Sunday, October 11, 2015

While President Obama Met With The Families Of Umpqua College Shooting Victims Gun-Toting Protesters Gathered To Tell Him: ‘Go Back To Kenya’ (PHOTOS)

On Friday President Barack Obama met privately with the families of the eight students and one instructor who were gunned down at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The meeting was low key and without photo-ops or press.

Despite the somber tone of the meeting, as Obama met with the bereaved families, a mob of gun toting right wingers gathered to protest the mere fact that the President had come to their town. To the angry protesters it was of little consequence that the families of the recently deceased wanted to meet with the President in their time of mourning. They deemed his very presence reason enough to take to the roadway to shout NRA pro-gun slogans and racist rhetoric.

The group of gun “enthusiasts” chose instead to fly the Confederate flag and carry signs that read "Obama Go Home", "Nothing Trumps Our Liberty", "Go back to Kenya!" and "Christian Lives Matter" to drive home their point that they did not welcome the President or his stance on gun issues.

It was readily apparent that those that had lost their lives in the massacre took a back seat to the protesters hatred for President Obama and their love of unfettered access to guns and unlimited ammunition.

Michelle Finn, a Umpqua alumna and Roseburg native, told the local paper that

"My family, my friends, everybody down here is not happy about him coming. He already says he's going to politicize this -- he's already going to push his agenda."

Here are a few pictures of the protest and it’s participants…

After President Obama met privately with the grieving families Obama said the country will have to… 

"figure out how we stop things like this from happening... Today is about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them."

A sentiment that I am sure was lost on those gathered along the side of the highway to shout their hate without a thought for the nine who lost their lives at the end of a gun a little over a week ago.

It will come as no surprise that the organizer of the event, Casey Runyan, is a convicted felon who was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and felony assault in which he later pleaded guilty and served eight months in county jail... No wonder he's against background checks.

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