Saturday, October 31, 2015

Watch The Trainwreck 3rd Republican Debate Edited For You Pleasure By 3 Different Websites

Live from Boulder, Colorado... This was no rocky mountain high.
In case you missed the disaster that was CNBC's third Republican debate fear not! Here are three different website's takes on the event in under 4 minutes or less... Enjoy?

Here is Time's take in only 4 minutes...

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Here is Bloomberg's go in 3 minutes...

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And finally Here is Vox's go in only 2 glorious minutes!

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Whew... That was still rough to get through!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tea Party Support Falls To An All Time Low

Support for the tea party has fallen to the lowest point since Gallup began measuring it in 2010

Now only 17 percent of Americans polled say they support the movement.

Here is whether Americans do or do not support the Tea Party...

This poll shows American's attitudes towards the Tea Party...

Thanks for playing Tea Baggers… Take your hate and go home now.

Monday, October 26, 2015

IRS-GHAZI: Republicans Lose Again As Justice Department Investigation Finds No Wrongdoing

Remember the horror that was the IRS scandal? It blew up in May of 2013 when a supervisor named Lois Lerner was accused of inappropriately scrutinizing right wing tea party groups who were applying for a tax exempt status. 

The supposed scandal fueled a full-on conservative meltdown that within hours had sent Fox News and the right wing media into a frenzy. They  reported and actually convinced their viewers/listeners that Obama acolyte and director of the exempt organizations office at the IRS Lois Lerner was taking direct orders from the master and his henchman Eric Holder to scuttle all tea party groups tax exempt status requests. They believed that she had been receiving her orders as far back as 2011 so the overlord could win his 2012 re-election bid... because of course?

Lois Lerner and her evil cohorts being sworn in at the IRS congressional hearings
Due to the ginned up outrage and willful ignorance over the fake controversy a partisan congressional hearing was convened. Within weeks the interim leader of the IRS was forced from office and the White House was once again dogged by another wave of manufactured scandal... hoo-ray.

Well here is the outcome of that story which probably won’t get much coverage on the wing-nut circuit…

The Justice Department notified members of Congress on Friday that it is closing its two and a half year investigation into whether the IRS improperly targeted the tea party and other conservative groups because as it turned out the IRS used these "lazy" practices on both right and left leaning groups. They also informed the Congress that there will be no charges brought against Lois Lerner or anyone else at the agency.

Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik said in the letter…

We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution. We also found no evidence that any official involved in the handling of tax-exempt applications or IRS leadership attempted to obstruct justice. Based on the evidence developed in this investigation and the recommendation of experienced career prosecutors and supervising attorneys at the department, we are closing our investigation and will not seek any criminal charges.

Democrats welcomed the announcement.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, said in a statement…

"Today, the Justice Department confirmed the same conclusions we had years ago. Over the past five years, Republicans in the House of Representatives have squandered literally tens of millions of dollars going down all kinds of investigative rabbit holes -- IRS, Planned Parenthood, Benghazi -- with absolutely no evidence of illegal activity."

Republicans, of course, soiled their nappies upon hearing the decision…

Darrell Issa, R-California, the former House Oversight Committee chairman said…

"The Justice Department's decision to close the IRS targeting investigation without a single charge or prosecution is a low point of accountability in an administration that is better known for punishing whistleblowers than the abuse and misconduct they expose,. After stating that their investigation confirms that tea party and conservative groups were improperly targeted, they dismiss it merely as a byproduct of gross mismanagement and incompetence -- ignoring volumes of evidence in the public record and efforts to obstruct legitimate inquires."

Another perfectly good made up scandal down the drain for the republicans.

Fox News And GOP Scramble To Rewrite History To Blame Bill Clinton For The 9/11 Attacks

Fox News is in damage control. They have needed to engage in some revisionist history and quick due to the battle growing between GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.

You see “the Donald” has gone off republican scripted mantra in a big way. He has attacked Jeb Bush by stating the simple truth that his brother George allowed the 9/11 tragedy to occur during his tenure as president. It is a simple fact.

Jeb however sees it differently. He blasted Trump back saying that he was “pathetic” and that his brother “kept America safe”.

Trump never one to take a tweet lying down tweeted back

This set Fox into DAMAGE CONTROL! How could they dismantle this undeniable truth thus allowing their audience to remember loving Dubya’ without having to endure the unfortunate happenstance of the truth

In the wake of the dust up Fox News personalities had to shift blame for the 9/11 terrorist attacks away from former President George W. Bush. But to whom and how!?!?!

To the perfect patsy… President Bill Clinton! It’s beautiful. Not only do they deflect blame from Bush but they get a free shot at Hillary by proxy!

Now understand that they would have to attempt this rewrite despite the fact that the historical records show that the Clinton administration was the first administration to label terrorism "a national security issue", created a special CIA unit focusing specifically on Osama Bin Laden, and ordered missile attacks against the terrorist leader. In addition Fox had to face the dubious fact that the Bush administration was warned 36 times -- including allegedly by Clinton himself -- about the terrorist threat prior to the attacks.

Undaunted the pros went to work!

Starting us off is...

Sean Hannity slopped around in this little fantasy scenario with guest Peter Johnson Jr on his October 19th show.


"To me, I brought up this whole issue of what Bill Clinton said, "we could have taken him. We knew he wanted to create damage in the States." Isn't that, when he says that very thing, isn't that an admission that - a conspiracy to commit harm against the United States, isn't that a legal basis to take him?"

Peter Johnson Jr...

"You know, a lot of folks over time have said that if any political figure blew it in terms of preventing the 9/11 disaster, if you were to point to any figure, then it would be Mr. Clinton and his presidency."


"But his exact words were, "I didn't bring him here because he had committed no crimes against America. We had no basis on which to hold him, although we knew he wanted to commit crimes against America." Doesn't that represent a conspiracy that you could bring him on that charge alone?"

Johnson Jr...

"And his failure to do so, that makes him complicit in it. I guess you can make that argument. I don't think that's a strong argument. A stronger argument was that they had an opportunity to kill Bin Laden, and they didn't kill him. And he should have been killed."

*I have to interject here AT LEAST HE TRIED. Even after 9/11 (let alone before the attacks) Bush had Bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora after 9/11 and left him alive by divert US military forces to the war of choice in Iraq!!!


"I'd actually put more [blame] on the Clinton administration myself, especially based on what Clinton himself has admitted."

Meghan McCain from the October 19 edition of Fox & Friends defended President Bush by saying…

"Yeah, you know I'm more concerned about who is going to continue to keep us safe. I have the utmost respect for President George W. Bush. I do believe he kept this country safe. I think if anything, we should maybe be looking at the Clinton administration's role in 9/11. President Bush hadn't been president for that long, and I don't love this in-fighting right now. I think Jeb is obviously going to defend his brother, but I think we really need to look forward on how we're going to continue to keep America safe."

Brian Kilmeade from the October 19 edition of Fox & Friends suggested this to his co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Brian Kilmeade...

"In reality though, you have to think about 2001. When we walked in to -- when the president walked into his four years in office, Al Gore and George Bush weren't even debating Al Qaeda, even though Bin Laden declared war on us in 1996. And most of those hijackers overstayed their visas, so unless he came in and the first thing that President Trump would have done is said, 'I need the CIA to talk to the FBI.'"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck...



"I need you to mix and match and merge lists, and find out if there's anybody here who have overstayed their visas.' That was not the talk of the country because we were on the air at that time and in 1996, he declared war on us. You might be madder, Donald Trump -- and we're going to ask him in an hour -- at Bill Clinton for not taking a legitimate shot at somebody who declared war on us in the '90s."

Megyn Kelly on the October 19 edition of The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly had this repartee with her gurst Brad Woodhouse…

Brad Woodhouse...

"Look, the attack happened. He got 36 warnings about the possibility of an attack. And you know, the corollary to this is in the lead up to Y2K, President Clinton told his national security czar to hold daily meetings in the White House with the CIA and the FBI and we thwarted any terrorist attacks in the lead up to Y2K. The president didn't assemble a similar sense of urgency in the lead up to 9/11."

Megyn Kelly...

"And you put none of that blame on President Bill Clinton for ignoring the threat posed by Osama Bin Laden prior to George W. Bush assuming his role in the Oval Office?"


"Well look I think that President Clinton himself has acknowledged that he had opportunities that looking back now, that he wished that maybe he had taken. But when you're talking about this current discussion in the Republican Party between Trump and Jeb Bush over George W.Bush's role, you can't assert that he just blatantly, or kept us safe if you look at what happened on 9/11. And I think others would argue that if you include what happened after 9/11, if you include going to a war in Iraq that was prosecuted on false pretenses and what happened to the soldiers there who died and who were wounded."


"Obviously the Iraq war was very controversial and that's been proven but what Jeb Bush has been saying is that President Bush united us after 9/11 and Donald Trump seems to be saying he would have done a better job."

Bill Hemmer on the October 19 edition of Fox's America's Newsroom claimed...

"the seeds of 9/11 were already being sown during Bill Clinton's term."

Marco Rubio, the Republican presidential hopeful, said this in an interview with NewsmaxTV...

"That plot to conduct 9/11, and the steps that it took to bring it about, those began well before he was even sworn into office.  It happened under the watch of President Clinton. In fact, the 9/11 Commission says that. If you look, all of their recommendations, many of them were about reversing mistakes that were made during the Clinton presidency."

Always remember... Bush Was Warned About Al Qaeda 36 Times Before 9/11, while Clinton Labeled Bin Laden The "Biggest Security Problem" facing the nation and created a special unit to focus on him.

'Nuff Said.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Enjoy The Benghazi Hearing In Under 3 Minutes

Care of the good folks at the New York Times (no fans of Mrs. Clinton by the way)…

"Were you alone… The whole night?"


Benghazi!!! Benghazi... Benghazi? 15 Headlines That Sum Up The House Committee's Witch Hunt

After Hillary Clinton's 11 hour marathon of questioning/testimony at the hands of the Benghazi Select Committee I will refrain from comment and instead let a random selection of news site headlines explain how it turned out...


Click to watch

Click to Watch

That about sums it up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Republicans Promise To Impeach Hillary Clinton On "The Day She's Sworn In"

Hey Mo, It's the eyes.. They always give you away.
Although Hillary Clinton isn't any where near being elected president it looks like Republicans are all set to start off her presidency in the same manner as Barack Obama’s.

Republican congressman Rep. Mo "War On Whites!" Brooks has said that he is getting ready for the opportunity to impeach her on the first day of her not yet existent presidency… If and when it happens.

Brooks recently spoke with conservative talk radio host Matt Murphy about Clinton's nonexistent email scandal in which he implied that the real problem with Clinton's use of a private server as secretary of state was… 

"how many lives she put at risk by violating all rules of law that are designed to protect America's top-secret and classified information from falling into the hands of our geopolitical foes who then might use that information to result in the deaths of Americans. I't a national security issue"
"And in my judgement, with respect to Hillary Clinton, she will be a unique president if she is elected by the public next November, because the day she's sworn in is the day that she's subject to impeachment because she has committed high crimes and misdemeanors,"

Listen to the audio below...

Of course in "reality" Clinton neither knowingly sent or received any “top secret” information via her emails and her use of a private server was 100 percent legal according to the State Department.

Nevertheless Brooks told MSNBC as recently as yesterday that he believes Clinton has already committed what he perceives to be impeachable offenses if she were to become president. 

Thus the Republican party has once again proved that if you ain't an old, white man in love with the Jesus there's no room for you in their world.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The US Budget Deficit Falls To An 8-year Low Under President Obama

The President saying "Hey! Look at that teeny tiny US budget deficit guys!"
Yes, it's true. 

The socialist, communist and bestest redistributor of wealth, President Obama, has shrunk the US budget deficit by $1 trillion dollars.

The Treasury Department has confirmed that the deficit has narrowed to $439 billion in fiscal 2015. 

This means that the deficit is now the smallest it has been in Barack Obama's presidency and the lowest it has been since 2007 in both dollar terms and as a percentage of gross domestic product. 

In short this means that the cut in the finance gap -- which was $1.4 trillion in 2009 -- brought the deficit down to 2.5 percent of gross domestic product.

Here is a chart explaining just how President Obama is destroying our economy if by destroying it I mean saving it...

This achievement marks a long effort by the administration of President Barack Obama to pare back the budget shortfall after it soared when the economy plunged into crisis in 2008 under George W. Bush.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said in a statement...

"President Obama's agenda continues to put Federal finances on a sustainable footing while laying the foundation for durable economic growth and broadly shared prosperity. 
Under the president's leadership, the deficit has been cut by roughly three-quarters as a share of the economy since 2009 –- the fastest sustained deficit reduction since just after World War II.

In additional good news revenues for the year were $3.2 trillion, an increase of 8% over the prior year and in addition the government spent $3.7 trillion in fiscal 2015, up 5%.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

While President Obama Met With The Families Of Umpqua College Shooting Victims Gun-Toting Protesters Gathered To Tell Him: ‘Go Back To Kenya’ (PHOTOS)

On Friday President Barack Obama met privately with the families of the eight students and one instructor who were gunned down at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The meeting was low key and without photo-ops or press.

Despite the somber tone of the meeting, as Obama met with the bereaved families, a mob of gun toting right wingers gathered to protest the mere fact that the President had come to their town. To the angry protesters it was of little consequence that the families of the recently deceased wanted to meet with the President in their time of mourning. They deemed his very presence reason enough to take to the roadway to shout NRA pro-gun slogans and racist rhetoric.

The group of gun “enthusiasts” chose instead to fly the Confederate flag and carry signs that read "Obama Go Home", "Nothing Trumps Our Liberty", "Go back to Kenya!" and "Christian Lives Matter" to drive home their point that they did not welcome the President or his stance on gun issues.

It was readily apparent that those that had lost their lives in the massacre took a back seat to the protesters hatred for President Obama and their love of unfettered access to guns and unlimited ammunition.

Michelle Finn, a Umpqua alumna and Roseburg native, told the local paper that

"My family, my friends, everybody down here is not happy about him coming. He already says he's going to politicize this -- he's already going to push his agenda."

Here are a few pictures of the protest and it’s participants…

After President Obama met privately with the grieving families Obama said the country will have to… 

"figure out how we stop things like this from happening... Today is about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them."

A sentiment that I am sure was lost on those gathered along the side of the highway to shout their hate without a thought for the nine who lost their lives at the end of a gun a little over a week ago.

It will come as no surprise that the organizer of the event, Casey Runyan, is a convicted felon who was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and felony assault in which he later pleaded guilty and served eight months in county jail... No wonder he's against background checks.