the website headlines so infuriating is that when one looks back at the same people and sites during the Emanuel AME Church shootings it's all too easy to see just how fervently they fought against labeling that incident a hate crime. You can check that right here… Cowardly Right Goes Haywire Trying To Deny That Racism Played A Part In Murders At Historical Black Church

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