Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Five Black Lives Matter Members Gunned Down By White Supremacists At Peaceful Protest

A group of three masked White Supremacists opened fire on peaceful BLM protesters

Five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot late Monday night near the Fourth Precinct police station in north Minneapolis, according to police. The protesters were there to voice their concerns over the fatal police shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark on Nov. 15.

Ever since the shooting the BLM protesters have maintained a presence outside the police station.

The aftermath of the shootings
A media contact for Black Lives Matter, said “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights to antagonize the group. After the three men began taunting the the BLM members several of the protesters who had had enough attempted to direct the masked agitators away from the area. That is when the white supremacists opened fire on about six protesters hitting five of them. 

After the shooting the three white male suspects fled the scene.

Several minuets later, when police arrived on the scene in riot gear, they pepper-sprayed protesters before attempting to pursue the shooters.

Luckily those who were shot sustained non-life-threatening injuries, said police spokesman and were taken to North Memorial Medical Center and Hennepin County Medical Center.

Nekima Levy-Pounds, president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, who returned to the site after the shootings, told the media...

I am obviously appalled that white supremacists would open fire on nonviolent, peaceful protesters,

After the shooting occurred Black Lives Matter discovered a video believed to be of the shooters en route to the 4th precinct from a previous night. It shows one brandishing a gun who can be heard saying…

We're gonna go see what these fucking dindus are up to. We're going to knock this shit out... a little reverse-cultural enriching. Let the fire rise."

You can see the video here...

Click the image for the video
As of tonight Minneapolis Police announced that they had arrested one 23-year-old Bloomington man and that two other men involved in Monday night's shooting had turned themselves in. No names have been released. 

With all of the hateful and hyperbolic rhetoric about the Black Lives Matters movement being spewed by the right wing media and the Republican presidential candidates one wonders why this kind of violence didn't happen sooner.

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