Sunday, November 8, 2015

Intelligence Community Now Says Key Clinton Emails Contained No Classified Info

Earlier in the year a wild goose chase perpetrated by Republicans into Hillary Clinton’s private email setup sparked an FBI inquiry due to “concerns” about “top secret” information contained within her private account. 

Well as it turns out, that wild goose chase seems to be going just about as well as their Benghazi Select Committee went.

As of yesterday the U.S. intelligence community has backtracked on it’s claims that email in Hillary Clinton’s private account contained top-secret information.

Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III
It all started when Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III made the claim that several of Clinton's emails contained top-secret information. Upon having these charges leveled the State Department immediately stated publicly it's disagreement and asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s office to referee the dispute. 

 Official State Department source
Fast forward to today and we now have a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claim that after a review of the emails the intelligence agencies have concluded that Clinton’s emails did not include highly classified intelligence secrets. 

Here is a sampling of what some in the intelligence community had to say about the newly uncovered information…

Federation of American Scientist Steven Aftergood
Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, a top expert in classification procedures, called the reported determination about the disputed emails "an astonishing turn of events." He went on to say of the initial "Top Secret" claim that…

"It's not just a mistake. It was a transformative event in the presidential campaign to this point. It had a potential to derail Clinton's presidential candidacy."

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon
Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Clinton's presidential campaign, welcomed the reported development, while allies said the news vindicates her saying…

"The inspector general’s determination always seemed arbitrary and questionable, and we are grateful that it appears the DNI may be confirming that. This would illustrate the subjective nature of the classification rules that are at the heart of this matter."

Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said…

"DNI Clapper’s determination is further evidence that there was no wrongdoing by Secretary Clinton. The classification process is complex and subjective, but this confirms Secretary Clinton did not send classified information through her email account. It’s time to put this issue behind us and move on.

Not to put too fine a point on this non-story but various officials have now confirmed that none of the Clinton emails were marked classified, although hundreds have now been deemed as such by State officials years after the fact. What's more is that nearly all of the later classified emails were placed at that"Confidential" level — the lowest tier of classification.

On a final note: in light of this new revelations about the supposedly “classified” emails the FBI’s Director James Comey has since confirmed his agency will be conducting a review of the matter.

I’m sure he will. 

Sorry again Republicans… 

Maybe try a new Select Committee on Bill Clinton's penis. At least we know that actually exists... And probably has an email account of it's own.

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