Thursday, September 10, 2015

Please Enjoy The Lunatic Bullshittery That Was The Release Of The Homophobic County Clerk Kim Davis!

(L to R) Huckster Mike Huckabee, homophobe Kim Davis and whacko Lawyer Mat Starver
When it comes to show business I think we have all been exposed to enough of Hollywood's bullshit that we have come to expect a large portion of shlock and sleaze mixed in with the Oscar worthy award winners.

Unfortunately I also believe that we have come to expect this from our politics on both sides of the isle.

But what I have witnessed in the "Release Of Kim Davis" is beyond anything I have ever seen.

I have seen poorly planned stagecraft… I have taken in unseemly photo ops... I have been subjected to what is tantamount to carnival barkery… But this took the cake.

From the…

  • Batshit crazy that is Kim Davis
  • Davis' husband Joe's "Lil' Abner"outfit he decided to wear... The freaking HAT!!!!
  • The music cutting off Huckabee in the middle of his dramatic build-up to Davis' release
  • The walking and weeping
  • The pre-staged triumphant double arm raise
  • Davis' onstage breakdown
  • Another Davis onstage breakdown (milking it!)
  • Davis' quick recovering composure leading ito what I am calling the "Just Keep Pressin" speech

It was just too god awful and for the life of me I could not avert my gaze.

Please enjoy, as I have over and over again, the beauty of Kim Davis' release!

"Just keep on pressin'… Or did she say oppressing?

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