Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Poll Shows Birthers And Islamophobes Still Dominate The Republican Base

Gotta laugh to keep from crying
In a brand new round of polls "Public Policy Polling" asked Republican voters if they believed if President Obama was a Muslim and if he was born in the United States.

The results were unfortunately predictable.

The question: Is President Obama a Christian Or A Muslim?

The question: Was President Obama born in the United States?

PPP also asked the same Republican voters if they believed Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who was in fact born in Canada, was born in the USA.

The question: Was Senator Ted Cruz born in the United States?

So if you're keeping score…86% of Republican voters believe or think President Obama is a Muslim and 70% believe or think he was not born in the USA however 40% believe Ted Cruz was born in the United States when he was in fact not.

With people this stupid why are we still surprised that Donald J. Trump is their leading choice for the Republican presidential Candidate?

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