Friday, November 20, 2015

Republican Hate & Fear: House Votes To Reject Syrian Refugees... Terrorists Win

In our continuing never-ending report on just how bed-wettingly frightened the right wing Republicans have gotten lately we bring yet another installment of the GOP soil themselves because Muslims.

Example: Today House Republicans (and a few gutless Democrats) approved legislation that would in effect halt the resettlement of refugees from Syria and Iraq to the U.S

The bill would require leaders of the nation's security apparatus — the director of national intelligence and the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI — to certify that refugees who are admitted pose no security threat.

The White House said the House bill creates “unnecessary and impractical requirements,” noting the current screening process is rigorous and takes up to 24 months. Critics say the legislation would essentially shut down the program.

President Obama, who has vowed to veto the bill, has proposed admitting at least 10,000 refugees to the U.S. this fiscal year from war-torn Syria. Just to put that into perspective, France who just suffered the worst attacks since WWII, is letting in 30,000 Syrian refugees.

Top Republican senators and presidential candidates have proposed tougher measures suggested permitting only Christian refugees from Syria into the country.

If you were wondering over half of the Syrian refugees are children and young people, and only 24% are males over the age of 21 (The majority of those are coming with family members rather than alone) according to the State Department's Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System. 

On a final note, out of all the Syrian refugees admitted to the United States in recent years, the administration said “not a single one has been arrested or deported on terrorism-related grounds.

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