Sunday, November 29, 2015

"No More Baby Parts" - Right Wing Lies And Their Hateful Rhetoric Incited The Planned Parenthood Shooter

Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear Jr.'s mug shot
In case you were wondering if the right wing media possessed the ability to wind up some loner lunatic into a hate filled frenzy causing him to commit a mass murder at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic… They do... and they did.

As proof all you have to do is listen to the words Robert Lewis Dear Jr. uttered when he was finished killing and maiming the innocent people at the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains clinic in Colorado Springs...

No more baby parts

Sound familiar? It should because it was the never-ending refrain of Fox News, conservative radio and the Republican presidential hopefuls that they repeated ad nauseam. Selling fetal tissue samples i.e. “baby parts” was the focal point of the heated rhetoric of the right wing media concerning the issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood. And as you can see the not so unforeseeable result of whipping an unhinged anti-choice zealot into a blood frenzy has come to fruition.

In addition it was reported that in subsequent interviews law enforcement sources described Dear's statements as “disjointed” rantings in which he, of course, referred to President Obama several times.

Congratulations right wing hate merchants, mission accomplished.

Dear's remote shack in the North Carolina woods...
...adorned with a crucifix made of twigs
The man who took the bait and perpetrated the attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic was described by acquaintances as loner who spent most of his time in a shack in the North Carolina woods when he wasn’t in his trailer in Colorado. Along with being a drifter Dear had been arrested for sexual misconduct, beating his wife and abusing animals. Neighbors reported that he freely handed out anti-Obama literature and believed the president was ‘ruining America”.

A perfect example of a low information consumer of right wing hate if there ever was one.

The conservative media’s lies created this domestic terrorist - A radical Christian extremist - unable to sift through the multitude of lies they so readily dispense on a daily basis. Earlier this week we saw white supremistits open fire on a Black Lives Matters protest. Now we see a terror style attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic… What will next week hold for the targets of Fox News and their ilk?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

President Obama Releases Statement On Planned Parenthood Shooting

President Obama has released a statement on yesterday's Planned Parenthood attack. In it he condemned the gunman "for terrorizing an entire community" and praised the hostages, the injured and the three people who lost their lives in the attack.

You can read the full statement below...

The last thing Americans should have to do, over the holidays or any day, is comfort the families of people killed by gun violence -- people who woke up in the morning and bid their loved ones goodbye with no idea it would be for the last time. And yet, two days after Thanksgiving, that’s what we are forced to do again.
We don’t yet know what this particular gunman’s so-called motive was for shooting twelve people, or for terrorizing an entire community, when he opened fire with an assault weapon and took hostages at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado. What we do know is that he killed a cop in the line of duty, along with two of the citizens that police officer was trying to protect. We know that law enforcement saved lives, as so many of them do every day, all across America. And we know that more Americans and their families had fear forced upon them.
This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal. If we truly care about this -- if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience -- then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough. 
May God bless Officer Garrett Swasey and the Americans he tried to save -- and may He grant the rest of us the courage to do the same thing.

3 Dead After Crazed Gunman Opens Fire Inside Colorado Planned Parenthood

One of several shooting victims is taken for medical attention in Colorado
It looks as though right wing media's and demagoguing Republican's non-stop efforts to demonize Planned Parenthood has finally come to fruition. In recent months various news outlets and politicians have perpetuated blatant lies about the women's health care provider by pushing the narrative gleaned from a thoroughly disproved undercover video that claimed Planned parenthood was selling of fetal tissue for profit. Since the videos release and the rightwing embracing of it's falsehoods many of the organizations clinics have experienced arson, vandalizing and bomb threats by insane anti-choice zealots.

Now they have graduated to murder.

A picture taken as police arrested the Planned Parenthood murderer

Just after noon local time 59-year-old Robert Lewis Dear opened fire with an AK-47 rifle inside Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that left three people dead and nine others injured.

One police officer and two civilians were killed, and 9 others were injured, during the 5 hour standoff.

Though the police arrive quickly their progress in securing the building was slowed by the fact that the gunman brought "items" into the clinic that the officers believed could have contained booby traps or explosives.

After watching live feeds from surveillance cameras mounted inside negotiators were able to establish voice contact with the shooter and finally, after exchanging gunfire several times, finally convinced him to surrender.

The Colorado Springs clinic has been the target of repeated protests by anti-abortion activists, and in recent years moved to new quarters and contained a "safe room" that very well might have saved many lives.

While police declined to discuss the gunman's motivations the president of the Rocky Mountains chapter of Planned Parenthood, Vicki Cowart, suggested a climate of rancor surrounding abortion in the United States sets the stage for such violence.

"We share the concerns of many Americans that extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country,"

Cecile Richards, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, released a statement Friday evening.

“Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the brave law enforcement officers who put themselves in harm's way in Colorado Springs. We are profoundly grateful for their heroism in helping to protect all women, men and young people as they access basic health care in this country.

The National Abortion Federation has been compiling statistics on incidents of violence and disruption against abortion providers since 1977. Here is a summary of their violence statistics which you can please download HERE

Click image for a larger version

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Republicans Hate President Obama So Much They Even Oppose The Way He Pardons Turkeys!

President Obama and his daughters at the 68th annual pardoning of Thanksgiving turkey 

The latest PPP poll amazingly shows that Republicans hate President Obama so much that they even hate the way he pardons turkeys.

Public Policy Polling's Reported this...

The examples of the GOP's reflexive opposition to President Obama's agenda are many but this may be the best one yet: by a 27 point margin Republicans say they disapprove of the President's executive order last year pardoning two Thanksgiving turkeys (Macaroni and Cheese) instead of the customary one. Only 11% of Republicans support the President's executive order last year to 38% who are opposed- that's a pretty clear sign that if you put Obama's name on something GOP voters are going to oppose it pretty much no matter what. Overall there's 35/22 support for the pardon of Macaroni and Cheese thanks to 59/11 support from Democrats and 28/21 from independents. 

President of PPP, Dean Debnam, said…

Republicans are so opposed to everything President Obama wants to do that they even take issue with his handling of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardon. It’s pretty hard to work across party lines on real issues against that backdrop.” 

Oh, by the way, George W. Bush pardoned two turkeys in virtually every year of his presidency.


Trump Continues Racist Lie About Seeing Muslims In New Jersey Celebrating 9/11 Attacks

Twice last weekend, Donald Trump claimed to have watched as, immediately following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, thousands of Arabs and Arab-Americans across the Hudson River, in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheered as the Twin Towers collapsed.

At a rally in Birmingham, Alabama Trump insisted…

Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering,

The day after Trump uttered this utter falsehood he doubled down on this islamophobic fever dream, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, saying…

There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey where you have large Arab populations, he said. “There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down. That tells you something. It was well covered at the time, George. Now, I know they don’t like to talk about it, but it was well covered at the time.

It wasn’t. 

It is a lie. 

Whats more is it is a thoroughly discredited lie.

After hearing Trumps hateful falsehood many people came out publicly to chastise him. Here are some of the responses to Trump's lies:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, told reporters while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire...

"I don't recall that. I don't. It was a pretty emotional time for me because, as I've mentioned before, there's family involved, there were, you know, friends involved and so it was a pretty harrowing time,"

The current Mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop, criticized Trump for his statements saying...

"Trump is plain wrong, and he is shamefully politicizing an emotionally charged issue. No one in Jersey City cheered on September 11th. We were actually among the first to provide responders to help in lower Manhattan."

George Pataki, the Republican governor of New York at the time of the attacks who is also running for the GOP presidential nomination, responded on Twitter…

In a statement the Anti-Defamation League, an international NGO that monitors anti-Semitism, said...

It is unfortunate that Donald Trump is giving new life to long-debunked conspiracy theories about 9/11.

Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Trump was “either mistaken or he’s lying.”

This has been one of these vile memes on the anti-Islam hate sites for some time, but there’s actually no evidence to support it whatsoever. And it’d be interesting if he personally saw it. That would be quite interesting since it didn’t happen... he doesn’t actually care whether it’s true or not as long as it panders to the worst or lowest common denominator of his supporters,

Never one to accept blame or apologize for anything Trump shared a passage from an article that ran Sept. 18, 2001, that reported that people were allegedly celebrating as the towers fell from Jersey City.

Unfortunately for Trump, the reporters who wrote that paragraph says he’s got it wrong.

Serge Kovaleski, one of the journalists who wrote the story, said that the claims were untrue...

We did a lot of shoe leather reporting in and around Jersey City and talked to a lot of residents and officials for the broader story. Much of that has, indeed, faded from memory. But I do not recall anyone saying there were thousands, or even hundreds, of people celebrating. That was not the case, as best as I can remember.

Fredrick Kunkle, the other reporter on that piece’s byline, said...

I specifically visited the Jersey City building and neighborhood where the celebrations were purported to have happened. But I could never verify that report.

At this point does it really matter how many people refute Trumps lies. He continues to ring bells his followers love and no amount of fact checking or truth will unring them. Trumps lemmings are enthralled in his racist and bigoted tales and for them his hate filled words are bond.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Five Black Lives Matter Members Gunned Down By White Supremacists At Peaceful Protest

A group of three masked White Supremacists opened fire on peaceful BLM protesters

Five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot late Monday night near the Fourth Precinct police station in north Minneapolis, according to police. The protesters were there to voice their concerns over the fatal police shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark on Nov. 15.

Ever since the shooting the BLM protesters have maintained a presence outside the police station.

The aftermath of the shootings
A media contact for Black Lives Matter, said “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights to antagonize the group. After the three men began taunting the the BLM members several of the protesters who had had enough attempted to direct the masked agitators away from the area. That is when the white supremacists opened fire on about six protesters hitting five of them. 

After the shooting the three white male suspects fled the scene.

Several minuets later, when police arrived on the scene in riot gear, they pepper-sprayed protesters before attempting to pursue the shooters.

Luckily those who were shot sustained non-life-threatening injuries, said police spokesman and were taken to North Memorial Medical Center and Hennepin County Medical Center.

Nekima Levy-Pounds, president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, who returned to the site after the shootings, told the media...

I am obviously appalled that white supremacists would open fire on nonviolent, peaceful protesters,

After the shooting occurred Black Lives Matter discovered a video believed to be of the shooters en route to the 4th precinct from a previous night. It shows one brandishing a gun who can be heard saying…

We're gonna go see what these fucking dindus are up to. We're going to knock this shit out... a little reverse-cultural enriching. Let the fire rise."

You can see the video here...

Click the image for the video
As of tonight Minneapolis Police announced that they had arrested one 23-year-old Bloomington man and that two other men involved in Monday night's shooting had turned themselves in. No names have been released. 

With all of the hateful and hyperbolic rhetoric about the Black Lives Matters movement being spewed by the right wing media and the Republican presidential candidates one wonders why this kind of violence didn't happen sooner.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Donald Trump Posts "False" And "Racist" Graphic On Crime Taken From A Neo-Nazi Group

Donald Trump capped off the weekend by Tweeting a blatantly false and insanely racist graphic about crime statistics in the United States…

Racist and full of lies... Just like Trump

Here are the 3 thing you need to know about the above "info-graphic".

1) It originated from a twitter account belonging to the neo-Nazi group the German Faith Movement. Their official account photo is a modified swastika.

2) The "Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco" it cites as it's source does not exist.  

3) The statistics are completely false.

Here are the real Statistics as compiled by the FBI...

After news of the false, racist, neo-Nazi tweet spread Trump quickly fled to Fox News' The O'reilly Factor for some damage control. When O'reilly asked about the veracity of the graphic Trump simply replied...

"Hey Bill, am I gonna check every statistic?"

Perish the though Donny. You can watch the full exchange here...

Click the image for the video

Trump On Black Lives Matter Protestor "Maybe He Should Have Been Roughed Up"

At a rally in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday Trump supporters swarmed around a black man who reportedly started chanting "Black Lives Matter" and began kicking and punching him as he curled up on the ground.

When asked for a response to the incident Trump's campaign said it "does not condone" the attack.

That was until Trump changed his mind.

Today on on Fox & Friends Sunday Trump was asked to weigh in on his supporters’ violent actions to which he replied... 

I had 10,000 people in the room yesterday, 10,000 people, and this guy started screaming by himself and they -- I don't know, rough up, he should have been -- maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing... And this was a very obnoxious guy, who was a troublemaker, was looking to make trouble, but I didn't get to see the event.

Stay classy bozo.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black Man Viciously Beaten At Trump Rally As Trump Yells, 'Get Him the Hell Out of Here!'

At a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham,  Alabama, the attending audience members deemed it appropriate to physically assault an African-American protester. Yes, that is a thing at Trump’s rallies now.

On Saturday night, witnesses say that after an order of “Get him the hell out of here!" shouted by Donald Trump from the stage a man in a blue gingham shirt appears to kick a black man who is already lying on the ground.

Jeremy Diamond, a reporter for CNN, said that…
"At least a half-dozen attendees shoved and tackled the protester, a black man, to the ground as he refused to leave the event. At least one man punched the protester and a woman kicked him while he was on the ground."

Here is a video Diamond posted on Twitter of the altercation…

In addition to Diamond, Cort Gatliff, a copy chief at the marketing firm Embassy Creative, told the media that although he did not witness the scuffle unfold he could however  describe the sequence of events leading up to the reported assault saying…

"Everyone around him starting yelling at him and trying to get him to shut up.[a] bigger white guy with a University of Alabama shirt" to tried to " rip his phone away. It was chaotic -- like a mosh pit... The Secret Service was there, and I expected them to break it up immediately, but it probably took some 45 seconds for any official to move in and disrupt it. "It was a really hostile situation.I definitely don’t think they should have physically attacked him or harmed him, even if he was expressing sentiments they disagree with him.

After initially ignoring the protesters, Trump acknowledged their presence from the podium, Gatliff said. “Is somebody saying something?” Trump reportedly asked.

Gatliff continued...

"Some laughed, some booed, and some yelled, 'All lives matter. That's when Trump said, 'Get him the hell out of here.'"

Gatliff posted his video on Twitter as well

After the beating police officers then escorted the protester out of the rally at which point Gatliff said that Trump mocked the media for being more interested in the protester than his speech. The crowd booed in response.

When Trump was asked to weigh in on his supporters’ actions on Fox & Friends on Sunday morning to which he replied...

Maybe he should have been roughed up...It was disgusting what he was doing.

This, not surprisingly,  is not the first time a person of color has been beaten at a Donald Trump rally. Last month, a Latino protester was pushed down, dragged and kicked by Trump supporters at a rally in Miami while chanting “USA! USA!”. 

You can see that Altercation here...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Republican Hate & Fear: Rubio Calls For "Closing Down" Mosques And Compares Muslims To Nazis

Rubio on "The Kelly File" to talk about shutting mosques and "Any Place Muslims Gather"

Okay... This is getting really crazy now.

If Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was looking to one up the lunacy of Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump he's done it.

In an effort to win the coveted title of "fear monger in chief", Rubio is now advocating not only the shutting down of mosques, as Trump did, but in addition wants to shut down “any place” that he believes radicals are being inspired.

Rubio appeared on Fox News’ "The Kelly File" and when asked if he agreed with Trumps plan to shutter US mosques he replied...

It’s not about closing down mosques. It’s about closing down any place — whether it’s a cafe, a diner, an internet site — any place where radicals are being inspired. The bigger problem we have is our inability to find out where these places are, because we’ve crippled our intelligence programs, both through unauthorized disclosures by a traitor, in Edward Snowden, or by some of the things this president has put in place with the support even of some from my own party to diminish our intelligence capabilities.”
So whatever facility is being used — it’s not just a mosque — any facility that’s being used to radicalize and inspire attacks against the United States, should be a place that we look at,

You can watch Rubio’s interview with the Kellyfile in full below…

Click image for video

These statements come on the heels of Rubio’s appearance on ABC’s “This Week” when host George Stephanopoulos asked Rubio about Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton’s resistance to saying the words “radical Islam”. After receiving the question Rubio proceeds to say that U.S. Muslims were similar to Nazis before World War II, whether they support radical extremism or not...

"I think that’s, I don’t understand it. That would be like saying we weren’t at war with Nazis because we were afraid to offend some Germans who may have been members of the Nazi party, but weren’t violent themselves. We are at war with radical Islam, with an interpretation of Islam by a significant number of people around the world who they believe now justifies them in killing those who don’t agree with their ideology. This is a clash of civilizations. And as I said at the debate earlier this week, there is no middle ground on this. Either they win or we win, and we need to begin to take this seriously. These are individuals motivated by their faith."

You can watch Rubio’s interview with the Stephaluffagus in full below…

Click image for video

Taking bets now: Who next up in this GOP carny side show to take the big hammer and ring the shit out of that crazy fear mongering bell?

Ben Stein Explains President Obama's “Hatred Of America” Is Because “He’s Part Black.”

Nixon speech writer and washed up eye drop hawker Ben Stein is on to hateful Obama!

In an interview with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg, human pud and conservative white noise machine Ben Stein called President Obama a “bad joke” and a “very real danger” to America, speculating that the president may have a “strong hatred of America” because “he’s part black.

Here’s how the enlightened discussion between the two went down…

Ben Stein…

Mr. Obama has been wrong from day one about ISIS. He called them the JV team, he said that they weren't really serious or important. He has not in any sense addressed their threat, and he's a bad joke as the leader of the most important nation in the world -- he's a bad joke.

Steve Malzberg…

He is a bad joke, what's worse I -- you know, Rush Limbaugh kicked off his show today by saying that Obama is a danger to the safety of this nation.


Oh he's a very real danger. I'm very interested in psychology, I'm very interested in psychoanalysis, I guess I probably should have been a psychologist or psychoanalyst but I think the question is why is he so angry at America?
I don't think there's much question that he does not wish America well. He has a real, strong, hatred of America. Is it because he's part black? I don't know. Is it because his father was mistreated by the British in Kenya? I don't know. We don't know. We just know that in terms of being a forthright, bold leader who takes on our enemies, he's not there, he's missing in action.

Watch it in all it's monotone glory here...

Click image for video


Republican Hate & Fear: State Senator Suggests Putting Muslim Syrian Refugees Into Segregated Camps So They Can't "Murder, Rape, And Decapitate” The "Non-Muslims"

State Senator Elaine Morgan warns goal of the Muslim Religion is "to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone who is a non Muslim"
Rhode Island State Senator Elaine Morgan has jumped on the bandwagon to join her fellow Republicans by urging their state governments to refuse to allow Syrian refugees into her America. 

But there is a twist in Senator Morgan’s proposal. She suggests that if the United States insists on continuing to take in these scary Syrian refugees widows and orphans, we should put them into segregated camps for our safety.

In an email to a member of the public that was inadvertently carbon-copied (CC'ed) to other state senators, Morgan wrote...

I do not want our governor bringing in any Syrian refugees. I think our country is under attack. I think this is a major plan by these countries to spread out their people to attack all non Muslim persons. The Muslim religion and philosophy is to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone who is a non Muslim.” The e-mail continues, saying that if the U.S. does “take these people in we should set up refugee camp to keep them segregated from our populous [sic].”

Morgan later attempted to explain away her racist and bigoted email by declaring that it had been written in a hurry and did not have a chance to properly edit it. What she meant to say was that she was only referring to “the fanatical Muslim religion and philosophy.

To make Morgan’s statements even more heinous her state hasn’t even gotten a request to accept any refugees according to Governor Gina Raimondo who said in a statement:

We haven’t received any requests to help, so there’s nothing to decide at the moment.

Wow. All of the sudden the national shame of World War II style internment camps are so en vogue. I guess when your right wing footy pi’s are caked full of terror poo America’s past human rights abuses just don’t seem so bad.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The American Jewish Committee And The Anti-Defamation League Denounce Trump, Carson And Cruz "Un-American" Statements

The AJC and The ADL denounce Trump, Carson And Cruz "un-American"statements
The American Jewish Committee as well as the Anti-Defamation League has denounced Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest proposal to create a "database" and "religious ID" for all Muslim Americans living in the United States. 

During a campaign stop in Iowa, Trump told an NBC reporter he would “certainly implement” a registry forcing Muslims to “sign up at different places” and make themselves known. 

According to a report by the New York Times, asked later how such a database would be different from Jews having to register in Nazi Germany, the republican front-runner repeatedly said, “You tell me,” before nonchalantly walking away. 

The American Jewish Committee issued a statement calling Trump’s  idea “outrageous” and “un-American.

AJC Executive Director David Harris said...

Singling out any ethnic or faith group to register with the government is morally repugnant, not to mention unconstitutional. What Mr. Trump proposes, in this case targeting all Muslims, is a horror movie that we Jews are quite familiar with.” Harris added that such a move can “easily lead to heightened discrimination, persecution, and scapegoating. And, in the United States, there is no place for this kind of divisive, hateful rhetoric.

The Anti-Defamation League joined the opposition in a statement and called Trump’s claim “deeply troubling” and “reminiscent of darker days in American history.

The ADL said in a statement Friday...
Such a proposal is not only inimical to our cherished civil liberties, but it also wildly misses the goal of finding a rational balance between civil liberties and the security measures necessary to protect those liberties.

The ADL also criticized Republican presidential hopefuls Senator Ted Cruz for recently making “regrettable’ statements saying that the US should only take in Christian refugees, and Ben Carson, for Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs” saying…

It is also regrettable that some prominent candidates, including Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, have also made remarks crossing the line into scapegoating Syrian refugees. They are playing to our basest instincts.

Republican Hate & Fear: Tennessee Rep. Calls For National Guard To Round Up Syrian Refugees

Rep. Glen Casada (R) has proposed using the National Guard to remove Syrian refugees from the state.

At this time of unfounded fear and fear mongering by Republicans and the conservative right a majority of this nation's governors have spinelessly buckled to the pressure and asked the Obama administration to stop the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states.

Thinking this move by the Governors is merely weak tea and should be juiced up just a little prominent Tennessee lawmaker Glen Casada has gone a step further and called for a more militaristic response suggesting that the National Guard round up recently arrived refugees and prevent the arrival of additional refugees.

Here is what Casada, who is the chairman of the House Republican Caucus in the state Legislature, said in his interview with NPR

"If I err, it will be on the side of not having another Paris, France. When we let them in, we are letting terrorists in. We gather them, we take them back to ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). We say, 'gentlemen, make sure these guys have no tie to terrorist activity.

Later that afternoon Casadahas was asked by reporters whether his proposal would violate the U.S. Constitution, to which he replied… 

You have to ask yourself, which is greater — life or due process? I’m just sounding the alarm. Just think of me as Paul Revere,

Coming as no surprise Casada is also open to putting Syrian refugees under surveillance by state law enforcement authorities. "I think we should not limit our response," he said in the original NPR interview.

It's getting scary out there people.