Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Donald Trump Posts "False" And "Racist" Graphic On Crime Taken From A Neo-Nazi Group

Donald Trump capped off the weekend by Tweeting a blatantly false and insanely racist graphic about crime statistics in the United States…

Racist and full of lies... Just like Trump

Here are the 3 thing you need to know about the above "info-graphic".

1) It originated from a twitter account belonging to the neo-Nazi group the German Faith Movement. Their official account photo is a modified swastika.

2) The "Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco" it cites as it's source does not exist.  

3) The statistics are completely false.

Here are the real Statistics as compiled by the FBI...

After news of the false, racist, neo-Nazi tweet spread Trump quickly fled to Fox News' The O'reilly Factor for some damage control. When O'reilly asked about the veracity of the graphic Trump simply replied...

"Hey Bill, am I gonna check every statistic?"

Perish the though Donny. You can watch the full exchange here...

Click the image for the video

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